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$8 Billion in NFC Volume Expected This Year, $30B in 2012
  Wednesday September 9th, 2009
Juniper Research predicts the value of NFC transactions will reach $8 billion this year and grow to $30 billion in three years. Coupon and promotion applications are expected to be prominent in the early market, but eventually will be supplanted by contactless payment.

RFID Weekly News Roundup -- September 3, 2009
  Thursday September 3rd, 2009
Investment to develop RFID tags to secure pharmaceuticals plus RTLS contract agreements by a major hospital supplier highlight this week's RFID news, which also includes several NFC developments.

Bloomingdale's Tracks Strong Results from RFID Pilot
  Tuesday September 1st, 2009
RFID improved inventory accuracy by 27.2 percent and reduced the time required for inventory cycle counting by 96 percent in an item-level jeans tracking pilot project completed by Bloomingdale's. Researchers said the results were consistent with other pilots and suggest similar benefits would be available to other retailers.

Highlights from Baird's RFID Monthly for August
  Monday August 24th, 2009
Baird has published the August edition of RFID Monthly. It is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

RFID Weekly News Roundup -- August 20, 2009
  Thursday August 20th, 2009
Italian soccer tickets, hotel linens, car dealerships, documents and Coke machines are among the things that were announced as being RFID-enabled this week. Today's news roundup also covers new market research and second-quarter financial results from several industry companies.

IBM Releases New Version of RFID Software
  Tuesday August 18th, 2009
IBM released its latest RFID middleware product, WebSphere Sensor Events, which includes support for a variety of RFID and wireless sensor technologies and can scale to support high transaction volumes.

RFID Weekly News Roundup -- August 13, 2009
  Thursday August 13th, 2009
The RFID industry got a new trade show and industry association this week. Other news highlighted in the weekly roundup include multiple new implementation announcements and a handful of product releases.

RFID Mail Tracking Expands to 21 Countries
  Tuesday August 11th, 2009
This month 21 countries will begin using RFID to track delivery times for international mail. The Universal Postal Union expects the system will be adopted by more than 100 of its member nations.

RFID Weekly News Roundup -- August 7, 2009
  Friday August 7th, 2009
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Michigan farmers who claimed, among other things, that RFID cattle tracking violated their religious beliefs. That story, along with new RFID deployments at BMW and Siemens, disappointing financial results from several major RFID vendors, and a new standard for tracking medical equipment lead this week's news roundup.

Wireless RFID Reader Eliminates Need for Ethernet
  Tuesday August 4th, 2009
Invengo's XCRF-860E fixed RFID reader supports Wi-Fi, GPRS and Bluetooth wireless communications, allowing users to install it in areas without access to an Ethernet connection.

RFID Weekly News Roundup -- July 30, 2009
  Thursday July 30th, 2009
A major military contract award highlights this week's news, which also includes financial results from several industry leaders, expanded activity at METRO Group and CHEP, plus new product and partnership announcements.

Flexible Battery Maker Lands Funding for RFID Production
  Tuesday July 28th, 2009
Flexible battery manufacturer Blue Spark Technologies has closed $1.5 million of an anticipated $5 million round of Series B funding. The new funding will be used to support production ramp-up for large volumes of battery-assisted passive RFID tags.

RFID Weekly News Roundup -- July 24, 2009
  Friday July 24th, 2009
Politics, patents, market projections and new products feature prominently in this week's roundup of RFID industry news.

Highlights from Baird's RFID Monthly for July
  Tuesday July 21st, 2009
Baird has published the July edition of RFID Monthly. The 20-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

RFID Weekly News Roundup -- July 16, 2009
  Thursday July 16th, 2009
RFID at Wal-Mart, wine sales, a major RTLS implementation, $20 million in venture funding for one RFID company and €65 million in credit for another are among the highlights from this week's industry news roundup.

RFID Market Performing Unevenly During Recession
  Tuesday July 14th, 2009
The latest market data from VDC Research finds the recession is dragging down the RFID market, with vendors and end users differing on when the industry recovery will begin. The commercial services vertical is a bright spot for RFID sales, which are expected to top $4 billion worldwide this year.

RFID Weekly News Roundup -- July 9, 2009
  Thursday July 9th, 2009
The Fourth of July wasn't a holiday for RFID technology as several organizations collaborated to provide an RFID-based access control system and public safety officer identification system to manage the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular. This article highlights that, plus all the other RFID news and developments from the past week.

Item-Level RFID Pilot Sees Major Benefits, Proves ROI
  Tuesday July 7th, 2009
Australian telecommunications provider Telstra has completed a successful item-level RFID pilot in which the company tracked 15,000 cellular phones across the supply chain to its retail outlets. The benefits were considerable, and the company may expand the rollout next year.

RFID Weekly News Roundup July 2, 2009
  Thursday July 2nd, 2009
Industrial, warehouse and public sector deployments around the world, new passive UHF and active RFID products, enhanced RTLS capabilities from a leading wireless LAN vendor, and organizational developments highlight this week's RFID news.

New Component to Simplify RFID Tag Production
  Wednesday July 1st, 2009
Murata announced a new RFID tag chip which it says enables simpler and lower cost tag production. The company's new Gen2-standard MAGICSTRAP is available in sample quantities now and is scheduled for full production later this year.

Public Sector Spending Driving RFID Markets
  Monday June 29th, 2009
Government and military spending are the driving forces in current worldwide RFID markets, according to IDTechEx. The market research and consulting firm predicts global RFID sales will grow five percent this year to $5.56 billion.

RFID Weekly News Roundup June 25, 2009
  Thursday June 25th, 2009
This article highlights RFID news and developments from this past week. International activity plus product and service developments in the healthcare industry account for much of the week's activity, which also saw the release of several reports on market developments.

Reva Virtualizes RFID Data Processing Appliance
  Wednesday June 24th, 2009
Reva introduced the first virtual machine option for processing RFID data. The new TAP-VM can run virtually on a PC, laptop, server or any other hardware that supports the VMware VMServer 2 environment. It processes data from RFID readers and interface with enterprise systems.

Highlights from Baird's RFID Monthly for June
  Monday June 22nd, 2009
Baird has published the June edition of RFID Monthly. The 16-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

RFID Weekly News Roundup June 18, 2009
  Thursday June 18th, 2009
This article highlights RFID news and developments from this past week, which saw regulations for RFID-enabled personal identification documents take a new twist. The week also saw continued RTLS and other active RFID implementations, as well as more examples of RFID functionality being embedded in consumer-oriented applications.

How Can RFID Vendors Influence End User Opinions of Them?
  Wednesday June 17th, 2009
End user perceptions of RFID vendor companies are strongly shaped by systems integrators, analysts, researchers and media, according to a study. End users rate these industry professionals as stronger influences than RFID vendors themselves. Vendors are advised to target them -- instead of targeting end users directly -- in their marketing and branding efforts.

RFID Tracks Mussel Beds in Spain
  Tuesday June 16th, 2009
An aquaculture company in Spain is currently testing passive RFID for tracking mussel beds.

Savi Celebrates, Innovates with New RFID Products
  Monday June 15th, 2009
Savi celebrated 20 years as an RFID solutions provider by introducing three new products that enhance the company's ability to provide global tracking and visibility. This article introduces the new products and Savi's perspective on how markets are changing.

RFID Weekly News Roundup June 11, 2009
  Thursday June 11th, 2009
This article highlights RFID news and developments from this past week, which include several stories about innovation in healthcare identification and electronic medical records (EMR).

SaaS Suits Fluensee for RFID Solution Sales
  Wednesday June 10th, 2009
Offering customers the option of using software as a service (SaaS) is helping Fluensee get new business. The RFID solutions provider focused on specific types of asset tracking expects sales to triple this year and is even winning business in distressed industries.

Dairy Queen Pilots RFID-Based Mobile Marketing Platform
  Monday June 8th, 2009
Dairy Queen is testing a new customer loyalty and discount system that uses an RFID tag to authenticate customers that have received coupons via text message on their mobile phones.

RFID Weekly News Roundup June 4, 2009
  Thursday June 4th, 2009
This article highlights RFID news and developments from the past week. RTLS and near field communication (NFC) technologies provided most of the innovation in this week's news, which also includes reports of tracking cardiac devices and Manchurian tigers, plus changes at several industry vendors.

N to Mark the Spot for Using NFC
  Wednesday June 3rd, 2009
The NFC Forum yesterday introduced the N-Mark logo that was created to give consumers an easy visual reference to where NFC services are available. The logo was unveiled the same day a competing NFC initiative was announced.

Finnish Military Tests RFID for Triage Application
  Tuesday June 2nd, 2009
Researchers in Finland successfully tested an RFID system based on near field communication (NFC) for tracking mass casualties.

Slowing Sales Bring Change to RFID Smart Label Suppliers
  Monday June 1st, 2009
Weaker-than-expected demand for RFID smart labels is causing changes in the supplier community, with Zebra Technologies exiting the market and Alien Technology scaling back. This article examines the implications of these and other developments.

RFID Weekly News Roundup May 28, 2009
  Thursday May 28th, 2009
Announcements from Europe highlighted a relatively quiet week in the RFID industry, which also saw new information products released to help RFID buyers and integrators.

Highlights from Baird's RFID Monthly for May
  Wednesday May 27th, 2009
Baird has published the May edition of RFID Monthly. The 17-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

RFID Weekly News Roundup May 21, 2009
  Friday May 22nd, 2009
This article highlights RFID news and developments from this past week. Other than a noteworthy plant closing in the US, international customer wins, product releases and partnership agreements produced most of the news.

New Belgium Brewing Hops to RFID for Keg Management
  Wednesday May 20th, 2009
Craft brewer New Belgium Brewing began tracking its kegs internally with RFID and hopes to expand the system to track keg movements at distributor and retailer locations. The system is expected to improve fill rates and asset utilization.

Vietnamese Seafood Industry to Test RFID
  Tuesday May 19th, 2009
The Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers is backing a food traceability pilot that will utilize RFID and bar code technology from IBM and FXA Group to track shrimp and seafood from the farm to retail shelves.

Dayton Opens First RFID Company Incubator
  Monday May 18th, 2009
The Dayton RFID Convergence Center is believed to be the first business incubator for RFID companies. The 46,000 square foot facility will house small RFID firms and offer them a variety of technical and business services.

RFID Weekly News Roundup May 14, 2009
  Thursday May 14th, 2009
This article highlights RFID news and developments from the previous week. The biggest RFID industry news this week came from Europe, where the European Commission issued RFID privacy guidelines after years of discussion.

New Chip Represents Key Step in Adoption of NFC
  Wednesday May 13th, 2009
NXP released the first Near Field Communications (NFC) chip that complies with the single wire protocol (SWP) standard, a specification analysts and a leading industry group have called an important milestone to NFC commercialization.

STMicroelectronics Offers Active RFID Development Kit
  Tuesday May 12th, 2009
STMicroelectronics has released a hardware developer kit (HDK) that will help integrators and other solution providers build ISO 18000-7-compliant active RFID tags and readers for a variety of niche applications.

RFID Implications Unclear from Nashua Acquisition
  Monday May 11th, 2009
RFID label converter Nashua is being acquired by graphics communications company Cenveo in a deal expected to close this summer. Nashua is not releasing details about how the acquisition will impact its RFID business, which provides smart labels to Printronix and other customers.

RFID Weekly News Roundup May 7, 2009
  Thursday May 7th, 2009
New market forecasts, the possibility that Alien will close its North Dakota manufacturing facility, and Zebra's quarterly results provided more clues about the health of the RFID industry this week, which also saw consolidation in the smart label sector and continued product and customer announcements.

Mid South RFID Converts for Changing Market
  Wednesday May 6th, 2009
The UHF RFID industry today is much different than the one Mid South RFID abruptly entered six years ago by filling a rush order for 1.2 million baggage tags. This installment of our company profile series tracks the company's evolution and future outlook.

EPCglobal Offers RFID Consulting Services, Lowers Fees
  Tuesday May 5th, 2009
EPCglobal US, the not-for-profit organization that is the US administrator for Electronic Product Code (EPC) and other RFID standards, now offers for-hire RFID implementation consulting services. The organization also lowered its membership fees as part of an initiative to make EPC technologies easier to implement.

Progress and Perseverance on Exhibit at Last Week's RFID Show
  Monday May 4th, 2009
Last week the seventh annual RFID Journal LIVE! conference and exhibition was held in Orlando, Florida. RFID Update was there, and judging by its own research and the many opinions shared by exhibitors and attendees at the event, this year's RFID Journal LIVE! was a fairly good show -- no small feat in this economy.

Focus on Process Leads to Profits for Rush Tracking Systems
  Thursday April 30th, 2009
A tight focus on process has led to profits for RFID solution provider Rush Tracking Systems, as this vendor profile shows.

Highlights from RFID Journal LIVE!, Part 2 of 2
  Wednesday April 29th, 2009
Today's story continues our coverage of this week's RFID Journal LIVE! event in Orlando. RFID Update will provide additional coverage in upcoming editions.

Highlights from RFID Journal LIVE!, Part 1 of 2
  Tuesday April 28th, 2009
Today's story highlights news from the RFID Journal LIVE! event being held this week in Orlando. RFID Update will provide additional coverage in upcoming editions.

Aerospace Supplier Boosts Efficiency with RFID
  Monday April 27th, 2009
American RFID Solutions has introduced a new real-time tracking system that incorporates RFID and IP video. Aerospace supplier Metal Finishing Co. has deployed the system at its facilities in Wichita.

RFID Weekly News Roundup April 23, 2009
  Thursday April 23rd, 2009
There were several major product launches and project deployments announced this week, and a slew of smaller ones. The week's highlights also include new industry sales projections and outlooks for researchers and analysts and highlights of consumer-oriented marketing projects.

Bottoms Up is Omnitrol's Vision for RFID
  Wednesday April 22nd, 2009
Omnitrol Networks is a leader in developing technology that processes RFID and sensor data at the edge of the network, and applies it to improve operations within manufacturers' four walls. Now Omnitrol has a supply chain angle to shop-floor automation, as this installment of our vendor profile series shows.

Highlights from Baird's RFID Monthly for April
  Tuesday April 21st, 2009
Baird has published the April edition of RFID Monthly. The 17-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

SandLinks Announces Combo Tag-Reader RTLS Chips
  Monday April 20th, 2009
SandLinks, an Israeli startup that previously kept a low profile, will soon announce its first product, which combines UWB sending and receiving capabilities on a single chip with 16 kilobits of memory. Each chip can serve as a tag and reader and will sell for $5 in volume, according to the company.

RFID Weekly News Roundup April 16, 2009
  Thursday April 16th, 2009
This article highlights news and developments from the previous week, which was was a fairly slow news week in the RFID industry. RFID Update suspects companies are holding major product and customer announcements to try to create buzz just before the upcoming RFID Journal LIVE! event scheduled for April 27-29 in Orlando.

Omni-ID Getting Comfortable in RF-Hostile Environments
  Wednesday April 15th, 2009
This installment on innovative RFID companies profiles Omni-ID, which in two years spun out from its parent company, struck major distribution, alliance and customer deals, plucked $15 million in venture funding from a barren environment and is helping dispel the notion that passive UHF doesn't work well around metal or liquid.

Reva Systems Gets $5M Funding, New CEO
  Tuesday April 14th, 2009
Reva Systems today announced a $5 million round of funding and a new CEO. The funding was provided by original investors in the firm. The new CEO, Bruce Berger, comes to the company from optical fiber solutions provider Verrillon, Inc., where he was president and CEO. Berger takes over from co-founder Ashley Stephenson, who will continue in his role as executive chairman.

RFID Baby Born from Checkpoint-OATSystems Marriage
  Monday April 13th, 2009
Checkpoint Systems introduced a comprehensive offering of RFID hardware, software and services so retailers can track goods from manufacturing through the store. The new Merchandise Visibility Solution is the first offering that integrates software functionality from OATSystems, which Checkpoint acquired last year.

RFID Weekly News Roundup April 9, 2009
  Thursday April 9th, 2009
This article highlights RFID news and developments from the past week. RFID advances in the security, automotive, airline, retail, healthcare and livestock industries all made headlines this week.

Tracient Moves Forward with Vision of RFID Convergence
  Wednesday April 8th, 2009
RFID Update's series of profiles of innovative RFID companies continues with this look at Tracient Technologies, which is positioning itself for applications where mobile computers and multiple RFID technologies converge.

RFID Tags Survive Hospital Sterilization
  Tuesday April 7th, 2009
The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Medical Center is using RTLS tags from Awarepoint to track surgical instrumentation throughout the sterilization process.

Reva Launches RTLS Solution Based on Passive RFID
  Monday April 6th, 2009
Reva Systems is offering passive UHF-based item tracking to hospitals with its new Reva-4-Healthcare product, which integrates AeroScout's MobileView RTLS software. The passive system can be used for wristbands, IV bags and other items that can't conveniently carry an active tag, and can be used alongside WiFi RTLS technology.

RFID Weekly News Roundup April 2, 2009
  Thursday April 2nd, 2009
This week's news roundup is heavy on product introductions, with a strong international flavor, plus announcements of unusual RFID and RTLS deployments.

CSL Has Long Range Plans for RFID Market
  Wednesday April 1st, 2009
Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) received a lot of attention last year when it introduced a handheld passive UHF reader with more than 30 feet of range, but as this installment of RFID Update's series of company profiles shows, CSL's past and future extend well beyond that product.

Grocer Uses RFID to Increase Customer Loyalty
  Tuesday March 31st, 2009
TOP Food & Drug, a grocery chain in Washington state with 18 locations, has implemented an innovative RFID-based payment and identification program that it believes will increase customer loyalty to its stores.

Battery-assisted RFID Deal Extends Range, Markets
  Monday March 30th, 2009
The recent partnership between startup battery maker Blue Spark Technologies and leading RFID chip and inlay producer UPM Raflatac could be a catalyst for the commercialization of battery-assisted passive RFID technology.

RFID Weekly News Roundup March 26, 2009
  Thursday March 26th, 2009
Deployments by high-profile end users highlight this week's RFID and RTLS news, which also includes an updated industry forecast and several product announcements.

Time Domain Puts UWB on RTLS Users' Radar
  Wednesday March 25th, 2009
RFID Update's continuing series of profiles of industry companies looks at Time Domain, which pioneered UWB technology as a government contractor before setting its sites on the commercial RTLS market.

DASH7 Alliance Forms to Advance Active RFID Standard
  Tuesday March 24th, 2009
The DASH7 Alliance is a new organization that formed to promote the use of active RFID technology that conforms to the ISO 18000-7 standard. The organization wants to further technical development, facilitate and certify interoperability, and promote new uses of the technology.

Highlights from Baird's RFID Monthly for March
  Monday March 23rd, 2009
Baird has published the March edition of RFID Monthly. The company is now publishing content on a rolling basis to the website rfid-monthly.com, so you can check there for updates over the course of the month. Today's article offers highlights.

RFID Weekly News Roundup March 19, 2009
  Thursday March 19th, 2009
Product releases and technology innovations highlighted this week's news, including international standards and developments that link RFID with cell phones, sensor networks, medical devices, Zigbee, ultrasound tracking and more.

WiFi Coverage Helps Ekahau Find RTLS Opportunity
  Wednesday March 18th, 2009
This installment of our coverage of innovative companies and people in the RFID industry spotlights Ekahau, whose singular focus on the WiFi market has created a spectrum of possibilities.

RFID Software Provider GlobeRanger Raises $8.3M
  Tuesday March 17th, 2009
RFID infrastructure software provider GlobeRanger has raised $8.3 million in new funding, and announced 40 percent revenue growth over the past two years.

Asian RFID Outlook Predicts Pockets of Opportunity
  Monday March 16th, 2009
Emerging application and vertical market opportunities, changing frequency preferences, and current challenging economic conditions highlighted a briefing on the Asian RFID market presented by industry research firm Frost & Sullivan.

RFID Weekly News Roundup March 12, 2009
  Thursday March 12th, 2009
This week's RFID news roundup won't read like the recent issues of The Wall Street Journal -- it actually contains some good financial news. Two companies reported increased annual revenues and another received fresh capital while also attaining good growth, though not all the financial news was good.

Newcomer Brings New RFID Cost Model to North America
  Wednesday March 11th, 2009
This is the first installment of a new periodic feature in RFID Update that profiles companies and people who are making news in the RFID industry. This article spotlights Invengo, a large Chinese RFID manufacturer and solution provider that recently entered the North American market.

Leading RFID Brands Stronger Now Than Ever
  Tuesday March 10th, 2009
There is a growing gap between the "haves" and "have-nots" when it comes to brand recognition in the RFID industry. Two RFID firms contend for the top spot as the industry's most recognized company. Two others enjoy good brand recognition, then hundreds more fill in the pack with only negligible differences in their industry recognition.

Cooler Heads Prevail with RFID-enabled Helmets
  Monday March 9th, 2009
HotHead Sports is introducing football helmets with integrated temperature sensors and active RFID tags that will alert trainers to possible heat stroke, which has killed 33 players since 2005. The firm is also developing RFID-enabled hardhats and helmets for firefighters and soldiers.

Saudi Post Updates RFID System for Carriers
  Thursday March 5th, 2009
Saudi Post is updating its RFID mail tracking system to use handheld computers that have RFID reading and GPS functionality. Mail carriers use the handhelds to record pickups from RFID-enabled mailboxes, and sample letters with embedded RFID tags are tracked in processing centers.

RFID a Treasure for Portuguese Trash Hauler
  Wednesday March 4th, 2009
The waste management authority for Portugal's second-largest city implemented an RFID-based system to identify its trash-hauling vehicles, authorize their access to the disposal facility and monitor activity there. The system saves up to 10 minutes for each of the 400 loads that are processed daily.

Walgreens: RFID Promotions Tracking a "Game-Changer"
  Tuesday March 3rd, 2009
Walgreens is promoting the success of its RFID-enabled promotions tracking program. The drugstore chain and GOLIATH Solutions, which developed the RFID system, issued a joint press release in which Walgreens calls the system a "game-changer" for improving store operations and sales.

What Do End Users Look For Most in an RFID Vendor?
  Monday March 2nd, 2009
Of all the things RFID companies can do to influence prospects and build a positive reputation, nothing is more powerful than promoting successful implementations. New research found that RFID users are most influenced by a vendor's implementations at firms similar to their own.

Not Bitter, Better. RFID Improves Lemon Distribution
  Thursday February 26th, 2009
A lemon grower in Argentina uses wireless mobile computers, RFID wristbands on workers, and tags on bins to accurately credit workers for the produce they pick and to track the produce during processing. The system currently is used to process 3,500 bins per day and is being expanded.

Impinj, Avery Dennison, Raflatac Surge in RFID Brand Rankings
  Wednesday February 25th, 2009
Chip and inlay providers gained the most recognition in RFID Update's research into industry brand leaders. Impinj, Avery Dennison and UPM Raflatac moved up the rankings more than any other firms, and inlay, tag and smart label providers made up nine of the 10 most-recognized RFID companies.

New Legislation Could Criminalize RFID Security Testing
  Tuesday February 24th, 2009
Nevada legislators are considering Senate Bill 125 (SB 125), which would make unauthorized collection of personal information by RFID a felony. Critics say wording of the bill would criminalize legitimate forms of testing and research.

Memorable Development: Tego Releases 32K RFID Tags
  Monday February 23rd, 2009
Tego has released passive UHF tags with up to 32 kilobytes of user memory. The startup says the tags can last 20 years and are compatible with EPCglobal Gen2 and ISO 18000-6C standards, so no propriety equipment is needed to read and encode them.

Irish Factory Using Active RFID for 'e-Kanban'
  Thursday February 19th, 2009
A factory in Ireland leveraged its existing WiFi wireless LAN to support a new active RFID parts replenishment system. Workers at Thermo King, which manufactures temperature control systems used in logistics, use call buttons interfaced to active RFID tags to signal that parts are needed at workstations.

RFID Leader P&G Steps Back from Promotions Tracking
  Wednesday February 18th, 2009
Procter & Gamble has discontinued its landmark RFID promotions-tracking program with Wal-Mart. The firms used RFID to determine if promotional displays were set up as scheduled, and to facilitate corrective action if not. Collaboration issues apparently scuttled the program, which was widely recognized for its innovation and value.

Highlights from Baird's RFID Monthly for February
  Tuesday February 17th, 2009
Baird has published the February edition of RFID Monthly. The company is now publishing content on a rolling basis to the website rfid-monthly.com, so you can check there for updates over the course of the month. Today's article offers highlights.

RFID Tag Demand Helps Omni-ID Net $15M in Funding
  Thursday February 12th, 2009
Omni-ID, a one-year-old startup, received $15 million in Series C venture funding. The company said strong demand from the data center market for its tags that perform well on metal led it to seek additional funding so it could expand production and marketing.

RTLS Offers Novel Approach to Dementia Research
  Wednesday February 11th, 2009
Researchers are analyzing links between how dementia patients move and the progression of the disease. RTLS patient wristbands and readers at assisted living facilities collect data researchers hope will lead to improved patient care and early detection.

More Than Half of RFID Users Expect ROI Within 18 Months
  Tuesday February 10th, 2009
The expected return-on-investment period for RFID deployments is shrinking, according to an annual survey of end users conducted by ABI Research. ABI found that 36.7 percent of end users think RFID will provide ROI within 12 months, 51.7 percent expect it within 18 months, and 65 percent expect it within two years.

New Distributor Forms with Exclusive RFID Focus
  Monday February 9th, 2009
Can/U.S. Enviro-RFID is a new company that formed to be a value-added distributor of RFID products. The Montreal-headquartered company is focused exclusively on RFID technology and software that supports it.

Latest Anti-RFID Video is Actually Worth Watching
  Thursday February 5th, 2009
A video has been making the rounds on the web in which a hacker equips his car with off-the-shelf RFID gear then drives around downtown San Francisco scanning electronic passport IDs from the air. Unlike much of the anti-RFID propaganda that has been published to date, this video is actually effective in raising questions about secure adoption of the technology.

Hawaii Expands Produce Supply Chain RFID Pilot
  Wednesday February 4th, 2009
The Hawaii Department of Agriculture is adding temperature-sensing active RFID tags and ocean shipments from the mainland US to its ongoing food traceability pilot project. The initiative continues to track produce shipments within the state with passive RFID.

Conflicting Messages Regarding Item-Level RFID in Retail
  Tuesday February 3rd, 2009
Several recent contradictory developments and reports about item-level RFID use in retail illustrate that activity is not the same as progress. This report summarizes these developments and provides some context.

Passive UWB RTLS System Passes Key Test
  Monday February 2nd, 2009
Tagent successfully tested its first passive ultra-wideband real time location system (RTLS) chip and said it expects to release the technology late this summer. Tagent's system uses peripheral power nodes to eliminate the need for a battery on the chip and to increase the coverage of reader networks.

TI: RFID Customers Should Expect 'Business as Usual'
  Thursday January 29th, 2009
The head of Texas Instruments' RFID operations is leaving the company as part of the 3,400 job cuts announced this week. TI said it will continue to support its RFID customers, product lines and distribution channels.

New York May Regulate Retail RFID Use
  Wednesday January 28th, 2009
Draft legislation would require businesses in New York state to inform consumers if RFID-tagged merchandise is present and to deactivate tags at the point of sale. Businesses would also be banned from requiring RFID tags to accept returned merchandise, and from sharing data collected by RFID.

EPCIS, RFID Effective in European Pharmaceutical Pilot
  Tuesday January 27th, 2009
RFID tags, two-dimensional bar code labels and the EPCIS data sharing standard successfully helped track more than 50,000 drug packages during a three-year pilot in Europe. Drugs made in Ireland and the Netherlands were tracked through manufacturers, packagers, distributors, wholesalers and logistics providers to a London hospital.

Sam's Club Letter Outlines Changes to RFID Requirements
  Monday January 26th, 2009
Sam's Club informed suppliers about major changes to its RFID program. Pallet tagging is still required, but the deadline has been extended from January 30, 2009 to 2010, and non-compliance fees were sharply reduced. The sellable-unit tagging deadline has been postponed indefinitely, and case tagging is now optional.

Invengo Drops Gen2 Inlay Price to 5.8 Cents
  Thursday January 22nd, 2009
Chinese RFID manufacturer Invengo is making an attention-getting entry into the US market by selling passive UHF Gen2-standard inlays for 5.8¢, which is about 25 percent less than current industry pricing. The 16-year-old-firm is offering a range of inlays, tags and readers.

Highlights from Baird's RFID Monthly for January
  Wednesday January 21st, 2009
Baird has published the January edition of RFID Monthly. The company is now publishing its updates on a rolling basis to the new website, rfid-monthly.com. Check there for the full update. Today's article offers highlights.

2008 China RFID Industry Annual Awards Announced
  Tuesday January 20th, 2009
RFID World China recently announced the winners of the 2008 China RFID Industry Annual Awards. The awards include companies, applications, events, and products, and are a window onto the Chinese RFID industry. Most useful to non-Chinese readers will be the awarded companies, which are not widely known outside China but could foreshadow major global competitors in the years ahead.

BT Selects Omnitrol for RFID, Sensor Integration
  Thursday January 15th, 2009
Leading European technology integrator BT Supply Chain Solutions and Omnitrol Networks announced a strategic agreement that gives BT access to Omnitrol's network-based technology platform for collecting and integrating input from RFID, RTLS, bar code and other sensor and data capture technologies.

System Uses RTLS to Help Track, Assign Retail Staff
  Wednesday January 14th, 2009
A new system features RTLS ID badges worn by retail store personnel so software can monitor their location, make recommendations on labor scheduling and deployment, and provide business intelligence about how employee locations impact sales and customers.

Alien, Impinj, and Motorola Top RFID Update Rankings
  Tuesday January 13th, 2009
Research released today identifies the top 20 most recognized RFID companies, and the top 10 perceived to have the best technology and to be the best marketed, as identified by RFID users and providers worldwide. RFID marketing has lost some effectiveness since the previous study, but other sources of influence are growing.

VDC: RFID Growth to Slow Sharply, But No Contraction
  Monday January 12th, 2009
Market research firm VDC Research Group sharply reduced its RFID industry growth forecasts. VDC predicts worldwide RFID sales will grow 9.2 percent this year to $4.04 billion, after previously forecasting 30.5 percent growth. A rebound isn't expected before 2011.

RTLS Goes Mainstream with New Ekahau Deal
  Thursday January 8th, 2009
RTLS solution provider Ekahau yesterday announced its award of a three-year preferred provider agreement with University HealthSystem Consortium, a group purchasing organization representing almost 300 academic medical centers and affiliated hospitals. The agreement signals RTLS's move into the healthcare technology mainstream.

Manufacturer Blends Kanban with RFID to Get Quick ROI
  Wednesday January 7th, 2009
Adding RFID to its kanban cards used to track materials and production enabled German fittings manufacturer Hansgrohe to reduce data entry labor requirements by one hour per worker per day. The RFID process complements the company's existing bar code and ERP systems.

RFID World Rebrands as RF Edge, Adjusts Focus
  Tuesday January 6th, 2009
RFID World, the longtime leading exhibition and conference series in the RFID industry, announced plans to change its name to RF Edge. The new franchise is expanding its focus beyond RFID and RTLS technologies to include sensors, GPS and business intelligence, and plans to conduct more events.

RFID News Roundup for the Last Two Weeks
  Monday January 5th, 2009
This article is a roundup of RFID-related news from the weeks of December 22 and December 29, 2008, when RFID Update did not publish in observance of the holidays.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for December
  Friday December 19th, 2008
Baird has released its December RFID Monthly report. The 17-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

9 Things RFID Will Be Remembered for in '08, Part 3
  Thursday December 18th, 2008
This article concludes a three-part series that recaps the top RFID developments from 2008. This final installment highlights prominent security-related activity, updates ongoing trends and shares thoughts on how the overall economy may impact the RFID industry. Part 1 covered technology developments, and Part 2 documented merger, acquisition, startup and investment activity.

9 Things RFID Will Be Remembered for in '08, Part 2
  Tuesday December 16th, 2008
This is the second installment of a three-part series recapping the top nine RFID developments from 2008. This article covers how the RFID vendor community was changed by mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, startups and venture funding. Yesterday's Part 1 covered technology developments, and tomorrow's conclusion will identify new trends and the 2009 outlook.

9 Things RFID Will Be Remembered for in '08, Part 1
  Monday December 15th, 2008
This article is Part 1 of a three-part series that recaps the top RFID developments from 2008. This installment focuses on advances in UWB, passive UHF and NFC technologies. Tomorrow's Part 2 will examine startups, funding, and M&A in the RFID vendor landscape, and Part 3 will identify new trends and provide an outlook for 2009.

Raflatac Positions Itself for NFC Adoption
  Thursday December 11th, 2008
UPM Raflatac recently announced the launch of a portfolio of RFID tags for use in near field communication (NFC) applications. The tags have already been deployed in some applications, but official availability begins this month. RFID Update spoke with Raflatac's business development director Mikko Nikkanen about the new chips and his company's view of NFC adoption.

SecureRF to Develop Secure RFID for US Air Force
  Wednesday December 10th, 2008
The US Air Force wants active RFID tags it can use with sensors to monitor the location and status of assets but which can't be read by enemies. SecureRF received a grant to help develop the RFID system, which will also securely encode all data transmission.

Japanese Publisher Manages Book Sales with RFID
  Tuesday December 9th, 2008
A Japanese publisher is tagging individual books as part of an innovative effort to reduce returns and waste. To encourage better demand planning and ordering, the publisher offers retailers flexible payment terms, which are encoded in a tag applied to each book in the order.

Microsoft's Mobile RFID Software Now Available
  Monday December 8th, 2008
Microsoft announced general availability of BizTalk RFID Mobile software, which was released in beta form in April. The software simplifies connectivity between mobile RFID devices and back-end systems.

Aberdeen on Achieving ROI from RFID
  Thursday December 4th, 2008
Aberdeen Group has released the latest installment in a series of reports on RFID adoption. Entitled Where RFID Meets ROI: Beyond Supply Chains, the report is available free for a limited time. This article is the executive summary, contributed by report author Michael Dortch.

Cabinet Maker's Efficiency Gains Hinge On RFID
  Wednesday December 3rd, 2008
Custom Cupboards is believed to be the first cabinet maker to use an RFID system to route materials through production and automatically direct assembly, inspection and packaging processes.

DHS to Track Immigration Detainees with RFID
  Tuesday December 2nd, 2008
The US Department of Homeland Security is equipping 19 domestic facilities with active RFID technology to track immigration detainees. The project may mark the first use of RFID for prisoner tracking by a US federal government agency.

RFID News Roundup for Last Week
  Monday December 1st, 2008
This article highlights announcements made during the week of November 24, 2008, when RFID Update did not publish in observance of the US Thanksgiving holiday.

Think NFC is Just Ticketing and Payments? Think Again.
  Thursday November 20th, 2008
The NFC Forum held a webinar that described how near field communication (NFC) technology could be used outside of its core ticketing and contactless payment markets. NFC-enabled cell phones and other devices could be used to securely store and exchange records, provide access control to facilities, create smart appliances and more.

15x More Efficient: Tracking Propane Containers with RFID
  Wednesday November 19th, 2008
A liquid propane (LP) gas provider in Malaysia is using RFID to track gas cylinders and automate filling and inspection processes. The system features custom-designed low frequency RFID readers that are certified for use in hazardous environments and are now available commercially.

EPCglobal Plans Multi-technology RFID Pilot
  Tuesday November 18th, 2008
EPCglobal is planning an international logistics pilot that will use passive and active RFID technologies, the EPCIS RFID data communication protocol, and multiple standardized numbering systems to track and secure ocean-bound cargo shipments from Japan to the Netherlands.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for November
  Monday November 17th, 2008
Baird has released its November RFID Monthly report. The 17-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

New RFID Tag Extends Memory, Range in Tough Environments
  Thursday November 13th, 2008
Avery Dennison introduced the AD-902, a rugged Gen2 passive UHF tag with 512 bits of user memory. A refinery used the AD-902 to replace its active RFID employee ID tags that are used to track emergency response personnel.

NASA Discovers RTLS Works Well in Small Spaces
  Wednesday November 12th, 2008
Boeing and NASA installed an ultra-wideband (UWB) real-time location system (RTLS) at the Kennedy Space Center to track thousands of assets used to support the International Space Station. One innovative feature is the use of vehicle-mounted readers to track items delivered to the launch pad.

Healthcare, Pharma Industries to Increase RFID Spending
  Monday November 10th, 2008
Market research from Kalorama Information predicts the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries will significantly increase their investments in RFID technology in the next five years. RFID sales for 2008 are valued at $474 million in healthcare and $70 million in pharmaceutical.

Tight Capital Could Squeeze Firms Out of RFID Industry
  Thursday November 6th, 2008
This conclusion of a two-part series on how economic conditions are affecting the RFID industry examines how tight capital and an extended bear market could impact the RFID vendor community. Part 1, Economic Meltdown Effect on RFID: Not Now, Not Ever?, analyzed how current economic conditions are impacting near-term RFID adoption prospects.

Economic Meltdown Effect on RFID: Not Now, Not Ever?
  Wednesday November 5th, 2008
This is the first installment of a two-part series on how deteriorating economic conditions could impact the RFID industry. Part 1 focuses on the current adoption climate and short-term outlook. Tomorrow's conclusion examines whether conditions will trigger consolidation and reshape the RFID vendor community.

ABI Predicts RFID Growth Despite Economic Slowdown
  Monday November 3rd, 2008
RFID revenues will reach $5.3 billion in 2008 and $9.8 billion in 2013 according to a forecast released today by ABI Research. It predicts growth rates of 25 percent or higher for the item-level tagging, contactless payment, asset tracking, RTLS and cargo tracking segments of the industry.

Kit Lets Consumers Personalize Things with RFID
  Thursday October 30th, 2008
Mir:ror is a kit with a USB RFID read/write device, customizable tags and PC software that consumers can use to create personalized RFID tags for their things. The creators are focused on developing technologies that foster digital-personal connections.

New RFID Handheld Provides Range, Price Breakthroughs
  Wednesday October 29th, 2008
Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) introduced a $2,500 handheld RFID reader with 25-foot read range for UHF tags. The price and range each represent significant improvements over other handheld UHF readers. The company thinks the product's price and performance could drive increased RFID adoption.

RFID "Smart Boxes" Help Manufacturer Meet Mandate
  Tuesday October 28th, 2008
Pet product manufacturer Normerica has deployed RFID-embedded "smart boxes" and a mobile reader solution to meet Wal-Mart Canada's RFID requirements.

RFID Patent Pool Approved by US Government
  Monday October 27th, 2008
The US Department of Justice last week issued a letter to the RFID Consortium, indicating its approval for the organization's intent to manage an industry patent pool that it hopes will facilitate licensing of intellectual property related to Gen2 RFID. The approval process clears the way for the Consortium to "open for business."

Dutch Forensics Lab Tracks Evidence With RFID
  Thursday October 23rd, 2008
The Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI) tracks crime scene evidence in real time using RFID, providing complete chain-of-custody documentation to authorities.

Kovio Set to Commercialize Printed RFID Tags
  Wednesday October 22nd, 2008
Kovio, which is developing printed RFID tag technology, announced it will begin shipping test quantities by the end of the year and expects to go into full production by June, 2009. The 13.56 MHz read-only tags will initially be priced between five and ten cents.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for October
  Tuesday October 21st, 2008
Baird has released its October RFID Monthly report. The 18-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Trend Tracking: PCB Makers Show Interest in RFID
  Monday October 20th, 2008
This article examines the state of the RFID market for printed circuit board (PCB) tracking. RFID vendors say there haven't been any large-scale deployments, but interest has increased in the past few months for work-in-process, authentication and warranty tracking applications.

Log House Maker Using RFID to Track Material
  Thursday October 16th, 2008
Honkarakenne, a Finnish firm that makes log houses that are sold throughout the world, is using passive RFID to manage materials and production processes. Logs receive a passive RFID tag that is encoded with order and processing instructions. The system helps ensure logs are properly processed, packaged and shipped.

RFID Sensor Platform from GE Breaks New Ground
  Wednesday October 15th, 2008
GE Global Research has developed a new battery-less RFID sensing platform that can detect multiple chemical or biological substances using a single sensor.

AIM to Clarify RFID Interference with Medical Devices
  Tuesday October 14th, 2008
AIM Global announced it is creating independent test protocols to determine the safety of using RFID systems in healthcare environments. The protocols will measure how RFID impacts medical devices, pharmaceuticals and human physiology. AIM hopes to have the protocols created and the first certifications issued within 12 months.

Sensormatic Buys Vue for $43M
  Thursday October 9th, 2008
Sensormatic Electronics, best known for its EAS systems, acquired RFID item-level software provider Vue Technology for $43 million. The deal combines hardware and software providers who are both highly focused on in-store, item-level retail applications for RFID.

US Army Signs $75M Contract for Passive RFID
  Wednesday October 8th, 2008
ODIN technologies this week announced its selection as a prime contractor for a new $75.5 million contract for passive RFID solutions from the US Army's Product Manager Joint-Automatic Identification Technology (PM J-AIT) Office. The selection is a nice win for ODIN and also a positive signal of ramping adoption by the US military.

GE Healthcare Finds Opportunity, Acquires RTLS Firm
  Tuesday October 7th, 2008
GE Healthcare puts its stake into the growing healthcare market for RTLS systems by acquiring software provider Agility Healthcare Solutions. GE Healthcare, which has 46,000 employees and customers in more than 100 countries, said it will continue to work with other RTLS hardware providers.

Alien Gets $38M in New Funding, Brings Total to $329M
  Monday October 6th, 2008
Alien Technology announced it received $38 million in new investments, bringing its total to $329 million. The privately held maker of passive UHF RFID inlays and readers said it expects this is its final round of private financing.

Staples Achieves Great ROI, Expands RFID Deployment
  Thursday October 2nd, 2008
Staples Canada has announced success of the office supply retailer's five-store RFID pilot. Director of process engineering Joe Soares was extremely pleased by the pilot, which has yielded a "very, very satisfying return on investment." The company will now roll the pilot out to ten more stores in the hopes of achieving similarly positive results.

NFC Kit Launched to Spur Application Development
  Wednesday October 1st, 2008
AIRTAG released a software development kit (SDK) for near field communication technology (NFC) that includes ISO-standard tags, a USB reader and a software library for the creation of contactless payment and other applications.

Startup to Deliver Standards-Compliant UWB RTLS
  Tuesday September 30th, 2008
DecaWave, a startup in Dublin, announced ScenSor, an ultra-wideband (UWB) RTLS system based on the IEEE 802.15.4a standard. DecaWave claims the technology provides 10-centimeter accuracy and can locate 11,000 items in a 20-meter radius. Production is set to start in 2010, but prototypes will be delivered this December.

Ándale! Spain's Postal Service Deploys RFID
  Monday September 29th, 2008
Correos, the Spanish national postal service, has outfitted 37 distribution centers with an RFID system that tracks mail samples to analyze the flow of mail through the system. Reva Systems, whose equipment was used in the project, says the postal industry is a growing RFID market.

Industry Group Turns Attention to NFC & Mobile Payments
  Thursday September 25th, 2008
The Smart Card Alliance formed the Contactless and Mobile Payments Council to facilitate adoption of near field communication (NFC) contactless payment services. The council will focus on education and research. There are 120 inaugural members, including representatives from credit card companies, other financial institutions, technology developers and NFC users.

Motorola Integrates RTLS, RFID with Wireless Platform
  Wednesday September 24th, 2008
Motorola announced its Wi-Fi Next Generation (Wi-NG) wireless LAN architecture now supports RTLS. RTLS functionality has been integrated into Motorola's wireless LAN switches, and the company developed location software that also supports passive UHF RFID technology.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for September
  Tuesday September 23rd, 2008
Baird has released its September RFID Monthly report. The 21-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Survey Finds Major Shifts in RFID Adoption Trends
  Monday September 22nd, 2008
Customer compliance requirements will not be the leading driver for RFID projects in 2009, according to a new survey by ABI Research that also found end users are planning to up their RFID spending an average of 28 percent. ABI found adoption support for a broad range of applications.

RFID Driver's Licenses Gain Traction in the US
  Thursday September 18th, 2008
RFID-enabled driver's licenses saw a major adoption milestone Tuesday as the state of New York began issuing the so-called enhanced driver's licenses, or EDLs. The wireless identification documents are designed to be used in lieu of a passport at land and sea crossings with Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and Caribbean islands.

New tikitag Service to Use NFC to Connect Consumers
  Wednesday September 17th, 2008
tikitag is a new venture that will promote connecting consumers to web-based information, and is using near field communications (NFC) RFID technology to do it. The Alcatel-Lucent venture will soon release development kits and launch its service to support consumer and enterprise applications for NFC cell phones and other devices.

Walgreens RFID Deployment Announced
  Tuesday September 16th, 2008
Walgreens is using RFID at its most advanced distribution center to make sure orders sent to stores are complete and loaded in the right truck in the right sequence. The largest drug store chain in the US is currently outfitting a second DC with the system, which will go online next year.

RFID World '08: Now You See It...
  Monday September 15th, 2008
There are plenty of magic acts in Las Vegas, but at the RFID World '08 show held there last week, it was the exhibitors who seemed intent on making RFID disappear. Starting with the press conference that opened the event, exhibitors spoke of the need for RFID technology to "disappear" into complete solutions so adoption could grow.

RFID World 2008 Announcement Wrap-Up, Part 2 of 2
  Thursday September 11th, 2008
This week's RFID World 2008 conference in Las Vegas saw a handful of announcements from the vendors at the show. This recap is the second of our two-part series wrapping up those announcements. See yesterday's RFID World 2008 Announcement Wrap-Up, Part 1 of 2 for the rest of the announcements.

RFID World 2008 Announcement Wrap-Up, Part 1 of 2
  Wednesday September 10th, 2008
This week's RFID World 2008 conference in Las Vegas saw a handful of announcements from the vendors at the show. This recap is the first of our two-part series wrapping up those announcements. Tomorrow we'll publish the rest.

2008 RFID Excellence in Business Awards Announced
  Tuesday September 9th, 2008
The 2008 RFID Excellence in Business Awards were presented at the RFID World conference on Monday night.

RFID Benchmark Tests Prove Positive for IT Asset Tracking
  Monday September 8th, 2008
A new benchmark test report says passive UHF RFID tags and readers can perform very effectively to track IT assets in data centers and other environments. The tests also found major performance discrepancies among tags and readers, so good performance and system success cannot be taken for granted.

New Association Highlights RFID Security Issues
  Thursday September 4th, 2008
The RFID Security Alliance (RFIDSA) is a new association that formed to promote better understanding about RFID security concerns and solutions. The organization says security is often overlooked during RFID system planning and implementation, but also many security threats have been misinterpreted and exaggerated.

RFID Startup Offers Enhanced Security for Tag Chips
  Wednesday September 3rd, 2008
Verayo is a startup whose product creates a unique digital signature for RFID chips based on how current flows through them. The company is focusing on creating clone-resistant RFID tags to support authentication applications.

Swiss Retailer Using RFID to Track Cases in Reusable Containers
  Tuesday September 2nd, 2008
Swiss retailer Manor is using RFID to track reusable transport containers at eight stores and two distribution centers, and plans to expand the system to all 82 of its retail locations. RFID applications automate shipping and receiving operations at stores and DCs.

METRO Group Brings DHL Into Its RFID Fold
  Thursday August 28th, 2008
Logistics provider DHL will provide pallet tagging and tracking services to METRO Group to support the retailer's RFID rollout to 89 METRO Cash & Carry wholesale stores in France. The firms announced 1.3 million pallets will be tagged annually to facilitate shipment tracking and order verification.

RedPrairie Adds RFID Support for Yard Management
  Wednesday August 27th, 2008
RedPrairie announced its core warehouse management system now supports RFID for yard management functions. The leading WMS and supply chain software provider said its customer base has shown strong interest in using RFID for asset management and yard management, but not for case and pallet tracking within distribution centers.

ABI: Signs of NFC Payment System Convergence
  Tuesday August 26th, 2008
ABI Research's annual assessment of near field communication (NFC) reader vendors found increasing support for multiple payment systems, which could help adoption. ViVOtech, Cubic Transportation Systems and On Track Innovations (OTI) topped the vendor rating.

Gartner: Case/Pallet RFID Still in "Trough of Disillusionment"
  Monday August 25th, 2008
About 24 percent of Tier 1 retailers are running extensive RFID case and pallet tagging pilots or systems, according to Gartner, which predicts mainstream adoption is five to 10 years away. The firm placed RFID in the "Trough of Disillusionment" in its recently released "Hype Cycle for Emerging Technology, 2008" report.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for August
  Thursday August 21st, 2008
Baird has released its August RFID Monthly report. The 23-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

New RFID Solution Targets Sales Chain Automation
  Wednesday August 20th, 2008
SkyeTek is commercializing a managed service that uses smart cabinets and other unattended RFID readers to monitor inventory and notify field sales staff when customers require replenishment. Early users have reported rapid ROI from reduced out-of-stocks and time savings resulting from less inventory management time and paperwork.

RFID Could Cure Concrete Tracking Woes
  Tuesday August 19th, 2008
International Coding Technologies announced TrackCon, a system for identifying and tracking pre-fabricated concrete products that features a plastic-encased passive RFID and bar code tag that is embedded during the production process. The developer says the system can be used for concrete products ranging from small tanks to pre-fabricated building walls.

IDTechEx: RFID Apparel Market to Grow 70% Annually
  Monday August 18th, 2008
IDTechEx estimates that RFID spending on apparel will be $68 million this year, representing 38 percent of the total worldwide RFID spend for the retail sector. The research firm predicts that figure will rise to $988 million in 2013, an impressive 71 percent compound annual growth rate.

Read Range for Gen2 RFID in 2008? 40 Feet
  Thursday August 14th, 2008
RFID solutions provider Simply RFiD posted an entry on its blog a few weeks ago reporting the great read ranges on Gen2 technology that its engineers have found consistently in recent months. Those ranges were long enough to prompt skepticism from some readers -- and to prompt RFID Update to interview the company president for more explanation.

Innovation to Drive Strong RTLS Adoption
  Wednesday August 13th, 2008
There will be $145 million worth of RTLS systems sold in 2008, and the market will top $1 billion within 10 years, according to a new research report from IDTechEx. Ultra wideband (UWB) is singled out as one of the fastest-growing RTLS technologies, although widespread growth for alternative technologies and application markets is expected as well.

"USB Stick" RFID Reader Debuts
  Tuesday August 12th, 2008
iDTRONIC announced a UHF RFID read/write device in a USB stick form factor. The USB Stick can be plugged into PCs, laptops and other devices with USB ports to give them RFID read/write ability. The device has significantly less range than most fixed-position UHF readers and has been envisioned for use in offices.

Turkish Retailer Plans Big Item-Level RFID Expansion
  Monday August 11th, 2008
LCWaikiki, one of Turkey's leading apparel retailer, has been using item-level RFID tracking in one of its stores for about three months and plans to install systems at 50 to 60 more locations within six months. The company credits the system for reducing inventory tracking time by 60 and 70 percent for certain processes.

RFID Helps Protect CT Patients from Medication Errors
  Thursday August 7th, 2008
Pre-filled syringes are being labeled with RFID tags and read by automatic injection machines to make sure patients about to have CT scans are injected with the correct solutions and to prevent use of expired product or reused syringes.

RFID Study Evaluates Item-Level Retail Performance
  Wednesday August 6th, 2008
A test of RFID read rates for footwear and apparel items in simulated retail use-case environments found generally good performance but some large variations among tags and readers. Researchers at the RFID Research Center at the University of Arkansas concluded item-level tagging is feasible for the product category.

Fluensee Acquires TrenStar's RFID Software Business
  Tuesday August 5th, 2008
RFID solutions provider Fluensee acquired TrenStar's asset management software. The deal expands Fluensee's software-as-a-service offerings and gives the company additional customers, markets and distribution channels. TrenStar is effectively exiting the RFID industry and will focus on its airline container management business.

Report Supports UHF RFID for New Zealand Animal Tracking
  Monday August 4th, 2008
A pilot project in New Zealand generated strong evidence that ultrahigh frequency (UHF) RFID technology is better suited to livestock tagging in that country than low frequency (LF), which is the flavor of RFID deployed historically. The New Zealand RFID Pathfinder Group conducted the pilot in April and May with groups of deer, sheep, and cattle.

Device Maker Deploys Item-Level RFID Across Supply Chain
  Thursday July 31st, 2008
SonicWALL, a provider of network security devices, is using RFID to provide item-level visibility into its extended supply chain.

New ThingMagic RFID Reader Cuts Cost, Size, and Power
  Wednesday July 30th, 2008
ThingMagic's new Astra RFID reader is a small form-factor device that utilizes Power over Ethernet technology to reduce the cost of deployment.

RFID Pill Monitors Body Temperature at Walking Race
  Tuesday July 29th, 2008
Researchers at Radboud University used RFID-based sensors to monitor the core body temperatures of volunteers at the annual Four Days Marches of Nijmegen in The Netherlands.

NFC RFID to Power $75+ Billion in Transactions in 2013
  Monday July 28th, 2008
By 2013 one in five mobile phones will ship with a near field communication (NFC) RFID chip for cashless payment transactions, according to the latest projection from Juniper Research. The firm cited standards developments as removing a barrier to adoption, though NFC use is expected to be light through 2009.

Motorola Tops Newest RFID Reader Vendor Rankings
  Thursday July 24th, 2008
Analyst firm ABI Research produced its first ranking of passive UHF RFID reader vendors. Motorola was the overall highest-rated manufacturer, with Impinj leading in innovation and Alien Technology taking the top spot for implementations. ABI said it was impressed with the strength, depth and innovation evident in the product category.

UWB RTLS Vendor Improves Sensitivity, Lowers Cost
  Wednesday July 23rd, 2008
Time Domain introduced version 2.0 of its PLUS ultra wideband (UWB) real time location system (RTLS). The company said this is the first time UWB has achieved cost parity with WiFi-based RTLS technology. PLUS 2.0 can track items to specific floors and has other new features.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for July
  Tuesday July 22nd, 2008
Baird has released its July RFID Monthly report. The 24-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Oil Industry Forms RFID Group to Aid Adoption
  Monday July 21st, 2008
The Oil & Gas RFID Solution Group announced it has formed to develop process and technology standards to support RFID adoption in the petroleum and natural gas industries. The organization is evaluating use cases and technology requirements for both internal and supply chain operations.

ConocoPhillips Using RFID for Offshore Rig Worker Safety
  Thursday July 17th, 2008
ConocoPhillips installed an active RFID system from IDENTEC Solutions to provide real-time location data for employees working on oil drilling platforms off the coast of Norway. Location data is available on the rigs and at mainland locations to help rescue workers find employees in an emergency.

Thousands of Auto Parts Verified with RFID and UWB
  Wednesday July 16th, 2008
Nearly 400,000 components were identified and tracked into the 15,000 vehicles where they were installed using a combination of ultra wideband (UWB) and passive UHF technologies. During the six-week production trial the RFID system tracked vehicles through the final assembly process to ensure they received the correct parts.

ThingMagic Receives $9.8 Million from Current Investors
  Tuesday July 15th, 2008
RFID reader and module developer ThingMagic received $9.8 million in new venture capital, all from previous investors. The company said it will not seek additional investment and that this is only the second time it has taken venture capital. It also received $21 million in 2005-06.

Banking Interest Climbs for RFID, Spurs Standards
  Monday July 14th, 2008
A financial services industry association announced an initiative to develop standards so industry companies can use RFID more easily. The Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) will first focus on IT asset management, file tracking and courier operations, and hopes to develop its first draft standard by year end.

Impinj Buys Intel's RFID Business, Cements Leadership
  Thursday July 10th, 2008
RFID chip and reader manufacturer Impinj today announced its acquisition of the UHF RFID reader chip operation from semiconductor manufacturer Intel. The bold strategic move could elevate the company from its current status as one of a small handful of industry leaders, to a new level that is unique in the RFID space.

'Myth Busted' -- Tests Find RFID Works Well on Metals
  Wednesday July 9th, 2008
Passive UHF tags designed specifically for use on metal objects work very reliably, according to new test results released by ODIN technologies. ODIN cautions that not all metal-mount tags work well, and found some do not perform as well as general-purpose RFID tags when used on metal. The benchmark report is ODIN's first on specialty tags.

RFID Industry Reaction to Checkpoint-OAT Deal, Part 2
  Tuesday July 8th, 2008
In the two weeks since Checkpoint's $37 million acquistion of OATSystems was announced, there has been a flurry of commentary about what it means for the players involved and the RFID industry at large. Today is the second of a two-part series featuring the best of that commentary.

RFID Industry Reaction to Checkpoint-OAT Deal, Part 1
  Monday July 7th, 2008
In the two weeks since Checkpoint's $37 million acquistion of OATSystems was announced, there has been a flurry of commentary about what it means for the players involved and the RFID industry at large. Today and tomorrow we recap in a two-part series the best of that commentary.

Aberdeen on Maximizing Value Between RFID and IT
  Thursday July 3rd, 2008
Aberdeen Group has released the latest installment in a series of reports on RFID adoption. Entitled RFID and IT Infrastructures: Maximizing Business Value, the report is available free until August 29th. This article is the executive summary, contributed by report author Michael Dortch.

New System Puts RFID at Core of Paper Handling
  Wednesday July 2nd, 2008
A new RFID system designed for the paper industry uses combination 125 KHz/6.8 MHz tags to identify industrial-sized paper rolls in production and supply chain environments. The complete system from IPICO and Sonoco includes application software to support end-to-end product tracking.

Impinj Sells Non-RFID Assets, Moves Ahead as Pure Play
  Tuesday July 1st, 2008
RFID tag and reader producer Impinj sold intellectual property and assets related to non-volatile memory to IC designer Virage Logic for $5.2 million. The sale is positioned as strategic, and privately-held Impinj will go forward as a a pure-play RFID company.

Wireless Sensors to Set Routes for Water Delivery
  Monday June 30th, 2008
Sensors integrated with GPS/GPRS wireless communications devices will provide the data to automatically dispatch water delivery drivers to customer locations that need to be replenished. Spring Water on Tap, a startup water delivery firm, created the system to gain a competitive advantage.

NACDS Study Puts Price Tag on Pharmacy RFID Systems
  Thursday June 26th, 2008
It would cost pharmacies between $84,000 and $110,000 to comply with proposed RFID and 2D bar code requirements for tracking prescription drugs, according to a new study from Accenture and the Coalition for Community Pharmacy Action. The study did not break out costs for specific technologies and didn't look at potential benefits.

Study Finds RFID Interferes With Medical Equipment
  Wednesday June 25th, 2008
The prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association published a study in today's online edition that documents how 125 KHz and 868 MHz RFID systems interfered with medical equipment. The study by Amsterdam-based researchers recommends site interference tests be performed before any potential RFID installation.

Checkpoint Buys OAT to Become One-Stop RFID Shop
  Tuesday June 24th, 2008
Checkpoint Systems announced yesterday that it would acquire OATSystems to become a "one-stop shop" for retail RFID deployment. Checkpoint is a leading provider of electronic article surveillance (EAS) to retailers, while OAT is a provider of various application-specific RFID software solutions.

Alien Adds Major Capabilities to Gen2 RFID Readers
  Monday June 23rd, 2008
Alien Technology introduced software that gives its readers the ability to determine the location, speed, and movement direction of RFID tags. The software also improves the ability to isolate individual tags in dense or fast-moving environments, which can improve airline baggage handling and other sortation applications.

Report Reveals RFID Performance on Different Surfaces
  Thursday June 19th, 2008
Comprehensive test results that show how Gen2 inlays perform when used in different common RFID tag materials are now available from the European EPC Competence Center (EECC). The tests revealed significant performance differences based on vendor, material, and geographic region.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for June
  Wednesday June 18th, 2008
Baird has released its June RFID Monthly report. The 21-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

RFID Data Sharing Passes Test in Successful EPCIS Trial
  Tuesday June 17th, 2008
The EPCIS RFID data sharing standard passed what may have been its largest test to date. EPCglobal announced more than two dozen firms participated in a pilot project that used passive and active RFID technologies and EPCIS-standard communication to track ocean shipments from China to the US.

Ambitious RFID Pilot Launches With a Single Reader
  Monday June 16th, 2008
Spanish children's apparel producer Bóboli installed an RFID reader at its distribution center to track about 200,000 individual pieces of clothing. The installation is the first phase of a project the company expects will eventually cover all of its inventory and extend to store-level RFID tracking.

RFID Market on Target to Reach $5.3B in 2008
  Thursday June 12th, 2008
IDTechEx said the RFID market is on pace to reach its previously-predicted level of $5.3 billion in sales in 2008, the firm recently announced. Large transportation ticketing projects, continued growth in ID card programs, and a surge of activity in the apparel industry are the main growth drivers.

Goliath Offers an RTLS Solution Priced for David
  Wednesday June 11th, 2008
Goliath Solutions, the provider of RFID-based promotion-tracking solutions, will soon offer an RTLS solution based on the technology it has developed as part of its core offering. The company believes it can offer the solution at a very competitive price point, and address what has been an underserved segment of the RTLS market.

Item-Level RFID Prevents Meat Spoilage for METRO
  Tuesday June 10th, 2008
METRO Group installed an RFID system at its new real,- Future Store to track individual packages of meat to ensure no spoiled products leave the store. RFID data also provides a real-time view of demand that's used to direct meat cutting and packaging operations.

HP Launches RFID Service for IT Assets
  Monday June 9th, 2008
Hewlett-Packard announced it will install RFID reader systems at customer sites to track HP servers and other IT gear that ship with pre-installed Gen2 tags. HP previously provided these services on a project basis, but has now formalized them under the HP Factory Express Service banner.

RFID for All of New Zealand's Cattle and Deer by 2011
  Thursday June 5th, 2008
New Zealand's Stuff has reported that by 2011 all cattle and deer on the island nation of four million people are likely to be RFID tagged. The initiative is part of a multimillion dollar allocation by the New Zealand government to strengthen biosecurity protections.

RFID Helps Manufacturer Sock Away 40% Productivity Gains
  Wednesday June 4th, 2008
Gelal, the leading sock manufacturer in Europe, attributed a 40% improvement in factory productivity to a passive RFID system that replaced bar code scanning to track work-in-process. The company may expand RFID tracking to its packages to support warehouse and distribution operations.

Appliance Developed to Support Large RFID Deployments
  Tuesday June 3rd, 2008
GlobeRanger has created a network appliance-based version of its RFID infrastructure software as an alternative to its legacy, server-based solutions. The new SNAP appliance is intended to enable consistent RFID rollouts to multiple locations, and was developed as a response to end user graduation from pilot to production.

Ekahau Supports 802.11n in RTLS, Awaits Market
  Monday June 2nd, 2008
WiFi real-time locating system (RTLS) technology provider Ekahau announced its products can work on 2.4 GHz 802.11n draft-standard networks. Some wireless market analysts predict the 802.11n protocol will surpass Ethernet in enterprise network use. Ekahau is the first RTLS vendor to announce 802.11n support.

New RFID Line Optimized for Textile Rental, Laundry
  Thursday May 29th, 2008
TAGSYS announced a new line of high frequency tags and readers optimized for textile applications, including commercial laundry and uniform rentals.

New System Marries RFID Location Data With Item Info
  Wednesday May 28th, 2008
Cisco announced its new Cisco Motion vision to simplify integration of mobility technologies. The centerpiece is the Mobility Services Engine, which can supplement RTLS location data with sensor information about an item's status and condition. RTLS, RFID, and enterprise IT companies are supporting the initiative with software development.

In Finland, Your (RFID) Chip's in the Mail
  Tuesday May 27th, 2008
Itella, which operates the postal system in Finland, is implementing passive RFID readers at its 11 postal distribution systems to track, time, and analyze the flow of 7,000 to 8,000 sample pieces of mail with embedded RFID tags that will be placed into the system monthly.

ABI Research Finds Widespread RFID Market Growth
  Thursday May 22nd, 2008
The latest quarterly RFID market forecast from ABI Research predicts strong growth for most technology and application segments. The study predicts 15% compound annual revenue growth from 2007 to 2013, with slowing growth in mature segments and falling prices masking stronger advances in unit sales and emerging sectors.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for May
  Wednesday May 21st, 2008
Baird has released its May RFID Monthly report. The 23-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Implantable RFID Business 'Not Self-Sustainable'
  Tuesday May 20th, 2008
A VeriChip executive warned that the business is currently too small to be sustainable after the company reorganized last week. VeriChip now lacks revenue streams to fund its development and marketing of human-implantable RFID chips to support medical care, leading to questions about the company's very viability.

VeriChip Sells an RFID Business, More Change May Come
  Monday May 19th, 2008
VeriChip, maker of controversial human-implantable RFID tags by the same name, sold a subsidiary that provides patient protection solutions and said the entire company could be available for sale. It also announced former chairman and CEO Scott Silverman will no longer serve as an officer of the company.

RFID World Sees Return of Its Founder
  Thursday May 15th, 2008
TechInsights, the integrated media company that hosts the annual RFID World, announced that it has hired Timothy Downs as an adviser for this year's event in September. Downs was founder of the show, and his participation could represent an injection of the vision that originally made RFID World one the industry's leading events.

RFID, Sensors Could Help Army Keep Guns On Target
  Wednesday May 14th, 2008
The US Army is testing RFID tags integrated with sensors mounted on the heavy gun barrels of tanks to record each time the weapon is fired. The data will be used for maintenance planning and to determine when each weapon should be retired.

Startup Says System Can Detect, Block Cloned RFID Tags
  Tuesday May 13th, 2008
NeoCatena Networks is a startup that plans to soon release RF-Wall, a firewall for networked RFID systems that promises to block malware from entering enterprise systems through RFID readers and to detect tags that have been cloned or tampered with.

SAP & XML Helps Wilson Easily Integrate RFID Labeling
  Monday May 12th, 2008
Wilson Sporting Goods produces RFID compliance shipping labels by using printer/encoders that support direct connectivity to its SAP and IBM AS/400 enterprise systems. The system architecture helped the company simplify implementation during a time of IT transition.

New Method Promises Cheaper RFID Tag Development
  Thursday May 8th, 2008
Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology this week announced the development of what they call an "RFID testbed," which will allow the testing of new tag prototypes more cheaply and effectively than existing tag design processes.

Army RFID Contracts to Create Market Boost, Not Boom
  Wednesday May 7th, 2008
The US Army's current efforts to contract for thousands of passive RFID readers and related software and services may not provide a windfall for RFID vendors, but will play a more important role in validating the technology, according to industry observers.

US Army Issues RFP for Large RFID Purchase
  Tuesday May 6th, 2008
The US Army issued a request for proposals (RFP) to supply more than 8,000 fixed position and handheld RFID readers, 53,000 tags, 600 printer/encoders, 3,800 software licenses plus personnel, services, and maintenance during the next three years.

Firms Want to Take Out the Garbage With RFID
  Monday May 5th, 2008
Routeware and Texas Instruments partnered to integrate RFID reading capabilities into waste removal systems. Garbage cans and dumpsters receive low frequency passive RFID tags that are read by antennas integrated into garbage truck arm lifts to record the pickup in an on-board computer.

Airbus Sheds Light on Its Ambitious RFID Program
  Thursday May 1st, 2008
Airbus was the featured presenter during a webinar yesterday that provided an inside look at the aircraft manufacturer's RFID deployment, which has become one of Europe's most high-profile. A wide variety of topics were covered, but this article provides the key takeaways.

RFID Gives a Lift to Crane Accuracy
  Wednesday April 30th, 2008
A passive UHF reader integrated into the hook of an industrial crane helps operators identify bulky, look-alike goods such as steel coils and paper rolls. SPEDE Technologies recently debuted its RFID Crane Locator Solution, which also features a laser range finder to pinpoint item locations.

Newest Drug Pedigree Proposal Highlights RFID
  Tuesday April 29th, 2008
A bill introduced in the US House of Representatives calls for the establishment of drug pedigree and identification standards, and directs federal officials to assess RFID's suitability for meeting them. The new legislation, however, appears to duplicate requirements set forth in the PDMA and the FDA Amendments Act of 2007.

New Eco-friendly Thin Batteries Introduced for RFID
  Monday April 28th, 2008
Thin Battery Technologies released two new batteries that are thin and flexible enough to be used with passive RFID tags in cards, tickets, and smart labels. The batteries boost the read range and sensitivity of RFID tags and significantly expand the startup company's product line.

RFID Electronic Vehicle Registration Spreads
  Friday April 25th, 2008
More evidence that electronic vehicle registration is growing as a niche RFID application came this week as the Philippines Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced its intention to deploy RFID stickers for vehicles across the country.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for April
  Thursday April 24th, 2008
Baird has released its April RFID Monthly report. The 29-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Startup Adapting MEMS Technology for RFID Authentication
  Wednesday April 23rd, 2008
Veratag is a startup that is using MEMS resonator technology to create RFID tags with unique "voiceprints" that make them virtually unclonable. The company plans to pursue authentication and transaction security applications.

Study: Consumers Misunderstand RFID and Its Security
  Tuesday April 22nd, 2008
Consumers don't realize RFID cards and documents can be read without their knowledge or from more than a few inches away, according to a small study conducted by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. The study suggests consumers can't adequately assess the risks associated with RFID.

RFID Journal LIVE a Signpost of RFID Market Maturity
  Monday April 21st, 2008
RFID Journal LIVE! 2008 showed signs the RFID industry is maturing. Many vendors emphasized their partnerships and ease of integration rather than touting proprietary technology and hard-to-verify performance claims.

News Wrap-Up from RFID Journal LIVE 2008, Part 2 of 2
  Friday April 18th, 2008
Our second day of coverage from the RFID Journal LIVE! 2008 event in Las Vegas includes a number of major contract announcements, in addition to more product and partnership news. This is the second part of our two-day coverage of the event. Yesterday's Part 1 includes other announcements.

News Wrap-Up from RFID Journal LIVE 2008, Part 1 of 2
  Thursday April 17th, 2008
The ongoing RFID Journal LIVE! 2008 conference in Las Vegas has generated a number of new product, partnership, and pilot news. Relevant announcements are listed in this article, the first part of our two-day coverage of the event.

American Apparel Going to Item-Level RFID in Stores
  Wednesday April 16th, 2008
Fashion retailer American Apparel announced plans to implement item-level RFID management systems at its 120 North American retail stores. The chain is currently installing systems at 16 New York City area locations following a trial that significantly reduced the time needed to take inventory.

FDA, EC Considering RFID for Drug Pedigrees
  Tuesday April 15th, 2008
The FDA and the European Commission are each seeking input on technologies and methods for pharmaceutical serialization and tracking. The FDA is required to develop track-and-trace identification and technology standards, while the EC is broadly reviewing options to improve the drug supply chain.

Startup Touts 600-foot Read Range for Passive RFID
  Monday April 14th, 2008
Mojix is a startup led by former NASA deep space scientists who used their digital signal processing expertise to develop passive RFID technology with 600-foot read range. Mojix says its STAR system can identify individual Gen2 tags within a 250,000 square foot area.

IBM and OAT Land Multi-Million Dollar RFID Contract
  Friday April 11th, 2008
Airbus has selected IBM and OATSystems to deliver a software platform upon which the aircraft manufacturer's ambitious RFID deployment will run. While financial specifics were not disclosed in the announcement, the companies did characterize it as "the manufacturing industry's single largest RFID software transaction to date."

Washington RFID Law Could Pave Way For More
  Thursday April 10th, 2008
Some RFID industry observers think RFID regulations recently enacted in the state of Washington will lead to a bevy of similar laws around the country. At least 28 states are believed to have pending RFID legislation, and there are federal-level efforts underway around the world.

ABI Research Ranks Top RFID Tag Producers
  Wednesday April 9th, 2008
ABI Research has publicly announced what it deems the top three manufacturers of both UHF and HF RFID inlays. The rankings are in the form of ABI's new "Vendor Matrices" for each of the two categories. A Vendor Matrix indicates where vendors are positioned in the market based on selected criteria. This article lists the winners.

California Not Ready for Drug Pedigrees -- Is RFID?
  Tuesday April 8th, 2008
California delayed implementation of its pedigree law for pharmaceuticals by two years, to January, 2011. In its ruling, the California Board of Pharmacy said companies in the pharmaceutical supply chain were not ready to meet the complex new requirements, and also called into question RFID technology maturity.

New Alien RFID Chip Adds Memory, Security, Performance
  Monday April 7th, 2008
Alien Technology introduced a Gen2-compliant RFID chip with 512 bits of user-programmable memory. Alien's new H3 Higgs chip also offers password protection for reading and writing. The company claims the chip is 25 percent more sensitive than previous-generation products, providing improved performance and read range.

Aberdeen on Best-in-Class RFID Adoption in Retail
  Friday April 4th, 2008
Aberdeen Group has released the latest installment in a series of reports on RFID adoption. Entitled RFID in Retail: The Truth Behind the Hype, the report is available free for a limited time. This article is the executive summary, contributed by report author Michael Dortch.

Avery Dennison Sues Alien for RFID Patent Infringement
  Thursday April 3rd, 2008
Avery Dennison sued Alien Technology for infringement of three patents related to RFID tag production and testing. Avery previously sued chip production equipment maker Toray International for infringing one of the same patents, in a suit that is still pending.

RFID Promotions Tracking Provider Gets $27M Funding
  Wednesday April 2nd, 2008
GOLIATH Solutions, a pioneer of RFID-based promotions tracking solutions, has announced $27 million in funding. The company's solutions are deployed in retail establishments to enable the real-time tracking of in-store promotion pieces (like point-of-sale or end-of-aisle displays), and the product sales that result from those promotions.

DSD Study Finds Skepticism About RFID Value
  Tuesday April 1st, 2008
A new study from the Global Commerce Initiative (GCI) found considerable skepticism about the value of RFID technology for direct store delivery (DSD) operations. DSD suppliers and retailers see possible benefits from RFID, but reported other options have more value potential and conditions for RFID adoption won't be favorable for years.

Nox System Uses RFID to Catch a Thief
  Monday March 31st, 2008
The Nox system integrates RFID readers with surveillance cameras to automatically create video records when monitored items are moved. The system was originally developed for the FBI and is now available commercially.

Lockheed Martin Uses RFID to Help Track Stealth Fighter
  Friday March 28th, 2008
Lockheed Martin asked suppliers to its Joint Strike Fighter aircraft program to apply RFID labels to shipments by the end of 2008 and suggested RFID tagging requirements could be expanded to other suppliers. The Joint Strike Fighter features cutting-edge stealth and avionics technologies that also features innovation in the procurement process.

New RFID Chip Promises Major Performance Gains
  Thursday March 27th, 2008
RFID chip and reader manufacturer Impinj today announced version 3 of Monza, the RFID chip that powers the majority of Gen2 tags deployed in the market today. RFID Update spoke with Dimitri Desmons, Impinj's vice president of RFID marketing, about the new product and its enhanced performance.

Highlights from RFID Smart Labels USA 2008
  Wednesday March 26th, 2008
Research firm IDTechEx has published highlights from the annual IDTechEx RFID Smart Labels USA conference held last month in Boston. This article recaps.

Washington RFID Bill Expected to Become Law Today
  Tuesday March 25th, 2008
A new law in the State of Washington makes it a felony to skim personal information encoded in RFID tags. The law applies to Washington's new RFID-enabled Enhanced Driver Licenses, federal PASS Cards used in the state, and also to access control cards, loyalty cards, and any other RFID card or document that holds personal information.

Printed RFID Nearing Commercialization, Study Says
  Monday March 24th, 2008
By 2010 manufacturers will be able to produce reliable printed RFID tags in quantities sufficient for commercial tracking and product authentication applications, according to a new report from NanoMarkets. The research firm predicts printed RFID sales will grow from $21.8 million in 2008 to $3.6 billion in 2015.

RFID Puts New World Trade Center on Solid Foundation
  Thursday March 20th, 2008
Thousands of active RFID tags with temperature sensors are embedded in the concrete of the new Freedom Tower, which is being built in New York City on the site of the original Twin Towers. Construction workers monitor the concrete curing process using handheld readers to get tag temperature data.

RFID Saves Contractor $12,000 in First Month
  Wednesday March 19th, 2008
An internal RFID materials management system helps Vulcan Painters keep track of its inventory and reduce paint that must be discarded because it has spoiled. The large commercial painting firm reported it saved more than $12,000 in materials the first month the system was used.

RFID Yields 13% Reduction in Understated Inventory
  Tuesday March 18th, 2008
Case-level RFID tracking reduced undercounted inventory at retail stores by 13 percent in a new study conducted by the Information Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and sponsored by Wal-Mart. RFID processes also improved the inventory adjustment processes while reducing required labor.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for March
  Monday March 17th, 2008
Baird has released its March RFID Monthly report. The 21-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Yet Another RFID Hack Could Affect Up To 1 Billion Cards
  Friday March 14th, 2008
The Dutch government this week issued a warning that MIFARE Classic RFID chips from NXP can be hacked relatively easily. MIFARE is a family of chips that are used in contactless public transport tickets and building access cards. There are an estimated one billion MIFARE chip-equipped cards in worldwide circulation.

METRO Expands RFID to 200 More Locations
  Thursday March 13th, 2008
METRO Group announced plans to equip 200 of its Real stores with RFID readers to identify incoming goods, and to expand RFID receiving applications to its Metro Cash & Carry stores in France.

Printable RFID Research Gets $23M Investment
  Wednesday March 12th, 2008
A public-private partnership in Germany is investing €15 million (about $23 million) for research to develop improved materials and production techniques for printable RFID. The MaDriX project is scheduled to run for three years and is led by Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

AMR Research: RFID Adoption's Tipping Point is Here
  Tuesday March 11th, 2008
AMR Research analyst John Fontanella issued a briefing this past weekend proclaiming that RFID adoption has quietly crossed a threshold that many industry observers have been anticipating for the last couple years: the tipping point.

RFID Helps Kids Take Dora the Explorer on Road Trips
  Monday March 10th, 2008
Nick on the Go is an optional service from Hertz that allows customers to rent media players pre-loaded with more than 40 hours of Nickelodeon programming. An active RFID system automatically tracks asset movements to help ensure there are enough units on hand at each Hertz location.

Sirit to Acquire RSI ID Technologies
  Friday March 7th, 2008
This week RFID hardware and solutions provider Sirit announced the acquisition of RSI ID Technologies, a vertically integrated manufacturer of RFID antennas, tags, and inlays. RSI will receive 10 million Sirit common shares initially, whose total value at the time of publication is approximately US$2.4 million.

DLA to Expand RFID Labeling with $8.5M Order
  Thursday March 6th, 2008
The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the US military's distribution arm, is taking delivery of more than 1,800 smart label printer/encoders to help it apply passive UHF RFID labels to inventory and shipments. The printer/encoders will be installed at 21 worldwide Defense Distribution Centers, which already have RFID readers in place.

The List of Sam's Club RFID Compliance Solutions
  Wednesday March 5th, 2008
This article provides a listing of packaged solutions and services offered specifically to help suppliers to Sam's Club meet RFID shipment tagging requirements that the warehouse-club retailer announced in January, 2008.

RFID Holds Promise for Blood Supply Chain
  Tuesday March 4th, 2008
Widespread RFID use could prevent 40,000 to 45,000 blood donations in the US from being wasted every year and save more than $9 million, according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin RFID lab. Three blood centers are spearheading research into how RFID can improve blood handling processes.

VDC: NFC Adoption Will Be Slower Than Expected
  Monday March 3rd, 2008
Venture Development Corporation has released a report on the emerging market for near field communication, or NFC. The research firm has also published a research note that highlights a few of the key findings, recapped in this article.

Raflatac Looks to Chinese RFID Market for Growth
  Friday February 29th, 2008
UPM Raflatac this week announced its plans to open a tag factory in China later this year, providing evidence to support recent bullishness on the Chinese RFID market by a handful of industry analysts. RFID Update interviewed Raflatac's senior vice president of RFID for his perspective on the Chinese market and his company's plans there.

EU Drafting New RFID-Oriented Privacy Protections
  Thursday February 28th, 2008
The European Union has made its draft policy recommendations for RFID deployments available for review. The EU is enhancing its existing Data Protection Directive to cover specific concerns arising from RFID use, and hopes to have the new policy in place later this summer.

A First Look at Sam's Club RFID Compliance Solutions
  Wednesday February 27th, 2008
The latest Sam's Club supplier RFID tagging requirements has spawned a new round of product and service developments intended to help companies comply. This article outlines what is available and the general climate suppliers face.

RFID Yields Quick ROI for Orthopedic Products Maker
  Tuesday February 26th, 2008
DePuy Orthopaedics, a unit of Johnson & Johnson that manufacturers replacement joints and other orthopedic products, reported positive ROI within months of using RFID to track the individual items packed within its surgical kits. Kits are now processed in less than a minute, compared to the 10 to 30 minutes it took with bar coding.

Gartner Pegs Global RFID Market at $1.2B in 2008
  Monday February 25th, 2008
Gartner today announced new data on the RFID market, the first time the research firm has done so in over two years. Worldwide RFID revenues will reach $1.2 billion in 2008, up 31 percent from last year's $917.3 million. This article highlights other key findings.

University Launches RFID People Tracking Experiment
  Friday February 22nd, 2008
Volunteers at the University of Washington are using RFID to track themselves and their personal belongings within a computer science research building. Location data is used to help people find each other, locate lost items, and track how time is spent.

STMicroelectronics Announces Single-Chip NFC System
  Thursday February 21st, 2008
STMicroelectronics introduced a system-on-chip for near field communications (NFC). The new product combines standardized NFC reading capability, controller functions, software, and memory into a single chip for integration with electronic devices. It is scheduled to go into production in Q4 2008.

Startup Offers "Universal Tag" for Metals and Liquids
  Wednesday February 20th, 2008
Silicon Valley-based Omni-ID officially launched at the end of last month and appointed a new CEO in Thomas Pavela to lead it from nascent startup to aggressive competitor in the RFID market. RFID Update spoke with Pavela about the company's high-performance RFID tags and its plans for the near term.

Sam's Club RFID Mandate No Big Deal?
  Tuesday February 19th, 2008
Suppliers affected by Sam's Club's newest RFID tagging requirements aren't rushing to put systems in place and are carefully considering how they could benefit internally from RFID. Solution providers say there is strong interest in compliance solutions, but not the same urgency as previous programs produced.

Intercontinental RFID Baggage Tagging Trial Launches
  Friday February 15th, 2008
Emirates Airline will simultaneously test RFID baggage tracking systems at airports in Dubai, London, and Hong Kong. The six-month trial is expected to include 500,000 passenger bags and is viewed as a catalyst for airport adoption.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for February
  Thursday February 14th, 2008
Baird has released its February RFID Monthly report. The 22-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Startup Brings Locationing to Passive RFID
  Wednesday February 13th, 2008
A startup called Wirama has announced proprietary technology that it claims allows precise locationing using Gen2 passive RFID. It is an unusual application for passive RFID, which has historically been used to simply determine if a tagged object is present and what its tag data contains, but not the object's exact location.

Land Rover Embraces RTLS, RFID for Supply Chain and WIP
  Tuesday February 12th, 2008
Land Rover is using two separate RTLS systems at its large production facility in Solihull, UK. A pilot system used by Land Rover and 18 of its suppliers provides real-time visibility of specialized shipping containers used to deliver parts to the automaker. The second system tracks finished vehicles until they are shipped.

RFID Tattoos to Make a Mark on Cattle Tagging
  Monday February 11th, 2008
SOMARK International announced it has successfully field tested its chipless RFID system that uses dielectric inks to identify livestock. The company is not ready to release a commercial version of the technology, which it promotes as an alternative to RFID ear tags.

Ford Builds RFID into Pickups and Vans to Track Cargo
  Friday February 8th, 2008
RFID readers are now available as an option in Ford vans and pickup trucks as part of the Ford Work Solutions program. Embedded readers work with an in-dash computer to alert operators if tagged items, such as tools, supplies, or personal items, are missing from the vehicle.

RFID Chip Market to Grow 63% Annually Through 2011
  Thursday February 7th, 2008
IC Insights has published a report that makes predictions for the worldwide market for RFID chips, which the research firm projects will grow at an impressive annual rate of 63 percent through 2011, when revenues reach $2.3 billion and units 26.1 billion.

Class in Session: A List of College-Level RFID Courses
  Wednesday February 6th, 2008
This article concludes a two-part series on how RFID is taught at colleges and universities. It includes a list of known courses and programs, with a brief profile and contact information.

IDTechEx Releases RFID Market Predictions for 2008
  Tuesday February 5th, 2008
Research firm IDTechEx of Cambridge this week released the 2008 update to its annual ten-year forecast on the RFID market. The company has published some of its key predictions for 2008, highlighted in this article.

New RTLS Solution Combines WiFi, UWB, and RFID
  Monday February 4th, 2008
AeroScout's new software and partnerships with Reva Systems and Time Domain enable real-time location systems (RTLS) that can combine WiFi, UWB, and passive RFID technologies in a single system.

RFID World China Releases National Top 10 Lists
  Friday February 1st, 2008
RFID World China has released four top-10 lists for Chinese RFID adoption in 2007: the top ten RFID industry vendors in China, the top ten applications, the top ten events, and the top ten products. For those unfamiliar with the Chinese market, the rankings provide a snapshot of some of the most important players, developments, and deployments.

An Overview of RFID Education at the College Level
  Thursday January 31st, 2008
Colleges are increasingly including RFID education in their curricula at all levels to help engineering, business, and IT students apply the technology. This articles describes the types of RFID programs colleges offer. Part 2 will provide details and contact information for more than a dozen programs.

Large Swiss Library System Implementing RFID
  Wednesday January 30th, 2008
A library system in Geneva, Switzerland, is installing high frequency RFID systems to manage 700,000 circulating items at 11 branches. Bibliothèques Municipales de Genève is installing more than 100 RFID readers plus management software from TAGSYS as part of the project, and will also tag 80,000 patron ID cards.

ABI Warns RFID Integrators to Adapt to Tech Maturation
  Tuesday January 29th, 2008
ABI Research observes that RFID technology has matured enough that the role of system integrators in the technology ecosystem is shifting, according to a recent release issued by the Oyster Bay, New York-based research firm. RFID Update spoke with ABI analyst Pete Poorman about the observation and how SIs will have to adapt.

Greek 3PL Sees Major Benefits at All-RFID Warehouse
  Monday January 28th, 2008
Greek 3PL Diakinisis has elected to tag all pallets at a major distribution center to facilitate shipment handling. RFID-enabled putaway, picking, and shipment verification operations have reportedly reduced shipping errors and related costs by 80 percent, reduced overtime expenses 20 percent, and provided other benefits.

50+ RFID Labs and Test Centers Identified Worldwide
  Friday January 25th, 2008
RFID Update has identified over 50 facilities worldwide that offer RFID lab or testing services. Part 1 of this series described the general categories of facilities and typical services offered. This article includes a listing of contact information for more than 30 organizations that manage 50 centers available to outside users for RFID testing.

Highlights from IDTechEx's Review of RFID in 2007
  Thursday January 24th, 2008
IDTechEx recently published a list of observations about RFID market development in 2007. Many of the statistics are based on the number of projects added last year to the company's RFID Knowledgebase, a collection of RFID deployment case studies from around the world. This article provides highlights.

RFID Centers Offer a Chance to Try Before You Buy
  Wednesday January 23rd, 2008
There are numerous laboratories and test centers to serve end users that want to learn about RFID without purchasing their own equipment. Users may get their own hands-on lab time or contract with the facility to provide testing or other services. This article provides an overview of the types of facilities and services.

Hotel Finds RFID Just Ducky for Drinks Management
  Tuesday January 22nd, 2008
The famous Peabody Memphis hotel uses RFID tags integrated with flow sensors to record and report alcohol poured at its lobby bar and banquet facilities. Managers use the system to see how consistently drinks are mixed, train bartenders, monitor unbilled pours, and monitor liquor inventory.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for January
  Friday January 18th, 2008
Baird has released its January RFID Monthly report. The 19-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

NFC Projections Revised Down (Again)
  Thursday January 17th, 2008
Persistent hurdles to NFC adoption have caused ABI Research to revise down earlier projections for the market's growth. The research firm had originally pegged the number of shipped NFC devices for 2007 at 1.1 million, and 9.81 million for 2008. The new numbers stand at 0.65 million for 2007 and 6.52 million for 2008.

Daisy Brand Expands RFID Use, Asserts ROI
  Wednesday January 16th, 2008
Dairy food producer Daisy Brand began using RFID to comply with Wal-Mart's requirements, but now applies RFID labels to every pallet because multiple enterprise systems depend on RFID data. The company says expanded RFID use has provided positive return on investment and many business benefits.

World's Largest Item-Level RFID Application Launches
  Tuesday January 15th, 2008
Portuguese book retailer Byblos Amoreiras is operating what it believes is the world's largest single item-level retail application. Byblos has applied Gen2 tags to 150,000 items and can track them to more than 2,000 locations within its 35,000-square-foot Lisbon-based store.

Sam's Club Wants Item-Level RFID Tagging by 2010
  Monday January 14th, 2008
More details have emerged about the RFID requirements letter Sam's Club sent to its suppliers on January 7, 2008. The warehouse-format retail chain wants all merchandise to carry RFID tags at the sellable unit (item) level by the end of October 2010 and on all cases a year earlier.

Sam's Club Suppliers May Face RFID Fines from Wal-Mart
  Friday January 11th, 2008
Sam's Club told suppliers it will begin assessing fines for failing to apply RFID labels to shipments as requested, RFID Update has learned. The warehouse-club format retailer, which is owned by Wal-Mart, also gave suppliers to a Texas distribution center a tight deadline for new pallet- and case-tagging requirements.

Fujitsu Announces Roomy 64KB Gen2 RFID Tag
  Thursday January 10th, 2008
Fujitsu announced a Gen2-standard RFID chip with 64 kilobytes of user memory, which it claims is a world first for UHF RFID memory. Fujitsu is initially marketing the FRAM-based chip for aircraft maintenance applications. The product is expected to be available in the spring.

Aberdeen Announces "Winning RFID Strategies for 2008"
  Wednesday January 9th, 2008
Aberdeen Group has released the latest installment in a series of reports on RFID adoption. Entitled Winning RFID Strategies for 2008, the report is available free for a limited time. This article highlights key data from the end-user survey Aberdeen conducted to prepare the report.

US Gov Sets Controversial RFID Passport Card Specs
  Tuesday January 8th, 2008
This article examines the controversial PASS Card program, which will give US citizens an RFID alternative to traditional passports for land and sea travel between the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda starting in late 2008. Critics say the RFID chips in the PASS Cards are insecure and pose a privacy risk, while the government says these concerns are misguided.

ABI Research: 419 Million NFC Chipsets to Ship in 2012
  Monday January 7th, 2008
ABI Research has published its most recent prediction for the NFC market. The Oyster Bay, New York-based research firm predicts "steady growth" for NFC chipsets over the next five years, culminating in shipments numbering 419 million by 2012.

New Pricing Model Offers Rent-to-Own RTLS Systems
  Friday January 4th, 2008
Parco Merged Media announced its "Pennies Per Day Tag System Bundles," which lets organization rent RTLS systems -- complete with tags, readers and application software -- for one to five years. The program reduces the initial cost required to implement RTLS, and credits rental payments toward system purchases if customers decide to buy.

Texas Turns to RFID for Emergency Evacuation System
  Thursday January 3rd, 2008
Texas has a new emergency evacuation system that features RFID wristbands to identify evacuees when they arrive at secure shelters. Mobile computers, bar code scanners, GPS, and wide-area wireless network technology also help track evacuees.

RFID May Help Get a Read on Magazine Browsing Habits
  Wednesday January 2nd, 2008
A media research firm plans to trial RFID readers built into magazine covers to monitor how much time people spend browsing publications in waiting rooms. The trials are expected to start this quarter and could eventually be expanded to monitor specific ads, articles, or pages.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for December
  Friday December 21st, 2007
Baird has released its December RFID Monthly report. The 19-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Top 10 RFID Developments of 2007, Part 3
  Thursday December 20th, 2007
This article is the last of a three-part series looking at the top ten trends in RFID over the past year. Today's article looks at trends 3, 2, and 1, those that RFID Update considers the three most important trends of the year. Be sure to see Part 1 for trends 10 through 7, and Part 2 for 6 through 4.

Top 10 RFID Developments of 2007, Part 2
  Wednesday December 19th, 2007
This article is the second of a three-part series looking at the top ten trends in RFID over the past year. Today's article looks at trends 6 through 4. Be sure to see Part 1 for trends 10 through 7.

Top 10 RFID Developments of 2007, Part 1
  Tuesday December 18th, 2007
This article is the first of a three-part series looking at the top ten developments in RFID over the past year. Today's article looks at trends 10 through 7.

Motorola Invests in Semi-passive RFID
  Monday December 17th, 2007
Last week battery-assisted passive RFID provider Intelleflex announced $15.5 in Series C funding, co-led by Motorola. The two companies will collaborate on the development of future products, which both will sell. Intelleflex's total funding now tops $42 million.

AT&T Steps into RFID Student-Tracking Minefield
  Friday December 14th, 2007
AT&T has announced an asset tracking solution that targets the K - 12 education market. Combining RFID and GPS, it is designed to enable standard asset- and person-visibility on school premises, as well as the more novel ability to track and monitor school buses and the student passengers therein.

RFID Investors Pour Millions Into Segments Old and New
  Thursday December 13th, 2007
This article examines private equity investments made in various segments of the RFID industry over the last 18 months. It is the conclusion of a two-part series. The first part listed publicly announced financing deals and analyzed why active RFID and RTLS companies attracted the most investment during the year.

RFID & RTLS Sees $433M Invested Over Last 18 Months
  Wednesday December 12th, 2007
RFID Update identified more than $433 million in private investment placed in RFID and RTLS companies over the last 18 months. This first installment of a two-part series provides a guide to 28 publicly announced deals and analyzes why the active RFID and RTLS segment attracted the most investment.

Disagreement Awaits Imminent HF Gen2 RFID Standard
  Tuesday December 11th, 2007
A key member of the EPCglobal committee that is developing the 13.56 MHz Gen2 HF standard has serious doubts as to whether the standard will represent a significant improvement over what is already available in the market, and if it can meet pharmaceutical industry needs for high-speed item-level identification.

Industry Group Launches Test of RFID Reusable Containers
  Monday December 10th, 2007
A group of Reusable Pallet & Container Coalition (RPCC) member companies are conducting a far-reaching field test of RFID-enabled reusable plastic containers. The goal is to test the durability and reliability of the technology, as well as to demonstrate a business case.

Germany Sees Another Item-Level RFID Apparel Program
  Friday December 7th, 2007
Another German retailer has launched an ambitious item-level RFID tagging program, announced yesterday by ADT Security Services. Karstadt, which has 86 department stores and 32 sporting goods stores, is tagging selected items of men's apparel in a six-month pilot that launched in September.

Tracking Lab Rats with RFID
  Thursday December 6th, 2007
Building a better mousetrap has long been called the key to success in business. RFID is enabling a better way to track mice, which has led to business success but is also helping medical researchers find cures, as this article explains.

UWB Finding a Place in the RTLS Market
  Wednesday December 5th, 2007
UWB-based systems account for a small segment of the RTLS market, but vendors and analysts say awareness and implementations are growing. UWB RTLS is also attracting venture funding, which has led to new product releases and growing enthusiasm.

Time Domain to Release UWB-based RTLS Products
  Tuesday December 4th, 2007
RTLS developer Time Domain will announce tomorrow that it has commercialized its products and is now capable of mass production. Time Domains RTLS systems use ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, a small-but-growing segment of the market that provides greater precision than the more common 433 MHz and WiFi-based RTLS technologies.

RFID Patent Pool Officially Formed
  Monday December 3rd, 2007
Last week saw the official announcement of the RFID Consortium LLC, with seven inaugural members. The purpose of the organization is to provide "one-stop licensing" of intellectual property essential to compliance with EPCglobal Gen2 and related ISO/IEC standards.

Solar Power Helps RFID Track Anywhere Under the Sun
  Friday November 30th, 2007
Dozens of RFID readers in remote locations use solar panels as their only power source. The U.S. Army and Emprevi, a Colombian logistics provider, are each using solar-powered roadside readers from Savi Technology to track vehicles and cargo that pass by and report the data to distant software applications.

RFID File Tracking is Heating Up
  Thursday November 29th, 2007
This article examines the state of RFID file tracking, which is considered a solid, established market with strong growth potential. Solution providers are confident in the market because they say it is well served by existing technology, isn't driven by mandates or other external requirements, and has a proven record for providing ROI.

RFID Solution Tracks 100,000 Individual Documents
  Wednesday November 28th, 2007
Magellan Technology has developed a document management system using an uncommon type of standardized high frequency RFID technology -- PJM -- that can simultaneously monitor and identify 100,000 individual documents in a cabinet or shelf. Inbox/outbox readers and a tunnel reader are also available.

RFID Just Icing for Imperial Sugar's New Pallet Program
  Tuesday November 27th, 2007
Imperial Sugar is joining the iGPS pallet pool, which features all RFID-tagged plastic pallets instead of traditional wooden units. Imperial Sugar is making the switch mostly for the environmental and hygienic benefits, but is studying how it can take advantage of RFID data gathered from its facilities and retail customer sites.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for November
  Monday November 26th, 2007
Baird has released its November RFID Monthly report. The 19-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Finnish Retailer Gets Quick ROI on Item-Level RFID
  Friday November 16th, 2007
Finnish apparel firm NP Collection reports that it expects full ROI in less than six months for its 80,000-item garment tagging program. The payback comes from reduced out-of-stocks and improved replenishment at retail, and streamlined operations in the supply chain. The company plans major system expansion in 2008.

Impinj Demos New Approach for Pharma RFID Tagging
  Thursday November 15th, 2007
Impinj demonstrated a new tag commissioning station that pharmaceutical manufacturers can use to simultaneously encode EPC numbers on dozens of individual products packed in a case. The system lets encoding be done away from a high-speed production line and is marketed as a solution for meeting serialization requirements.

Taking AIM at RFID Awareness
  Wednesday November 14th, 2007
AIM Global, a trade association representing RFID and other industries, announced its new RFID: Making the World a Better Place campaign, a PR and outreach campaign to raise public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of RFID.

TAGSYS Announces Pre-Standard HF Gen2 Suite
  Tuesday November 13th, 2007
TAGSYS introduced a new 13.56 MHz high frequency RFID reader and related services based on the EPCglobal HF Gen2 draft specification. TAGSYS says the products can be easily upgraded to support the forthcoming standard, which is expected to be finalized in early 2008.

Active RFID Tag Supports Multiple Frequencies
  Friday November 9th, 2007
Axcess International announced its frequency-agile Dot tag, which can support multiple RFID frequencies ranging from low frequency 125 KHz to Gen2-standard UHF. The active tag also has an I/O port so users can add external memory.

New Software Streamlines Site Surveys for RTLS Rollouts
  Thursday November 8th, 2007
RTLS provider Ekahau announced new software that collects all the data needed for wireless LAN design and RTLS system planning in a single site survey. It can be used for new deployments or when adding an RTLS system to an existing wireless LAN.

SkyeTek RFID Selected for Visually Impaired Device
  Wednesday November 7th, 2007
RFID reader module manufacturer SkyeTek today announced that its product has been selected by Singapore-based GaiShan Technology for use in that company's TellMate product for the visually impaired.

$6M Funding for Aerospace RFID Tag Maker
  Tuesday November 6th, 2007
Last week the relatively unknown Tego announced $6 million in Series A funding. The company, which was founded in April of 2005, develops high-memory passive RFID tags and systems. It will use the funding to commercialize its technology, planning to bring a solution to market over the next year.

Impinj Claims RFID Tag Direction Victory
  Monday November 5th, 2007
RFID chip and reader manufacturer Impinj a few weeks ago announced an upgrade to the firmware that runs atop its Speedway RFID reader line. Among a number of enhancements and added features, one in particular has reportedly roused the enthusiasm of Speedway end users: tag direction detection.

UK Organizations Seek RFID Pilot Partners
  Friday November 2nd, 2007
GS1 UK, which represents RFID standards body EPCglobal in the United Kingdom, and technology services provider BT Auto-ID Services are seeking UK companies to participate in a pilot of the EPCIS RFID data sharing standard.

RFID is the Future for Thin-film & Printable Batteries
  Thursday November 1st, 2007
Printable and thin-film batteries are emerging technologies that could replace watch-style "button" batteries and other traditional batteries used to power active and semi-active RFID tags, sensors, smart cards and other electronic devices. NanoMarkets predicts $4.6 billion worth of printable and thin-film batteries will power RFID tags by 2015.

Dallas Cowboys Kick Off New Infrastructure with RFID
  Wednesday October 31st, 2007
eWeek reports on the new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system being planned for US football team the Dallas Cowboys. The ERP will be an overhaul of the existing technology infrastructure, and what else but RFID will play a leading role in the way the sporting franchise leverages technology to do business.

How the New 802.11n WiFi Standard Will Impact RTLS
  Tuesday October 30th, 2007
IEEE 802.11n is a forthcoming high-speed wireless networking standard being developed as the next generation of Wi-Fi technology. 802.11n is supposed to be backward compatible with legacy 802.11a/b/g products, but features new in 802.11n access points could impact how legacy WiFi-based RTLS systems perform.

Baird Sees a Turning Tide in the RFID Market
  Monday October 29th, 2007
October's RFID Monthly, the publication from wealth and asset management firm Baird, was refreshingly optimistic about signs that the tide might finally be turning in the RFID market. The cautiousness of the report's language notwithstanding, its tone suggested one of the more positive market assessments in recent memory.

Outlook Strong for RFID Printers, Bucking Doubts
  Friday October 26th, 2007
Market research and analysts recently affirmed strong growth prospects for RFID smart label printer/encoders, which were called into question in light of tepid supply chain adoption and strategic moves by two leading product manufacturers.

TheStreet.com on Investing in RFID
  Thursday October 25th, 2007
Investor site TheStreet.com published an article yesterday about investing in RFID stocks. While the key takeaway is the same as ever -- there are currently no obvious publicly-traded stocks to use as an RFID investment vehicle -- the article offers a handful of points worth highlighting.

When Will RFID Packaging Get Smart? (Part 2 of 2)
  Wednesday October 24th, 2007
This is the second article of a two-part series examining the state of "smart packaging" -- those corrugated boxes, pill bottles, and other containers in which RFID is embedded in the packaging itself. Today RFID Update considers how and when smart packaging could be adopted, and how it might impact the traditional RFID smart label market.

Getting a Read on RFID Smart Packaging (Part 1 of 2)
  Tuesday October 23rd, 2007
This is the first article of a two-part series examining the disconnect between the potential and the actual utilization of "smart packaging" -- those corrugated boxes, pill bottles, and other containers in which RFID is embedded in the packaging itself. Today RFID Update considers if different smart packaging technologies are actually ready to market.

New Smart Boxes Provide Alternative to RFID Labels
  Monday October 22nd, 2007
Domino Integrated Solutions Group and startup HIDE-Pack announced new smart packaging products that feature RFID inlays embedded into cardboard box material. The new packaging material eliminates the need to apply an RFID smart label to the box, and its developers say there are no RFID performance losses.

Islands of Automation: Hawaii Sponsors RFID Trial
  Friday October 19th, 2007
Farmers in Hawaii will apply RFID tags to lettuce, strawberries, and tomatoes in a pilot project to provide visibility from the farm to the supermarket. The state- and USDA-sponsored pilot could expand to include all 5,000 farms in Hawaii.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for October
  Thursday October 18th, 2007
Baird has released its October RFID Monthly report. The 21-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

RFID Printer Maker Zebra Makes Two Acquisitions
  Wednesday October 17th, 2007
RFID printer manufacturer Zebra has agreed to pay $145 million for Navis, a logistics solutions provider to marine terminals and other operations managing supply chain cargo. Zebra also announced the $16.3 million acquisition of all outstanding shares of proveo, an RTLS company that serves the airport ground-handling operations.

Alien Races Into RFID Runner Tracking
  Tuesday October 16th, 2007
Alien Technology has announced that its tags and readers will by deployed by Sweden's Racetimer, which organizes and times large running and racing events. Specifically, Racetimer will use UHF Gen2 tags from Alien at the Blodomloppet race, Scandinavia's second largest cross-country race which includes more than 40,000 runners.

Wal-Mart's RFID Refresh
  Monday October 15th, 2007
PC World reports on comments made by Ron Moser, RFID strategy leader at Wal-Mart, at the Taiwan International RFID Applications Show last week in Taipei. This article has highlghts of Moser's comments.

RFID Solution Announced for California e-Pedigree Reqs
  Friday October 12th, 2007
HP, Nosco, SupplyScape, and Systech jointly announced a collaborative solution for meeting pharmaceutical product serialization and electronic pedigree requirements that go into effect in California in 2009. The solution supports RFID and 2D bar code technologies, as well as EPCglobal RFID and electronic pedigree standards.

Research: RFID in China Growing 23% Quarterly
  Thursday October 11th, 2007
Chinese research firm Analysys International just released findings on the RFID market in China, which appears to be growing at an enviable rate. According to Analysys, the market grew 23.4 percent in just the second quarter alone, when it reached RMB 1.076 billion, or roughly US$143 million.

Active RFID Seals Not a Sure Thing, Despite Standard
  Wednesday October 10th, 2007
Research firm ABI Research issued a brief this week with an update to its ongoing coverage of the market from RFID shipping container security. The firm believes that despite the recent ratification of a standard for active RFID-based container security, the market for such technology is not guaranteed to take off.

Carolinas HealthCare Launches Huge RTLS System
  Tuesday October 9th, 2007
Carolinas HealthCare System is applying WiFi tags to more than 5,000 assets in what technology provider Ekahau calls one of the largest healthcare implementations of RTLS technology in the US. It is installing RTLS systems at multiple facilities to help centrally track assets as they are shared across 15 hospitals.

Dillard's Announces Item-Level RFID Pilot
  Friday October 5th, 2007
US retailer Dillard's this week announced the initiation of an item-level RFID pilot program at a number of its stores, which will see individual garments tagged. The tags will only contain each item's EPC and are designed to be removed at checkout. The company's goal is fewer out-of-stocks by enabling more frequent inventory counts.

Wrap-Up from This Week's EPC RFID Event
  Thursday October 4th, 2007
EPCglobal held its annual conference this week in Chicago. While no major deployments or end user initiatives were unveiled at this year's event, a number of new products, certifications, and capabilities were announced which collectively speak to the steady progress of EPC-based RFID adoption.

RFID Printer Maker Printronix Acquired for $108M
  Wednesday October 3rd, 2007
Leading RFID printer/encoder manufacturer announced a deal to be acquired by Vector Capital, a private equity firm. Printronix also said its senior management will remain in place after the deal closes and the company will continue to follow its existing strategy, despite disappointing RFID sales.

Wave of New Gen2 RFID Tags Opens EPCglobal Show
  Tuesday October 2nd, 2007
EPCglobal opened its annual event EPC Connection today in Chicago. As vendor announcements have streamed out of the show this morning, there are new tag products galore, an encouraging sign of a rapidly maturing ecosystem. Those new tag announcements are summarized in this article.

Dayton, Ohio Investing $1.4M to Support RFID Firms
  Monday October 1st, 2007
The city of Dayton, Ohio, is investing $1.4 million in the new Dayton RFID Incubator Corp. (DRIC), an economic development project for RFID-related businesses. Dayton was central to many important early developments in bar coding and is home to many leading bar code and RFID organizations.

Organic Growth: Conference Tries Printed RFID Tags
  Friday September 28th, 2007
New printed RFID products made their debut on event tickets as part of a trial system at an organic electronics coverage. Printed RFID developer PolyIC said progress is continuing with the technology and it now offers two product lines in pilot quantities.

DVD Movies to Star in Retail RFID Pilot
  Thursday September 27th, 2007
Major movie studios, distributors, and retailers will conduct an eight-week pilot project to track individual DVDs with Gen2 RFID tags. The pilot was designed as a proof of concept for item-level supply chain tracking and will involve reading tags at manufacturing and at retail to assist inventory management.

Microsoft's RFID Offering a "Watershed Moment"
  Wednesday September 26th, 2007
Microsoft's recently released BizTalk Server 2006 R2 includes an eagerly anticipated component that tightly integrates RFID functionality, marking a forceful foray into the RFID market by the software giant. While roughly a year overdue, BizTalk RFID does not disappoint, according to a number of sources familiar with the offering.

NXP Doubles Memory on Gen2 RFID Chips
  Tuesday September 25th, 2007
Semiconductor manufacturer NXP announced two new UHF RFID chips, including a 512-bit model that is believed to be the highest-memory EPCglobal Gen2-compliant chip available. Smart labels containing the new chips are expected to be available near the end of October.

Why METRO's Item-Level RFID Deployment Matters
  Monday September 24th, 2007
German retailer METRO last week unveiled an item-level deployment for men's apparel at its high-end Galeria Kaufhof retail store in Essen, Germany. For more on the details, see Friday's METRO Unveils Warehouse-to-Checkout RFID System. Today's article highlights reasons why the deployment matters.

METRO Unveils Warehouse-to-Checkout RFID System
  Friday September 21st, 2007
German retailer METRO launched an RFID system at a high-end retail store in Essen, Germany, that fully integrates the most talked about retail RFID applications, including supply chain visibility, smart shelves and mirrors, and point-of-sale. It is truly an end-to-end retail deployment, all based on Gen2 and related EPCglobal standards.

RFID Forum at MIT Discusses the Future of NFC
  Thursday September 20th, 2007
The MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge's RFID Special Interest Group held a forum Tuesday on NFC entitled The Near Field RFID Revolution for Your Phone. The three-hour event included four presentations covering a range of topics, then closed with a lively question Q&A session.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for September
  Wednesday September 19th, 2007
Baird has released its September RFID Monthly report. The 19-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

New RFID Medical Cabinets Deployed at 50 Hospitals
  Tuesday September 18th, 2007
ASD Healthcare and Blue Vector announced RFID-based drug cabinets they developed have been installed in more than 50 hospitals. Active RFID tags are applied to individual drug doses so an in-cabinet reader can monitor inventory levels for automated replenishment. Other integrated sensors monitor storage conditions and issue alerts.

OATSystems Tags RFID Sweet Spots, WIP and Retail
  Monday September 17th, 2007
RFID software framework provider OATSystems today announced its Asset Tracking and Work-in-Process Solution which is designed to handle two of the most popular RFID applications, work in process (WIP) tracking and supply chain visibility.

New Mobile Active RFID Reader Goes Anywhere
  Friday September 14th, 2007
RF Code's new Bluetooth-enabled mobile reader lets any Bluetooth device -- including smart phones, handheld computers and notebooks -- run active RFID applications. The reader also works without a computer and can store tag reads for later processing. The reader is being promoted for IT asset management and other applications.

McDonald's Pilots RFID Self-Ordering System in Korea
  Thursday September 13th, 2007
The Korea Times reports that McDonald's, the world's largest fast food chain, and telecommunications technology manufacturer SK Telecom of South Korea have teamed on a pilot that allows consumers to order food from their tables using RFID. The system debuted today at a McDonald's in western Seoul.

RFID Medical Cabinets Evaluated in New Benchmark
  Wednesday September 12th, 2007
RFID solutions provider ODIN technologies today released the tenth in its series of RFID hardware benchmarks. Entitled The RFID Medical Smart-Cabinet Benchmark, this one addresses the burgeoning market for RFID medical cabinets and shares the results of performance analysis ODIN conducted on three particular products.

Microsoft Announces Availability of its RFID Software
  Tuesday September 11th, 2007
Microsoft officially announced the availability of BizTalk Server 2006 R2, the software solution designed to seamlessly connect an enterprise's processes and applications. One of the new features most touted by the software giant is its enhanced support for RFID.

Animal RFID Chip Implants Linked to Cancer
  Monday September 10th, 2007
This weekend the Associated Press broke a story suggesting a link between VeriChip's implantable chip technology in animals and the formation of cancerous tumors. The story has been picked up widely, from the mainstream media to pet publications to tech blogs. Following is what the RFID industry needs to know.

RFID Keeps WIP Well-Oiled for Oilfield Products Maker
  Friday September 7th, 2007
Tejas Tubular Products uses EPCglobal Gen2 UHF RFID labels to track work in process on the pipes and other oilfield equipment it produces. The RFID system interfaces with its MRP applications and automated CNC machines to prevent production errors and to check accuracy of customer shipments.

Blu Pharmaceuticals Deploys SupplyScape E-Pedigree
  Thursday September 6th, 2007
Electronic pedigree solution provider SupplyScape today announced that generic pharmaceuticals distributor Blu Pharmaceuticals has deployed the company's software. RFID Update spoke with SupplyScape's director of product marketing Brian Daleiden about the deployment and the state of electronic pedigrees generally.

Med Distributor Converts to Gen2 RFID for Item Tracking
  Wednesday September 5th, 2007
MBA Grupo, a leading Spanish medical products distributor, is converting its warehouse facilities to track all items with Gen2 RFID. The company is capturing product serial numbers and expiration dates during shipping and receiving, and plans to extend RFID reading to its hospital customers for stock management.

Motorola on Aviation Adoption of RFID
  Tuesday September 4th, 2007
The aviation industry has long been considered a prime candidate for RFID adoption. RFID Update spoke with Pankaj Shukla, director of RFID business development in aviation for Motorola, about the industry's RFID adoption and where the most popular applications of the technology exist today.

RFID to Cure Detroit Hospital Device-Tracking Ailments
  Friday August 31st, 2007
The DMC Harper University Hospital, part of the Detroit Medical Center in Michigan, will install an RFID deployment to track the institution's growing number of medical devices. The chosen solution is called iRISupply from Mobile Aspects of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Apparel Tags Provide Unlikely Solution for Pipe RFID
  Thursday August 30th, 2007
Perseverance and a novel approach led integrator Barcoding Inc. to find a UHF RFID tag its customer could use to accurately identify metal pipes. Gen2 labels designed to identify garments succeeded where tags developed for use on metal didn't work and other frequencies failed.

Semiconductor Maker Cuts Production Time with RTLS
  Wednesday August 29th, 2007
Multibillion dollar semiconductor manufacturer Freescale Semiconductor is using RTLS technology to track wafers through the fabrication process. The system from AeroScout has been installed at one facility in Texas and reportedly saves several minutes at multiple steps in the production process.

NFC Phones on Shelves Later This Year
  Tuesday August 28th, 2007
When RFID Update spoke with NFC Forum board member David Turner a few weeks ago, he predicted that commercially available NFC-enabled handsets would debut before year-end. Sure enough, today $6 billion Taiwanese device manufacturer BenQ announced that it will have a new NFC phone on shelves in just that timeframe.

IDTechEx: China is Largest RFID Market in 2007
  Monday August 27th, 2007
Thanks to its multi-billion dollar national ID contactless card program, China now has the largest RFID market in the world. This according to research firm IDTechEx, which has just released a new report on the market. This article includes additional findings from the research.

METRO to Penalize RFID Non-compliance
  Friday August 24th, 2007
Earlier this summer METRO Group announced that it will take its existing RFID pilot activity into full-scale deployment, and that it will expect 650 of its top suppliers to begin shipping RFID-tagged product by early next year. In contrast to other major deployments, METRO will impose a penalty on suppliers for each untagged pallet.

New RFID Module Aimed at Growing OEM Opportunity
  Thursday August 23rd, 2007
RFID reader module manufacturer SkyeTek announced new professional services to help OEMs design and integrate RFID readers into their products, and a new high-security 13.56 MHz reader module that can be optimized for product authentication, cashless payment or access control applications.

Kids Clothes Firm Outgrows HF, Puts on Gen2 RFID
  Wednesday August 22nd, 2007
RFID infrastructure provider Reva Systems has announced that children's fashion apparel manufacturer Lemmi Fashion of Germany is converting its existing intercontinental RFID deployment from high frequency (HF) to ultrahigh frequency (UHF) technology, and using Reva's solution to unify and manage it.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for August
  Tuesday August 21st, 2007
Baird has released its August RFID Monthly report. The 15-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

TAGSYS Announces Two Apparel RFID Deployments
  Monday August 20th, 2007
RFID solutions provider TAGSYS today announced two deployments in the apparel and retailing space. The first is for Portuguese fashion house Throttleman, the second for jeans giant Levi Strauss. The deployments bode well for the growing adoption of Gen2 RFID for item-level tagging in the apparel and retail industries.

RFID Solution Fights Counterfeit Tires
  Friday August 17th, 2007
Advanced ID has enhanced its solutions for authenticating and managing tires with a new RFID reader module from SkyeTek that supports industry standards and is optimized for the range and conditions common in tire-tracking applications.

Intel & Siemens Launch RFID Blood Bank in Malaysia
  Thursday August 16th, 2007
Semiconductor giant Intel, engineering conglomerate Siemens, and the Malaysian government have announced the roll-out of an RFID blood bank management system in the country. Three medical institutions are already trialling the system, but the aim is to eventually equip more than 300 others across Malaysia.

ODIN Announces Patent for RFID SMART Containers
  Wednesday August 15th, 2007
RFID solutions provider ODIN technologies announced its award of a patent for what the company calls S.M.A.R.T. container technology. The goal of S.M.A.R.T., or Secure Material Accounted in Real Time, is to enhance the automation and accuracy of visbility into containerized assets.

VeriChip Parent Buys Out Animal Chipping Subsidiary
  Tuesday August 14th, 2007
The corporate structure and relationship among Applied Digital, Digital Angel, and VeriChip has historically been confusing, but a merger between Applied Digital and Digital Angel announced last week may change that.

Refueling Firm Sees 6-Month Payback from RFID
  Monday August 13th, 2007
A New Zealand company called Mini-Tankers has published a compelling case study about how it deployed RFID to streamline its core business process of refuelling industrial equipment located in remote and constantly changing settings around the country. The solution reportedly yielded a payback in just six months.

University of Maryland Offers Free RFID Assessments
  Friday August 10th, 2007
The University of Maryland has announced an initiative to offer free RFID assessments to manufacturing companies in the state that are considering deployment. The idea is to spur the adoption of RFID among Maryland companies by working with them to understand how the technology can yield better productivity.

Alien Earns Protection Under SAFETY Act
  Thursday August 9th, 2007
Alien Technology this week announced that their solutions related to baggage and cargo tracking have been granted protection under the SAFETY Act in the event of an act of terrorism. RFID Update spoke with Alien's Ronny Haraldsvik about the SAFETY Act and what it offers both Alien and other RFID vendors.

NFC Commercialization Reaches Key Milestone
  Wednesday August 8th, 2007
NFC Forum last week published four tag type specifications that address the manner in which NFC tags and readers should communicate. Their publication is an important milestone in the commercialization of NFC and could result in commercial products with built-in NFC being available by year-end.

CISC Launches RFID Tag Evaluation System
  Tuesday August 7th, 2007
CISC Semiconductor has announced a new RFID tag evaluation tool combining hardware and software from National Instruments. It is targeted at everyone from tag manufacturers to end users to RFID test labs as a solution for robust, scientific testing and measurement of RFID tags.

Savi Announces Six RFID E-Seal IP Licensees
  Monday August 6th, 2007
Savi Technology announced that six firms have licensed its electronic container seal intellectual property, which was incorporated earlier this year as part of the ISO 18185 standard for e-seals. The company intends for its licensing program to accelerate adoption of the ISO 18185 standard and active RFID e-seal solutions overall.

New RTLS Tag Combines RFID and Infrared
  Friday August 3rd, 2007
RF Code introduced a combination radio frequency and infrared RTLS tag that it says provides more location precision and is more cost effective to deploy than traditional RTLS. The tag is indicative of new technology and business strategies the company recently put in place.

RFID Ensures Surgeons Have No Bones to Pick with Supplier
  Thursday August 2nd, 2007
Artificial knee joints and other replacement orthopedic products come in kits that contain dozens of components, many of which go unused during the surgery. Orthopedic manufacturer Zimmer is using RFID to ensure the right components are included in kits, and that they are identified and sorted correctly when returned.

Hospital Manages Thousands of Patient Files with RFID
  Wednesday August 1st, 2007
Capital Health System, an acute-care and teaching hospital located in Trenton, New Jersey, today announced its implementation of a patient record management solution from Infolinx Systems Solutions based on Gen2 RFID tags and readers from hardware manufacturer Intermec.

RFID World Announces Date Change, New Strategy
  Tuesday July 31st, 2007
CMP Technology, the media company that owns the annual RFID World event, today announced a three-year plan for its RFID business. In 2008, RFID World will be moved from its originally scheduled spring slot to mid-September. Then in 2009 and 2010, the show will return to the spring and be co-located with the business technology event Interop.

Textile Manufacturer Gets Quick 30% ROI from RFID
  Monday July 30th, 2007
RFID products and services provider Alien Technology announced today the successful deployment of a work-in-process RFID application for Griva, a textile manufacturer in Italy. In just over nine months since the deployment went live, Griva has reported a 30% return on investment.

Digimarc Selected to Produce RFID Driver's Licenses
  Friday July 27th, 2007
Secure identity and media management solutions provider Digimarc has been selected by the state of Washington to produce the new RFID-enabled Enhanced Driver License (EDL), which can be used as a travel document to re-enter the US by sea or land, the company announced this week.

Analyst on the Growing Market for WiFi-based RTLS
  Thursday July 26th, 2007
ABI Research a few days ago released findings that the market for RTLS based on WiFi technology is positioned for an impressive annual growth rate of more than 70 percent over the next few years. RFID Update spoke with ABI analyst Stan Schatt, who shared additional trends affecting the market and what to expect going forward.

RFID Reader Interoperability Takes a Step Forward
  Wednesday July 25th, 2007
Seven RFID organizations announced an open-source software development initiative to promote and simplify the integration of the EPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) standard. LLRP is a standard interface for integrating RFID equipment from multiple vendors in a single system, and for controlling reader functions from software.

Analyst: Strong Growth Ahead for WiFi-based RTLS
  Tuesday July 24th, 2007
ABI Research today announced findings from recent reseach it conducted on the WiFi-based real-time location systems (RTLS) market. Partly due to the already large and continually growing footprint of WiFi infrastructure, ABI predicts that the WiFi-based RTLS market will see phenomenal 70 percent-plus growth over the next five years.

VeriChip Sees Attention from Mainstream Media
  Monday July 23rd, 2007
The Associated Press yesterday published a lengthy and balanced article on VeriChip, which serves as a worthwhile overview of the primary developments and debate surrounding the controversial technology. For your convenience, this article has highlights.

New Battery Could Drive Semi-active RFID Growth
  Friday July 20th, 2007
A venture-backed startup called Infinite Power Solutions is developing a cutting edge battery chemistry that it believes could be incorporated into semi-active RFID tags, thereby widening the potential applications for the technology.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for July
  Thursday July 19th, 2007
Baird has released its July RFID Monthly report. The 14-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

RFID Blooms for Dutch Flower Tracking
  Wednesday July 18th, 2007
European RFID and automation specialists announced that several commercial greenhouses in the Netherlands are using RFID to track, monitor, and route individual potted flowers throughout the 30-week growing process. RFID suppliers say more than three million flowers have been tracked in what they claim is a first-of-its-kind application.

RFID Enables Innovation in Water Jug Distribution
  Tuesday July 17th, 2007
Custom RFID solutions provider Northern Apex has announced its work with S2C Global Systems to add core RFID capabilities to S2C's forthcoming Aquaduct water jug dispensing and return system. RFID capabilities were a necessary feature of the Aquaduct, which S2C hopes to roll out by the thousands around North America.

EPC RFID Competence Center Established in Germany
  Monday July 16th, 2007
GS1 Germany, along with a number of key RFID end users, has officially established the EPC Competence Center in Neuss, Germany. The center, dubbed EECC, is meant to foster the adoption of EPC-based RFID technology throughout Germany by offering technology testing and training services.

New RFID Tags Help 'Call Before You Dig'
  Friday July 13th, 2007
3M introduced new RFID tags designed to be buried for identifying underground assets. The new tags use the same frequencies as traditional marker detection systems, but allow users to identify, rather than detect, underground objects and to update data on the tag.

Think Tank Makes Case Against RFID Regulation
  Thursday July 12th, 2007
California-based think tank PRI this week released a primer on RFID, privacy, and government efforts at legislation of the technology. The 11-page report is a worthy and concise wrap-up of the issues surrounding privacy and RFID. This article provides a recap.

Aberdeen on Managing Work-in-Process with RFID
  Wednesday July 11th, 2007
Aberdeen Group has released the latest installment in a series of reports on RFID adoption. Entitled Managing Work-in-Process with RFID, the report is available free for a limited time. Report author Russ Klein herein summarizes the key findings of best-in-class enterprises and makes recommendations for others to follow.

Active RFID's Growing Role in Overall Market
  Tuesday July 10th, 2007
Research firm IDTechEx of Cambridge has released an update to its annual report on the current and future state of the active RFID industry, with projections out to 2017. This article highlights the key findings.

RFID Security Solutions Provider Acquired for $5.1m
  Monday July 9th, 2007
Israel's VUANCE today announced the planned $5.1 million acquisition of Security Holding Corp, whose two subsidiaries SecurityInc and AAID provide RFID solutions for access control, asset tracking, and vehicle identification, among other security-related applications.

How the SAFETY Act Could Protect RFID Vendors
  Friday July 6th, 2007
AIM Global recently held an interview with Raymond Biagini of national law firm McKenna Long & Aldridge. The interview was about the SAFETY Act and how it pertains to US RFID vendors that might be wise to protect themselves against liability stemming from terrorist acts involving their technology.

RFID Baggage Tagging Taking Off in the UK
  Thursday July 5th, 2007
London's Heathrow Airport, one of the world's largest and busiest, is set to begin an RFID baggage tracking trial later this year. The trial will see RFID printers deployed at check-in desks, where bags will be tagged before being scanned as they enter into the handling system.

Investor Analysis of Intermec RFID Deal with METRO
  Monday July 2nd, 2007
Intermec last week announced the deployment of its products as part of the major RFID deployment ramp-up by German retailer METRO Group. Investment advisory firm Raymond James has published a report on these developments and how they might affect the company in the near and medium term.

ODIN Releases RFID Reader Benchmark for Europe
  Friday June 29th, 2007
RFID solutions provider ODIN technologies this week released a benchmark of RFID readers designed for deployments in Europe. The benchmark features seven RFID readers compliant with ETSI regulations, each of which was subjected to six scientific tests and three common deployment use cases.

3PL Offers RFID Tagging and Tracking Services
  Thursday June 28th, 2007
Megatrux, a California-based 3PL, implemented an RFID structure in one warehouse to provide Wal-Mart compliance tagging services for a customer. Megatrux hopes to expand the project to include additional services and applications.

Sweet Spot for RFID Emerges in Yard Management
  Wednesday June 27th, 2007
The management of trailer yards appears to be emerging as an attractive niche for RFID and RTLS. Two startups this week, one with $4.5 million in funding, announced RFID-based yard management solutions. Both are hoping that yard managers will adopt RFID-enabled visibility as a solution to their problems.

METRO Moves RFID Pilot to Production, Taps Reva
  Tuesday June 26th, 2007
Reva Systems announced today that its Tag Acquisition Processor technology (TAP) has been selected by METRO Group as part of the giant German retailer's recent decision to go from pilot to production with its RFID deployment.

Milestone Australian RFID Pilot Heralded a Success
  Monday June 25th, 2007
GS1 Australia last week announced the successful completion of an RFID pilot that saw broad collaboration from participants in the government, academia, and vendor communities. The pilot demonstrated clear productivity gains over existing processes and was characterized as "the most important EPC/RFID pilot done in Australia yet."

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for June
  Friday June 22nd, 2007
Baird has released its June RFID Monthly report. The 15-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Identec Introduces Active RFID/GPS Combo Tag
  Thursday June 21st, 2007
RTLS provider Identec Solutions introduced a new tag that combines GPS and active UHF RFID technologies. Identec is promoting the tag for asset management, personnel tracking, container tracking and port applications.

Airbus Taps ODIN, Signals Aerospace RFID Adoption
  Wednesday June 20th, 2007
ODIN technologies yesterday announced that European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has selected it as the exclusive RFID hardware integration partner for an aggressive phase of deployment across its value chain. RFID Update spoke with ODIN's Bret Kinsella about the Airbus program and what it means for the adoption of RFID broadly.

As Part of Lockheed, Savi Spreads RFID Around NATO
  Tuesday June 19th, 2007
Active RFID solutions provider Savi Technology announced a new contract with NATO that could bolster the company's market position among the 26 NATO nations as well as non-NATO countries that are part of the Partnership for Peace initiative. The company was also featured in a recent Forbes article, recapped herein.

RFID Triggers Video Surveillance for Freight Tracking
  Monday June 18th, 2007
A German freight forwarder found an innovation solution to its regulatory documentation needs. Every time the bar code label on freight is scanned in the warehouse, an active RFID tag embedded in the bar code reader signals the host application. System software calculates the location and directs a surveillance camera to record the transaction.

Converter Licenses Innovative RFID Antenna Technology
  Friday June 15th, 2007
Label converter Nashua signed an exclusive license to use patented, non-traditional RFID antennas from Fractal Antenna Systems. Fractal designs feature repeating geometric patterns to produce compact antennas that reportedly have more range and precision than traditional designs. Nashua intends to include Fractal's antennas in Gen2 tags.

DoD Awards Unisys Multimillion Dollar RFID Contract
  Thursday June 14th, 2007
Technology services and solutions giant Unisys today announced it has been awarded a follow-on contract by the US Department of Defense to continue working on RFID-enabled visibility across the military's supply chain. The contract represents an extension to the RFID work Unisys has done for the DoD for 13 years.

RFID Umbrella Sharing Launches in Philadelphia
  Wednesday June 13th, 2007
A startup in Philadelphia has launched an innovative application that blends RFID, umbrella sharing, and mobile advertising. The company, Dutch Umbrella, places RFID-tagged umbrellas at sponsor locations around the city which the umbrella-less, rain-drenched public can borrow for free.

Pfizer Manager Discusses the Viagra RFID Pilot
  Tuesday June 12th, 2007
A few weeks ago RFID Update published a contributed article from Pfizer that revealed key data and findings from the giant drug maker's RFID pilot to tag all bottles of Viagra sold in the US. This follow-up article discusses what Pfizer manager Tim Marsh thinks the pilot indicates about RFID and the pharmaceutical supply chain.

TAGSYS Targets Library and Textile Adoption of RFID
  Monday June 11th, 2007
TAGSYS today made two product announcements that evidence the company's commitment to the library and textile management niches. The first is an RFID infrastructure solution for libraries based on new chip technology from NXP, the second a smart shelf for garment issuance at medical and laundry facilities.

Ports in China, U.S. to Pilot RFID Tracking Trade Lane
  Friday June 8th, 2007
Cargo containers shipped from the Port of Shanghai, the world's busiest port, to the Port of Savannah in the U.S. will be tagged and tracked with active RFID technology in a trial this summer. The electronic cargo seal tags conform to the new ISO 18185 standard and will be tracked with RFID infrastructure from Savi Networks.

Alien Looks to Channel, Non-Mandate RFID Adoption
  Thursday June 7th, 2007
Alien this week announced two RFID deployments that vice president of marketing and industry relations Ronny Haraldsvik believes testify to positive trends for the company and RFID industry overall. RFID Update spoke with Haraldsvik about the deployments, Alien's channel partners, and the growth in non-mandate adoption of RFID.

ThyssenKrupp to Expand RFID Steel Tracking
  Wednesday June 6th, 2007
German-based steel producer ThyssenKrupp successfully piloted an RFID system to track slabs produced in Brazil and shipped to a facility in Germany. The company announced it will continue the RFID tracking and expand it to a new mill currently under construction in Brazil.

New Material Launched to Protect RFID Credit Cards
  Tuesday June 5th, 2007
Chase Corporation, a 61-year-old, hundred-million-dollar protective materials manufacturer, has turned its sights to RFID. The company's PaperTyger division, which produces tear and water resistant laminated papers, has just announced RFID Shield, a new material aimed at the contactless credit card market.

Tulsa to Deploy RFID Automated Bike Rental Racks
  Monday June 4th, 2007
QI Systems, a Canadian provider of contactless solutions, last week introduced an innovative RFID-based bicycle rental automation system that will allow the public to check out and return rental bikes from unattended bike racks. Dubbed Cyclestation, the system will be initially deployed in the Tulsa, Oklahoma metropolitan area.

Hopes and Hurdles for RFID Adoption in India
  Friday June 1st, 2007
India is considerably behind its North American and European counterparts in adoption of RFID technology. With its burgeoning domestic economy and increasing role as a supplier of goods abroad, however, eventual RFID adoption is almost certain. Indeed, a number of initiatives are already underway.

RFID Invention to Detect Esophageal Reflux
  Thursday May 31st, 2007
Doctors in Texas have developed innovative RFID-based medical technology to track esophageal reflux disease, a condition that is estimated to affect as many as 19 million people. The new solution combines RFID with sensor technology to measure and transmit data from within a patient's body.

RFID Labor Pool Still Insufficient, But Less So
  Wednesday May 30th, 2007
CompTIA has released an update to its annual report on the state of RFID labor supply and demand. The key finding is that more than two-thirds of those surveyed characterize the RFID talent pool as insufficient. While this figure is large, it is actually down from last year's 75 percent, which in turn was down from 2005's 80 percent.

IDTechEx on RFID Adoption in Retail
  Tuesday May 29th, 2007
UK-based research firm IDTechEx has published an update on the retail market for RFID. All in all, the market continues to be a challenging one for vendors, with relatively soft demand exacerbated by imperfect read rates. This article includes the highlights from IDTechEx's update.

WiFi Tag Market to Grow 100% Per Year Through 2010
  Friday May 25th, 2007
Research firm In-Stat has released the 2007 update to its annual report on the market for WiFi-based real-time location systems (RTLS) of the sort used to track medical assets in hospitals, heavy equipment in mines, and parcels for express delivery services. This article highlights the report's key findings.

New RTLS Tag Supports Both ISO and WiFi Standards
  Thursday May 24th, 2007
WhereNet announced an active RTLS tag that supports ISO 24730 and WiFi technology. The company says its new WhereTag IV is the first dual-mode RTLS tag, which will enable customers to create RTLS systems that integrate multiple technologies to provide the best performance in different environments.

Viagra RFID: One Year Later
  Wednesday May 23rd, 2007
It's been more than 14 months since Pfizer went live with its pilot to tag all of Viagra trade items with RFID technology for the U.S. market. This article is a contribution from Pfizer itself discussing findings and data revealed by more than one year of piloting RFID at the item-, case-, and pallet-level.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for May
  Tuesday May 22nd, 2007
Baird has released its May RFID Monthly report. The 15-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

RFID Pharma Cold Chain Monitoring Solution Launches
  Monday May 21st, 2007
Logistics giant DHL, RTLS firm AeroScout, and vehicle tracking and fleet asset management solutions provider Microlise have together developed a cold chain solution to track and ensure regulatory compliance of pharmaceuticals as they travel through the supply chain.

Toshiba Boasts Strong ROI for Large RFID System
  Friday May 18th, 2007
TOSHIBA TEC Europe has implemented an RFID system to track notebook computers at its facility in Regensburg, Germany. The company claims it is the largest RFID implementation in Europe, with 2 million tags processed after seven months. Toshiba reports it has reduced handling time by 75 percent and cut associated costs by 40 percent.

Sushi Restaurant is Swimming in Benefits from RFID
  Thursday May 17th, 2007
Intermec has deployed RFID at the Blue C Sushi restaurant in Seattle, Washington, to improve both inventory management and customer service. The system uses Microsoft BizTalk RFID and an inventory management software solution from integrator Kikata.

New Law Serves as Warning to RFID Industry
  Wednesday May 16th, 2007
The US Senate last week passed FDA legislation that included a provision of interest to the RFID industry. The provision mandates that internet-based pharmacies include visual anti-counterfeiting technology on all pharmaceuticals sold to US customers. The provision specifically excludes technology like RFID or barcodes.

Cardinal Health to Outfit California DC with RFID
  Tuesday May 15th, 2007
Cardinal Health recently announced that it will outfit its Sacramento, California, pharmaceutical distribution center with RFID technology by fall of this year. It is a move to prepare the company for California's legislation that will require the tracking and tracing of drugs distributed in the state.

Frost's Findings on the North American RFID Market
  Monday May 14th, 2007
Frost & Sullivan last week released new research on the North American RFID market as part of its Automatic Identification & Security Growth Partnership Service. This article highlights a few of the key findings.

RFID Being Deployed to Fight Exam Cheaters
  Friday May 11th, 2007
Edexcel, one of the UK's five leading examination boards, has turned to RFID to combat cheating, counterfeiting, and other misuse of its examination materials. The company announced today that it will tag packages of exam materials due to ship this summer to schools and institutions around the country.

NXP and Kestrel Partner on RFID Antitheft for DVDs
  Thursday May 10th, 2007
NXP and Kestrel Wireless have teamed to provide an elegant RFID-based solution to combat the theft of optical media products like DVDs. Using RFID chips, the solution allows optical media manufacturers to disable their products at the point of manufacture, then re-enable them at the moment of purchase.

RFID Journal Live 2007 Bodes Well for Industry
  Wednesday May 9th, 2007
Last week one of the major RFID industry events of the year was held in Orlando, Florida. From Monday April 30th to Wednesday May 2nd, RFID end users, vendors, and analysts gathered at RFID Journal LIVE! 2007 for education, networking, and product demonstrations. By most accounts, the event was a successful one.

The Kennedy Group Acquires Assets of NCR RFID
  Tuesday May 8th, 2007
The Kennedy Group, a provider of RFID, label, packaging, and promotional response products, has acquired the RFID assets of transaction giant NCR's Systemedia Division. The acquisition includes all customers, contracts, intellectual property, and equipment. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Paxar Showcases RFID Smart Mirror for Retailers
  Monday May 7th, 2007
Paxar Corporation is showcasing the magicmirror at this week's Material World show. The RFID reader-equipped smart mirror displays rich, user-centric information when a tagged piece of apparel is brought within range. Paxar aims for the magicmirror to enhance customer service and drive demand for item-level tagging.

News Wrap-Up from RFID Journal Live, Part 2 of 2
  Friday May 4th, 2007
This week's RFID Journal LIVE! 2007 saw a flurry of announcements from a slew of RFID vendors and stakeholders. This article is the second of a convenient, two-part rundown of selected announcements. Also see yesterday's Part 1 for more.

News Wrap-Up from RFID Journal Live, Part 1 of 2
  Thursday May 3rd, 2007
This week's RFID Journal LIVE! 2007 saw a flurry of announcements from a slew of RFID vendors and stakeholders. This article is the first of a convenient, two-part rundown of selected announcements. Also be sure to watch for tomorrow's Part 2.

AMR Analyzes Three Years of RFID Adoption in Retail
  Wednesday May 2nd, 2007
Research firm AMR Research has published an article entitled What We Have Learned From Three Years of Retail RFID Pilots that provides valuable observations based on the past three years of RFID adoption by retailers and in the retail supply chain. This article highlights some of the key points from this highly recommended read.

Motorola Taps Avery Dennison for RFID Tags
  Tuesday May 1st, 2007
Avery Dennison and Motorola have announced a strategic relationship whereby Avery Dennison will supply RFID tags to Motorola. The deal represents a shift in focus by Motorola away from tag production, while also strengthening Avery Dennison's position as one of the industry's leading RFID inlay manufacturers.

RFID to Enable Outside-In Supply Chain Management
  Monday April 30th, 2007
AMR Research analyst John Fontanella argues in this guest column that RFID will enable enterprises to orient processes around the objects which they produce. This will result in more accommodating, flexible processes, and a departure from the current practice of doggedly striving for fixed, standardized processes.

Survey Suggests RFID Could Aid Clinical Trials
  Friday April 27th, 2007
A new survey-based report identified areas where RFID could help track materials and drugs in pharmaceutical clinical trials. The ChainLink Research survey also found positive attitudes within the life sciences industry regarding RFID's potential value in clinical trials, but there are no known reference implementations.

Software Simplifies RFID Input for Pharma Applications
  Thursday April 26th, 2007
Blue Vector announced a new version of its RFID automation platform that includes specific features to help pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and retailers combine multiple RFID and sensor technologies for track-and-trace, shipment automation, inventory management, and product authentication applications.

US Gov Hints at Major Passenger Tracking System
  Wednesday April 25th, 2007
The US Transportation Security Administration has issued a public request for information to learn about methods and technologies that could be used to build a comprehensive airline passenger- and luggage-tracking system based on RFID, biometrics, smart cards, and other technologies.

RFID-Based Asset Tracking in Manufacturing
  Tuesday April 24th, 2007
ARC Advisory Group's Chantal Polsonetti gives a number of examples of the well-documented benefits manufacturers are realizing from RFID-based asset tracking solutions. She also highlights important caveats and considerations manufacturers must weigh before moving forward with deployment.

RFID Sensor System Promoted for Highway Safety
  Monday April 23rd, 2007
A new crash detection system features RFID tags and sensors that can sense impact, determine its severity, and report the incident to monitoring units up to 250 meters away. The monitoring units automatically report serious crashes to authorities using either wireless mesh networks, CDMA, GSM, or other wireless communication.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for April
  Friday April 20th, 2007
Baird has released its April RFID Monthly report. The 16-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Analyst Outlines Hurdles to Pharma RFID Adoption
  Thursday April 19th, 2007
IDC-owned research company Health Industry Insights has released a report analyzing the adoption of RFID item-level tagging by the pharmaceutical industry. Based on a survey of 143 life sciences companies, the report reveals a number of findings about one of the key markets for RFID adoption.

Analyst Update on RFID Adoption and Drivers
  Wednesday April 18th, 2007
Asset tracking is emerging as a breakout RFID application, but other mainstream application candidates are not clear, according to a briefing from industry research and analyst firm Frost & Sullivan. The company predicted 20 to 25 percent overall growth for RFID in the next two years, but said rates may very widely by technology type.

RFID Yard Management Provider Lands $4.5m
  Tuesday April 17th, 2007
PINC Solutions, a provider of RFID yard management solutions based in Berkeley, California, has received $4.5 million in Series C funding. PINC's flagship offering is Yard Hound, an asset visibility solution for distribution center yards based on passive RFID.

RFID Data Sharing Standard EPCIS is Ratified
  Monday April 16th, 2007
EPCglobal today announced the ratification of Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS), a secure, real-time standard for data sharing among trusted organizations. The ratification marks a key milestone in the effort to enable RFID-based supply chain visibility across trading partners and across continents.

Aberdeen on RFID Adoption in Retail
  Friday April 13th, 2007
Aberdeen Group has released the latest installment in a series of reports on RFID adoption. Entitled RFID: Roadmap for Retail, the report is available free for a limited time. Report author Russ Klein herein summarizes the key findings of best-in-class retailer end users and makes recommendations for other retailers to follow.

UK's Manchester Airport to Track Travelers with RFID
  Thursday April 12th, 2007
Manchester Airport has just wrapped a six-month traveler tracking trial. The airport used RFID tags to track 50,000 volunteers as they moved throughout the facility with the goal of measuring and improving the efficiency of airport operations.

Research Firm Increasingly Bearish on NFC
  Wednesday April 11th, 2007
ABI Research today announced a key forecast on the market for near field communication (NFC), the RFID-based technology that will enable a wide variety of contactless commerce via consumer cell phones. By 2012, just under 300 million phones will be equipped with NFC, or about 20 percent of the global market.

US Considers EU Decision on RFID a "Big Victory"
  Tuesday April 10th, 2007
The U.S. Commerce Department undersecretary for technology Robert Cresanti was interviewed by Government Computer News about his reaction to the recent decision by the EU against regulating RFID technology in the near term. This article offers a recap.

DoD RFID Summit Shows Steady Commitment to RFID
  Monday April 9th, 2007
The 4th U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) RFID Summit took place in Washington, D.C., on April 3rd and 4th. RFID Update attended the two-day event to provide a few high-level observations about the show and to gather feedback on the current state of DoD RFID.

Goliath Unlocks Retail Secrets with RFID
  Thursday April 5th, 2007
In December 2005, we reported on a contract that Goliath Solutions had secured with Walgreens to equip all 5,000+ of the drugstore chain's locations with an RFID-based promotions tracking system. Today RFID Update interviewed Goliath for an update on how the company's business has progressed since the Walgreens deal put it on the map.

EU's Decision Not to Legislate RFID is Conditional
  Wednesday April 4th, 2007
On Monday law firm McKenna Long & Aldridge hosted a luncheon in Washington, DC, whose aim was to discuss implications of the recent decision by the EU not to formally legislate RFID technology for the time being. Among other highlights, an EU representative noted that the decision is effectively a conditional one.

Sirit Lands $2m RFID Contract for California Toll Roads
  Tuesday April 3rd, 2007
RFID hardware and solutions provider Sirit announced today that it has been awarded a $2 million contract from the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA). Beginning in the second quarter of this year the Toronto-based company will deliver RFID transponders to the OCTA over the course of three years.

Open Source RFID Projects to Integrate
  Monday April 2nd, 2007
RFID applications company Pramari has teamed with the University of Arkansas to offer what the two are calling "a comprehensive open source offering for RFID".

RFID World Reveals Opportunity Outside Mandates
  Friday March 30th, 2007
This year's RFID World demonstrated that vendor and end-user focus has shifted away from compliance, to the point that asset tracking and closed loop implementions have established themselves as the applications de jour for the RFID industry.

RFID World 2007 Announcement Wrap-Up
  Thursday March 29th, 2007
The RFID World exhibition and conference was held this week in Dallas, and the RFID Update team was on site to cover this leading industry event. Today's dispatch focuses on the announcements that were made at the show.

Analyst Viewpoint: Take Appropriate RFID Precautions
  Wednesday March 28th, 2007
Manufacturing Insights analyst Bob Parker discusses safety and health issues that pertain to RFID deployment. While the level of electromagnetic exposure caused by RFID is minor, there are still some best practices Parker recommends end users adopt for added precaution.

Awards Honor RFID Innovators
  Tuesday March 27th, 2007
At the RFID World conference today in Dallas, Texas, five organizations and individuals were announced as winners of the first annual RFID Excellence in Business Awards. This article lists the winners, as well as key trends that emerged from the 96 entrants.

Avery Dennison to Acquire Paxar for $1.3b
  Monday March 26th, 2007
Late last week $5.5 billion labeling giant Avery Dennison announced a definitive agreement to acquire Paxar, a provider of identification solutions to the worldwide retail and apparel industry. Both companies are active in the retail and manufacturing market for RFID. The purchase price is approximately $1.34 billion.

RTLS Providers InnerWireless, PanGo Networks Merge
  Friday March 23rd, 2007
Motivated by a shared vision of providing complete asset tracking solutions that can support a variety of RFID, RTLS, and other wireless technologies, InnerWireless and PanGo Networks merged in a deal that was announced this week.

Sony Europe Finds ROI with RFID Deployment
  Thursday March 22nd, 2007
Sony Europe has gone live with an RFID system that combines real-time tracking and closed-circuit video surveillance at its Tilburg distribution facility in the Netherlands. Sony expects to achieve a return on investment in less than a year by increasing shipment accuracy, reducing shrink, and improving customer reconciliation.

TAGSYS Guarantees Six Sigma RFID Performance
  Wednesday March 21st, 2007
TAGSYS is offering what it calls a first-of-its-kind guarantee: Six Sigma read accuracy for high frequency RFID technology used for item-level pharmaceutical tagging. TAGSYS intends for the program to give pharmaceutical companies confidence in RFID for track-and-trace applications.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for March
  Tuesday March 20th, 2007
Baird has released its March RFID Monthly report. The 15-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Major Roll-out Sees 15k Active RFID Tags Deployed
  Monday March 19th, 2007
AeroScout, a provider of real-time location systems (RTLS) using WiFi-based active RFID technology, today announced a major deployment for City Link, a U.K.-based express delivery provider. The deployment will see 15,000 tags distributed across 70 geographically dispersed locations.

EU Opts for Hands-Off Approach to RFID Regulation
  Friday March 16th, 2007
The European Commission yesterday used CeBIT as a platform to publicly deliver its decision regarding the near-term regulation of RFID technology. In what will surely come as a very welcome development to the industry, the executive body of the EU declared that it would seek to minimize regulating the technology.

Shaw Industries Rolls Out the Red Carpet for RFID
  Thursday March 15th, 2007
Rug manufacturer Shaw Industries is going well beyond its Wal-Mart compliance requirements with a 37-facility expansion of its existing RFID pilot. Shaw says the system will provide strong ROI by increasing shipment accuracy, enabling better customer service, improving supply chain visibility, and shortening lead times.

Starport Announces RFID Chip for Mobile Devices
  Wednesday March 14th, 2007
Fabless semiconductor startup Starport Systems last week announced the SP7001, a Gen2 RFID reader chip whose reduced price and small form factor the company hopes will enable the incorporation of RFID into far more devices than is possible today, eventually resulting in the emergence of a new class of RFID applications.

ABI Reaffirms Retail Supply Chain RFID Opportunity
  Tuesday March 13th, 2007
In reaction to recent high-profile articles in the mainstream business press that offered pessimistic slants on RFID adoption in the retail supply chain, ABI Research today released a statement asserting that the long-term retail supply chain opportunity for passive UHF RFID does in fact exist.

RFID Tag Provider Confidex Lands EUR 5m
  Monday March 12th, 2007
Specialty RFID tag manufacturer Confidex today announced its first round of institutional funding in the form of €5 million. Lead investor Logispring, a Swiss venture capital firm focused on opportunities in industrial processes, logistics, and manufacturing, was joined by Finland's Aura Capital.

Apple Patent Uses RFID for Home Networking
  Friday March 9th, 2007
Apple Computer has filed a patent which uses RFID to greatly simplify the process of setting up and configuring a wireless home network.

Impinj Secures $19m to Pursue Item-Level RFID
  Thursday March 8th, 2007
Semiconductor and RFID hardware manufacturer Impinj announced yesterday that it had raised $19 million in a private funding round, bringing total venture and strategic investment in the seven-year-old company to $98 million. The company will use the funds to pursue opportunities in item-level tagging.

RFID Reader Vendors Rally Around Intel's New Chip
  Wednesday March 7th, 2007
RFID reader companies Alien, CAEN, and ThingMagic made a point yesterday to announce their planned integration of Intel's new Gen2 reader chip into their reader products. That chip, the R1000, was itself announced yesterday by Intel, and is expected to herald the introduction of cheaper and smaller Gen2 RFID reader technology.

Intel Announces Gen2 RFID Reader Chip
  Tuesday March 6th, 2007
Intel today announced the release of a fully integrated Gen2 RFID reader chip, the R1000. The new chip, which is slated for volume production within weeks, may represent a major technological milestone for RFID as it preciptates a dramatic reduction in the cost and form factor of reader technology.

Wall Street Journal Assesses RFID Risks and Rewards
  Monday March 5th, 2007
The Wall Street Journal has published another story about RFID adoption. Appearing in Saturday's edition, the full-page piece is likely to be perceived as more balanced than the damning Wal-Mart's Radio-Tracked Inventory Hits Static, which ran a few weeks ago and elicited major pushback from the RFID industry.

Hospital Using RTLS to Monitor Patients' Conditions
  Friday March 2nd, 2007
A new system co-developed by AeroScout, Cisco Systems, and Emergin at the University Hospital of Ghent lets nurses use IP phones and the hospital’s WiFi network to receive RTLS location data plus patient blood pressure, electrocardiogram images, and other medical data collected by patient monitoring equipment.

The Role of RFID in the Search for Perfect Logistics
  Thursday March 1st, 2007
AMR Research analyst John Fontanella notes how many manufacturing processes can already achieve near perfection through Six Sigma principles, while logistics processes have much greater room for improvement. RFID, asserts Fontanella, will help change that, improving logistics by offering much higher levels of accuracy.

Recall Uses RFID to Make Records Auditing Possible
  Wednesday February 28th, 2007
Document and records management company Recall Corp. says its new RFID-based audit system is an industry first. It not only makes complete audits of millions of records practical, it can help firms meet a variety of documentation requirements mandated by regulations like SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, and FACTA.

RFID in Force at Asset Management Expo
  Tuesday February 27th, 2007
Attendees at the inaugural Asset Management Conference & Expo in San Diego heard first-hand accounts of how RFID and other technologies can improve asset utilization and maintenance applications.

RTLS Innovation Continues with New Card-Size Tags
  Monday February 26th, 2007
AeroScout and Ekahau separately introduced new RTLS tags in the approximate size and shape of cards that can be used for ID badges and other applications. The new tags include several other innovations: Ekahau's has a 60-character LCD screen, and AeroScout's has two programmable call buttons.

Changes in Industrial RFID Demand Data Integration
  Friday February 23rd, 2007
ARC Advisory Group's Chantal Polsonetti discusses how RFID applications in industrial environments are moving away from the custom frequencies used previously toward more standardized high frequency (13.56 MHz) technology, thus creating a need to better integrate the RFID data with the larger automation architecture.

Schiff Puts a New Spin on RFID Compliance
  Thursday February 22nd, 2007
Vitamin manufacturer Schiff Nutrition International reads RFID smart labels on cases as they spin on a shrinkwrap machine, then uses the data to build EPC Gen 2 pallet labels to comply with Wal-Mart's RFID tagging requirement. Schiff Nutrition shared its experience, including implementation cost data and ROI prospects.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for February
  Wednesday February 21st, 2007
Baird has released its February RFID Monthly report. The 16-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

RFID Border Tracking Plagued By Low Read Rates
  Tuesday February 20th, 2007
The US Department of Homeland Security has decided to cease using RFID in its US Visitor and Immigration Status Indicator Technology (US-VISIT) program after the technology's read rates proved inadequate.

How RFID Adoption Varies By Region
  Friday February 16th, 2007
Manufacturing Insights has released some findings from the first installment of its 2nd Annual Global RFID Report. In addition to the high-level finding -- manufacturing end users are only cautiously adoption RFID, but "prospects are encouraging" -- the company has shed light on the differences in adoption across geographies.

Financial Press Considers RFID's Potential
  Thursday February 15th, 2007
RFID received attention from the mainstream financial press today in the form of three articles, one in the Wall Street Journal, the other two on investor site The Motley Fool. Highlights of the articles are recapped in this article.

Kodak Files Patent for Edible RFID Tag
  Wednesday February 14th, 2007
NewScientist.com has uncovered a recently filed patent application from camera and imaging technology giant Kodak that outlines a compelling new application of RFID: ingestible tags that act as monitors for health characteristics within the human body.

Flexible, Cheaper RFID Converting Machine Released
  Tuesday February 13th, 2007
Label converting company Worldlabel is now selling an RFID smart label converting machine for the first time. Worldlabel and TÜV SÜD PSB Group co-developed the new Infinity V1 smart label converting machine, which can accommodate a wide range of inlay types and sizes and label media up to 21 inches wide.

Purdue Pharma Ramps Up RFID Pilot with Gen2
  Monday February 12th, 2007
Purdue today announced *increased development* to its two-year old RFID pilot for tagging the widely-counterfeited painkiller OxyContin. Vendors involved in the pilot include Gen2 equipment manufacturer Impinj, packaging performance management solutions provider SYSTECH International, and value-added systems integrator ADT.

RFID E-Pedigree's Potential to Improve Pharma
  Friday February 9th, 2007
This article recaps a recent webinar on how the electronic pedigree solutions based on EPCglobal's new Drug Pedigree Standard could help pharmaceutical companies improve patient safety, speed recalls, and improve inventory management.

RFID Cures Medical Record Access
  Thursday February 8th, 2007
MedicAlert, a provider of medical information services and personal health record management, has tapped RFID technology to streamline and facilitate access to personal health information. Teaming with chip manufacturer AMD and Siemens, MedicAlert will launch aimed at enhancing university student access to their medical records.

Xterprise Makes Multimillion RFID Tag Purchase
  Wednesday February 7th, 2007
RFID solutions provider Xterprise today released the latest update on the RFID deployment it is managing for pallet pool iGPS, the all-plastic pallet pool startup. Xterprise has placed an order for 4.5 million RFID tags, which the company says represents one of the industry's single largest tag orders in recent history.

Compact, Cheap RFID Reader Chip Developed
  Tuesday February 6th, 2007
Last week the Institute of Microelectronics in Singapore announced the development of a single reader chip for ultrahigh frequency (UHF) RFID which has the potential to dramatically reduce both the price and form factor of portable RFID readers.

Aberdeen on RFID Adoption in Manufacturing
  Monday February 5th, 2007
Research firm Aberdeen Group last week released the latest installment in a series of reports on RFID adoption by manufacturers. Entitled Can RFID Deliver the Goods?, the report is available free. In this guest contribution, report author Russ Klein summarizes the key findings and recommendations for action.

Cisco, AeroScout Team to Market WiFi RFID
  Friday February 2nd, 2007
Cisco Systems continues to fill out its RFID portfolio by releasing a new asset tracking system that uses WiFi wireless LANs and Cisco's Wireless Location Appliance with active RFID tags and software provided by AeroScout.

IDTechEx Releases RFID Market Predictions for 2007
  Thursday February 1st, 2007
Research firm IDTechEx of Cambridge this week released the 2007 update to its annual ten-year forecast on the RFID market. The company has published some of its key predictions for 2007, highlighted in this article.

RFID Enables Personalized Billboard Displays
  Wednesday January 31st, 2007
MINI USA, the US division of the company that manufactures the MINI COOPER automobile, this week launched an innovative marketing initiative that relies on active RFID technology. The company will install roadside billboards that display personalized messages to MINI owners passing in their cars or on foot.

Human RFID Tag Provider VeriChip Announces IPO
  Tuesday January 30th, 2007
Applied Digital Solutions announced yesterday that it will take VeriChip public. Applied Digital manufacturers security and identification products based on a number of technologies, including RFID. A subsidiary of Applied Digital, VeriChip manufacturers the controversial human-implantable RFID tag of the same name.

VDC on RFID Adoption in 2006
  Monday January 29th, 2007
Market research firm Venture Development Corporation of Natick, Massachusetts, recently released a number of findings on the RFID market in 2006. This article highlights the key points.

Threat to RFID in Manufacturing May Come from Within
  Friday January 26th, 2007
ARC Advisory Group's Chantal Polsonetti discusses how RFID and other automatic identification technologies will increasingly compete with one another for the same applications, forcing vendors to demonstrate value not only over competitors offering the same technology, but also over alternative technologies that are appropriate for the application.

Manufacturing Insights on RFID Adoption
  Thursday January 25th, 2007
Kim Knickle, analyst with research firm Manufacturing Insights, takes a high-level look at RFID adoption in industries across the board and asserts that industry-specific expertise is a key competitive advantage RFID vendors should offer to win business.

Motorola Could Sell Symbol's RFID Tag Business
  Wednesday January 24th, 2007
There is an industry rumor that Motorola, which recently acquired Symbol Technologies for $3.9 billion, is considering a sale of the RFID tag component of Symbol's RFID business. RFID Update spoke with Reik Read, leading RFID industry financial analyst and author of RFID Monthly, about Motorola's possible divestiture.

Active RFID Tracks Alaskan Cargo
  Tuesday January 23rd, 2007
Shipping firm Horizon Lines has gained total visibility over all its cargo shipments to Alaska with an active RFID system that tracks shipping containers in terminals, on ships, in DCs, and as they travel on highways. Grocer Safeway uses data from the system to track incoming goods to its Alaskan supermarkets.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for January
  Monday January 22nd, 2007
Baird has released its January RFID Monthly report. The 13-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Social Security Expects 70% Savings from RFID
  Friday January 19th, 2007
The U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) installed Gen2 RFID technology to support its automated warehouse management system (WMS) at a document distribution facility in Woodlawn, Maryland. SSA expects the RFID to produce labor savings of 70 percent at the facility, which already saved $1 million annually after implementing the bar code-based WMS.

IDTechEx Identifies "Booming" Areas for RFID
  Thursday January 18th, 2007
Research firm IDTechEx has published an article in which it identifies four sectors of the RFID market it characterizes as booming: public transportation, label converters, retail, and active RFID.

Checkpoint RFID Embarks on New Strategic Path
  Wednesday January 17th, 2007
Checkpoint Systems yesterday announced its involvement in the 36-dock door trial of Gen2 RFID conducted by giant German retailer METRO Group at one of its operational distribution centers, significant because it represents the first public move in the company's new strategic direction for RFID.

E-Pedigree Standard Ratified, Supports RFID
  Tuesday January 16th, 2007
The new Electronic Pedigree Documentation standard from EPCglobal supports the use of RFID, bar code, and other methods to create electronic pedigrees. Organizations at all points in the supply chain can use the standard to satisfy pharmaceutical pedigree requirements currently in effect in several states.

Zebra Acquires Active RFID Provider WhereNet
  Friday January 12th, 2007
Specialty printer solution provider Zebra Technologies has entered the active RFID market by acquiring real-time locating systems (RTLS) technology provider WhereNet for $126 million in a deal announced yesterday.

TI Releases Tiny Multiprotocol HF RFID Reader Chip
  Thursday January 11th, 2007
Texas Instruments today introduced a high frequency (13.56 MHz) RFID integrated circuit (IC) reader that processes multiple protocols including ISO 14443A/B, ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3, plus TI's own Tag-It portfolio. TI's smallest HF reader, the IC measures 5 by 5 millimeters and is designed for OEMs.

Pliant and IBM Harness RFID for Tamper Detection
  Wednesday January 10th, 2007
Packaging materials manufacturer Pliant announced the successful trial of a new technology co-developed with IBM that combines Gen2 RFID tags with printable electronics to automatically record if pallet shrink wrap material has been tampered.

Athens Garbage Collection Cleans Up with RFID
  Tuesday January 9th, 2007
The Aspropyrgos Municipality, part of the greater Athens metropolitan area, has deployed an RFID-based trial to better control and manage its public garbage collection system. The system represents a classic example of a closed-loop RFID deployment designed to wring new efficiencies from existing processes.

Two New Developments in RFID Reader Technology
  Monday January 8th, 2007
There were two vendor announcements today signalling the ever-advancing state of RFID reader technology. The first came from Gen2 reader manufacturer ThingMagic, the second from semiconductor giant Atmel and embedded RFID reader provider SkyeTek.

Futuristic RFID Trial in Tokyo Shopping District
  Friday January 5th, 2007
RFID technology will figure prominently into one of the most ambitious "city of the future" projects to date. In Tokyo's famed Ginza shopping district, 10,000 RFID tags and similar wireless beacons will be embedded in public fixtures like walls and street lamps, according to Computerworld.

RFID Patient ID System Yields Immediate Benefit
  Thursday January 4th, 2007
HP and Precision Dynamics Corporation today announed the deployment of a comprehensive RFID-based patient management system at the Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan. The system offers the facility a raft of benefits and has already realized positive results in terms of patient identification.

3M Deploys RFID Specimen Tracking at Mayo Clinic
  Wednesday January 3rd, 2007
3M today announced the successful pilot of an RFID-based track-and-trace solution for Mayo Clinic, the well-known medical practice with diagnosis and treatment facilities scattered across the US. The RFID system will allow medical practitioners to better manage the specimens of patient tissue.

More Manufacturers Use RFID to Improve Than Comply
  Friday December 22nd, 2006
A new study from ChainLink Research produced some surprising results about RFID implementations: manufacturers are more likely to install RFID for internal process improvements than because of compliance requirements, and small companies are enthusiastic adopters.

Top 10 RFID Trends of 2006, Part 3
  Thursday December 21st, 2006
This article is the last of a three-part series looking at the top ten trends in RFID over the past year. Today's article looks at trends 3, 2, and 1, those that RFID Update considers the three most important trends of the year.

Top 10 RFID Trends of 2006, Part 2
  Wednesday December 20th, 2006
This article is the second of a three-part series looking at the top ten trends in RFID over the past year. Today's article looks at trends 6 through 4.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for December
  Tuesday December 19th, 2006
Baird has released its December RFID Monthly report. The 13-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Top 10 RFID Trends of 2006, Part 1
  Monday December 18th, 2006
This article is the first of a three-part series looking at the top ten trends in RFID over the past year. Today's article looks at trends 10 through 7.

IBM's New RFID Software Supports EPCIS
  Friday December 15th, 2006
Today IBM announced WebSphere RFID Information Center, a middleware product created to provide a building block for multiple-company RFID supply chain applications. It is built on specifications for the forthcoming EPCglobal EPC Information Services (EPCIS) standard.

Aberdeen on Supply Chain Visibility with RFID
  Thursday December 14th, 2006
Research firm Aberdeen Group this week released the latest installment in a series of reports on RFID adoption. Entitled Total Supply Chain Visibility with RFID, the report is available free. In this guest contribution, report author Russ Klein summarizes the key findings and recommendations for action.

New RFID Tag Withstands Industrial Sterilization
  Wednesday December 13th, 2006
A company called AdvantaPure that specializes in ultra-clean products for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, food, and cosmetic industries, has released the GammaTag, which it claims is the first and only RFID tag that can withstand sterilization by gamma radiation.

Injunction May Slow Momentum for RFID E-Pedigrees
  Tuesday December 12th, 2006
Efforts to document the transfer of drugs in the pharmaceutical supply chain using RFID-enabled electronic pedigrees have suffered a blow with a federal court judge's issuance of an injunction that blocks the FDA's pedigree requirement.

Frost: Major Growth Ahead for RFID Printer Market
  Monday December 11th, 2006
Research firm Frost & Sullivan has released a report with rosy demand predictions for RFID printer-encoders. Pegged at $10.7 million in 2005, the market for RFID printer-encoders will surge in value to $209.3 million in 2012 for a compounded annual growth rate of 53%.

Dutch Casino Operator Bets on RFID Chips
  Friday December 8th, 2006
Casino supplies manufacturer Gaming Partners International (GPI) today announced a major order for its RFID gaming chips. The company will sell 950,000 chips to Holland Casino in a transaction valued at 1,850,000 euros, or approximately US $2.45 million.

De Facto Global Standard for Active RFID is Emerging
  Thursday December 7th, 2006
The ISO standard for active RFID, ISO-18000-7, has been gaining traction in recent months, and industry analysts think it will likely become the de facto global standard for tracking shipping containers as they are transported around the world.

Smart Card Firms Challenge US on RFID
  Wednesday December 6th, 2006
The Smart Card Alliance has come out against a decision by the US goverment to use Gen2 technology in its passport card initiative. The SCA issued an official statement earlier this week laying out an argument for why RFID technology based on an existing smart card standard, and not Gen2, is preferable for the program.

Imminent ISO Standardization a Boon for RTLS
  Tuesday December 5th, 2006
ARC Advisory Group's Chantal Polsonetti discusses how the imminent standardization of the air interface portion of the ISO standard for RTLS will likely bring down the cost of RTLS hardware as well as attract market entrants offering niche applications.

RFID Privacy Concerns Wane as Knowledge Grows
  Monday December 4th, 2006
Privacy issues are often attention-getting in the RFID industry, but are not always influential. RFID Update research has identified major differences on the influence of privacy in shaping opinions toward RFID vendors, and which segments of the market are most likely to be influenced.

Nissan Deploys Active RFID at Mississippi Plant
  Friday December 1st, 2006
Nissan North America is deploying an active RFID tracking system from WhereNet at its Canton, Mississippi, facility to improve vehicle tracking, quality control, and production velocity. The system will track finished vehicles, as well as trucks moving in and out of the complex.

ODIN Releases Global RFID Tag Benchmark
  Thursday November 30th, 2006
RFID solutions and deployment provider ODIN technologies today announced the release of the Global RFID Tag Benchmark, the latest in the company's RFID hardware benchmark series. The report presents the results and conclusions of labratory tests that ODIN ran on 18 commercially available Gen2 tags from seven different vendors.

Metro and Savi Launch Container-Tracking RFID Pilot
  Wednesday November 29th, 2006
German retailing giant and RFID early adopter METRO Group today announced a pilot with Savi Networks that will see real-time RFID-based tracking of containers originating in Asia and bound for METRO's European distribution centers.

Users Tell RFID Vendors: "Show Us the References"
  Tuesday November 28th, 2006
RFID Update research highlights what influences prospective RFID end users and shapes their attitudes toward vendors. The results show nothing is more influential than reference accounts -- which are often scarce.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for November
  Monday November 27th, 2006
Baird has released its November RFID Monthly report. The 16-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

New Security-Laden RFID Tag Targets Pharma
  Friday November 17th, 2006
These days, the word 'security' is key when discussing pharmaceutical supply chains - an emerging market for RFID entrepreneurs. And so the stage is set for SecureRF, whose new tag keeps data under wraps except for authorized readers.

Marks & Spencer to Expand RFID Item Tagging
  Thursday November 16th, 2006
UK retailer Marks & Spencer is expanding its successful RFID garment-tracking system from 42 to 120 stores starting in the spring of 2007. The company is using the technology to improve stock accuracy and forecasting.

Pharmaceutical RFID Pilot Finds Promise, Problems
  Wednesday November 15th, 2006
Cardinal Health released results of an extensive pilot project to evaluate UHF RFID technology for item-level pharmaceutical tracking. Despite extremely low read rates for some operations, Cardinal viewed the pilot as positive, especially for the ability of Gen2 RFID to support item-level applications.

Major RFID Innovation for Pharma Item-Level Tagging
  Tuesday November 14th, 2006
Packaging giant O-I has devised a method of embedding RFID inlays into pharmaceutical packaging for each of the four typical pharmaceutical dosage forms: solids, gelcaps, powders, and liquids. In addition, the solution works with either HF or UHF, enabling O-I clients to elect whichever technology best suits their needs.

Vue Brings UHF Item-Level RFID to Pharmacies
  Monday November 13th, 2006
Vue Technology today announced a solution for item-level tagging in retail pharmacies that uses UHF RFID. Based on the existing TrueVUE RFID platform, the solution represents what the company claims is the first UHF item-level tagging solution for pharmacies.

Aberdeen on Getting ROI from RFID
  Friday November 10th, 2006
Research firm Aberdeen Group this week released the latest installment in a series of reports on RFID adoption. Entitled ROI in RFID, the report is available free. In this guest contribution, report author Russ Klein summarizes the key findings and recommendations for action.

Inability to Measure Process Performance Hides RFID Value
  Thursday November 9th, 2006
AMR Research analyst John Fontanella argues in this guest article that it is far easier to measure the costs of RFID than it is the benefits, and it is for this reason that determining ROI has been so challenging. But just because measuring the benefits is difficult does not mean they don't exist, especially when trading partners collaborate.

Pro-Privacy Tearable RFID Tag Becomes a Reality
  Wednesday November 8th, 2006
IBM has licensed its innovative Clipped Tag technology to label converter Marnlen RFiD, who has already started shipping samples to select end users. According to what Marnlen's vice president of business development Andris Lauris told RFID Update, the tags are ready for immediate production, and the company is taking orders.

RFID Laptop Tracking Sees Adoption
  Tuesday November 7th, 2006
The cost of stolen laptops is going up, and the market is looking to RFID for help. Vector Networks this week announced the addition of an RFID-based asset tracking application to its suite of offerings. The solution allows enterprises to quickly locate and track valuable assets such as laptops that are constantly moved from one location to another.

Smart Dust Innovator Targets RFID
  Monday November 6th, 2006
A key innovator of so-called smart dust has returned to the lab to extend the technology's capabilities into the RFID realm. UC Berkeley professor Kristofer Pister believes potential enhancements in meshed sensor networks could fulfill RFID's promise of asset visibility.

Bookstore Item-Level RFID Tagging Boosts Sales
  Friday November 3rd, 2006
CIO Insight provides an update on the item-level tagging deployment by the Dutch book retailer Boekhandels Groep Nederland (BGN). According to the article, the deployment is generating major benefit, so much so that BGN plans to expand it across 16 more stores before the end of next year.

MRO is Major RFID Opportunity for Aero and Defense
  Thursday November 2nd, 2006
ABI Research predicts that the market for RFID from the aerospace and defense industries will reach $2 billion in 2011. Drilling down into this figure, one of the key opportunities for RFID that ABI Research identifies is that of MRO, or maintanence, repair, and overhaul.

Symbol Unveils Switch to Bridge RFID and WiFi
  Wednesday November 1st, 2006
Symbol Technologies today announced the release of the RFS7000 RF Switch, which it is calling the industry's first RF switch. It represents a key component of the Wireless Next Generation architecture, or Wi-NG, which the company announced in May would be a new strategic direction in its furtherance of enterprise mobility.

RTLS Provider Ekahau Secures $16m to Fund Growth
  Tuesday October 31st, 2006
RTLS Ekahau today announced $16 million in additional funding, $12 million of which represents a Series B round of venture capital, and $4 million of which is loans and government grants. Ekahau is one of the leading providers of WiFi-based RTLS solutions, which allow locationing functionality to be installed over existing WiFi networks.

EPCglobal Launches Major RFID Pilot in Asia
  Monday October 30th, 2006
EPCglobal today announced the launch of a pilot to assess RFID usage on containers and cartons being shipped by sea between Japan and Hong Kong. It is the first of a two-phase initiative that will drive progress on EPCIS, continued standardization, and the use of RFID for automated customs clearance.

CHEP Begins RFID Deployment for Its Container Fleet
  Friday October 27th, 2006
Systems integrator Infosys has deployed an RFID solution based on software from SAP for CHEP, a leading provider of pallet and container pooling services. The deployment will allow CHEP to offer track-and-trace asset visibility solutions to its customers.

Sirit Trims Staff Amid Rough Supply Chain RFID Market
  Thursday October 26th, 2006
RFID reader manufacturer Sirit has announced plans to achieve cash flow neutrality by the fourth quarter of fiscal 2007. It will layoff over 25% of its staff, close two locations, and focus its product development efforts on those opportunities that promise near-term revenue.

Active RFID Duals WiFi for Healthcare RTLS Supremacy
  Wednesday October 25th, 2006
ABI Research says that neither of the leading real-time location systems (RTLS) technologies -- WiFi and active RFID -- has a clear lead in the US healthcare sector market. According to the ABI, only 5% of healthcare facilities have deployed RTLS systems for asset tracking, so the market remains "up for grabs."

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for October
  Tuesday October 24th, 2006
Baird has released its October RFID Monthly report. The 16-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

European 3PL Turns to RFID for Container Tracking
  Monday October 23rd, 2006
RTLS provider WhereNet today announced a closed-loop active RFID deployment for Austrian third-party logistics provider Jobstl. Jobstl distributes clothing and fashion merchandise for Vogele, a clothes retailer with more than 750 locations across Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

Wrap-Up of EPCglobal US Conference RFID News
  Friday October 20th, 2006
This week's EPCglobal US Conference in Los Angeles provided a forum for the debut of a number of new products and new industry partnerships. This article lists the relevant announcements to come out of the show.

Vendors to Drive RFID Job Growth
  Thursday October 19th, 2006
Why does it pay to get ahead now by mastering RFID concepts and practicing real-life implementations in specific markets? Not just because the job market demands business-savvy technicians with big skills and bigger plans. Companies also want employees who know how RFID can scale to specific industry needs, whether it’s automotive supply chains or pharmaceutical pedigree tracking.

RFID Visionaries Open EPCglobal Conference
  Wednesday October 18th, 2006
The EPCglobal US Conference officially kicked off today at the city convention center in Los Angeles with a round of speeches from some of the industry's more influential individuals. This article provides some of the takeaways.

RFID Industry Hungry for Pros with Experience
  Tuesday October 17th, 2006
Only handfuls of technicians are equipped to handle the high-level RFID deployments that an increasing number of companies are demanding. In a February 2006 survey of 80 companies working with RFID technology conducted by CompTIA, 75 percent of respondents said they don't believe there's a sufficient pool of talent in RFID to hire from.

European RFID Test Sees Near-Perfect Read Rates
  Monday October 16th, 2006
Reva Systems and Impinj today announced what they are calling a performance breakthrough for RFID deployments in Europe, where adoption in the supply chain has been hindered by poor performance owing to restrictions on radio frequency allocations.

BEA Releases 2.0 of RFID Enterprise Software
  Friday October 13th, 2006
Enterprise infrastructure software provider BEA this week announced the 2.0 release of its WebLogic RFID Enterprise Server. The software solution is aimed at providing centralized visibility and management of the increasingly distributed nature of RFID deployments.

VDC: Pharma Item-Level RFID to Set Precedent
  Thursday October 12th, 2006
Research firm Venture Development Corporation of Natick, Massachusetts, just released a bulletin on item-level tagging in the pharmaceutical industry. This article highlights the key points.

Alien Opens RFID Tag Plant, Releases Gen2 Chip
  Wednesday October 11th, 2006
Alien Technology this week made four announcements that together represent the company's most assertive public move since it came out of the legally-mandated quiet period triggered by the IPO attempt earlier this year. The two major announcements were the opening of its North Dakota tag manufacturing facility and the introduction of its Gen2 chip product.

Pharma RFID Adoption Still Seeking Shot in the Arm
  Tuesday October 10th, 2006
Florida passed another technological milestone in its drug pedigree program by designating the first company (SupplyScape) to provide digital signatures for electronic pedigree authentication. Pedigree requirements of the FDA's Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA) will soon take effect. How soon will RFID for pharma e-pedigrees follow?

Years Before RFID Baggage Tracking Takes Off
  Friday October 6th, 2006
ABI Research yesterday announced that the market for RFID baggage tagging will be worth $11.8 million this year. It will grow at a CAGR of 18.49% through 2011, when the market value reaches $27.5 million. While RFID baggage tagging has received quite a bit of press, these figures indicate that in fact the market opportunity is small.

California RFID Restrictions Get Governor's Veto
  Thursday October 5th, 2006
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed Senate Bill 768, which would have placed unprecedented restrictions on RFID technology. The bill is temporarily stopped, but RFID remains surrounded with legislative and privacy issues, leaving the industry to wonder what's next.

RFID Deployment at DoD Completes First Phase
  Wednesday October 4th, 2006
In the next few days, RFID solutions provider ODIN technologies will announce the completion of the first of two phases in its RFID infrastructure deployment for the US Department of Defense.

Recap of the RFID Investor Conference, Part 2
  Tuesday October 3rd, 2006
Last week RFID Update attended the 2006 RFID Conference, hosted by investment firm Robert W. Baird & Co. The one-day event catered to the investor community, which was reflected by presentations that tackled high-level topics like Gen2 performance, return on investment, and the "HF vs. UHF" debate.

Recap of the RFID Investor Conference, Part 1
  Monday October 2nd, 2006
Last week RFID Update attended the 2006 RFID Conference, hosted by investment firm Robert W. Baird & Co. The one-day event catered to the investor community, which was reflected by presentations that tackled higher-level topics than those typically covered at more broadly focused industry conferences. This article has highlights.

Honda Next Automaker to Get On Track with RFID
  Friday September 29th, 2006
A Honda UK manufacturing facility is spearheading what solution provider Intellident calls the automotive industry's largest RFID tracking application of its kind in the world. Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM) is applying EPCglobal Gen2-standard RFID tags to 350,000 reusable logistics containers.

PolyIC Announces Printable RFID Prototypes
  Thursday September 28th, 2006
PolyIC claimed a breakthrough in the development of printable RFID tags with the announcement that its printing process has successfully produced miles of prototype rolls of 13.56 MHz integrated circuits.

RFID Analysts Smile on Motorola-Symbol Deal
  Wednesday September 27th, 2006
Early reactions to Motorola's acquisition of Symbol from the general business and technology press were favorable when the deal was announced last Tuesday. Since then, analysts with a closer view of the AIDC and RFID space have digested the news and issued their own comprehensive analysis of what it means, the highlights of which are discussed in this article.

RFID Continues to Take Back Seat in Automotive
  Tuesday September 26th, 2006
This guest article from AMR Research's Kevin Reale considers reasons for the automotive industry's lagging adoption of RFID, while making the argument that once adoption finally takes off, auto manufacturers will need to deploy the technology to remain competitive.

Zebra Buys $10m in RFID Intellectual Property
  Monday September 25th, 2006
Zebra Technologies broadened its RFID intellectual property portfolio by acquiring IP and patents from BTG, a technology transfer company. BTG, which has been involved in RFID for years and previously helped commercialize the Supertag for retail item tagging, is now fully divested of RFID technology.

RFID Industry Weighs In On California Bill
  Friday September 22nd, 2006
The AeA, AIM Global and Secure ID Coalition all advised California on proposed California Senate Bill 768 (SB 768), which places controversial new restrictions on RFID systems used by government agencies in the state. Representatives of those organizations share their concerns about the bill and point out its positives.

Jaguar Signs On as Savi Extends RFID Network to UK
  Thursday September 21st, 2006
Savi Networks has announced that the Port of Felixstowe became the first UK port outfitted with the SaviTrak RFID container tracking infrastructure, and Jaguar will track parts shipments from Felixstowe to the US. Now 50 percent of all cargo that enters the US originates from ports equipped with Savi tracking technology.

What the Motorola-Symbol Deal Means for RFID
  Wednesday September 20th, 2006
Cell phone giant Motorola yesterday announced that it would buy Symbol Technologies for $3.9 billion, at a per-share price of $15. The purchase price represents roughly a 20% premium over Symbol's closing stock price Friday afternoon, before rumors of the acquisition drove it up over the weekend.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for September
  Tuesday September 19th, 2006
Baird has released its September RFID Monthly report. The 14-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Transatlantic Consortium to Research RFID
  Monday September 18th, 2006
The US and UK today announced the launch of a far-reaching defense technology research program that will span military, industry, and academic institutions. It will be composed of 25 organizations and led by IBM. Called the International Technology Alliance, it could last up to ten years and reach a value of $135.8 million.

Interoperability is Key to RFID Market Maturity
  Friday September 15th, 2006
ARC Advisory Group's Chantal Polsonetti discusses the need for multi-vendor interoperability as a key step in the maturity and adoption of RFID technology. Fortunately, she notes, interoperability efforts are underway, and the industry is moving in the right direction.

Interoperability Certified for 12 Gen2 RFID Products
  Thursday September 14th, 2006
EPCglobal announced the first products that have earned its new Gen2 hardware interoperability certification. Interoperability is the second of three types of certification EPCglobal plans to offer, which includes the standard conformance certification announced one year ago and the forthcoming performance specifications, which are in development.

Wal-Mart to Expand RFID Rollout by 500 Locations
  Wednesday September 13th, 2006
Wal-Mart yesterday issued a formal announcement of its plans to "aggressively" move forward with the deployment of RFID. The giant retailer will implement the technology at an additional 500 stores and clubs before the end of its fiscal year (January 31, 2007), bringing the total number of RFID-equipped locations to over 1,000.

Avery RFID Launches Tech Transfer, Buys Startup
  Tuesday September 12th, 2006
Yesterday at the Labelexpo Americas show in Chicago, labeling giant Avery Dennison announced two new developments related to the company's RFID business. The first is the launch of a technology transfer program for its label converter customers. The second is the acquisition of startup RFID tag manufacturer RF IDentics.

Robust Demand for RFID from Heavy Manufacturers
  Monday September 11th, 2006
Research firm Frost & Sullivan recently evaluated the RFID market in the North American aerospace, automotive, and industial manufacturing verticals. The firms pegs the collective market value at $71.3 million last year, and predicts that it will grow at a rate of 17.9% through 2012, when it reaches $225.7 million.

RFID Reader Market Worth $1.18b in 2010
  Friday September 8th, 2006
Venture Development Corporation yesterday released findings on last year's market for RFID readers, which the firm pegs at $320 million. Over the next five years, VDC expects the market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of almost 30%, reaching $1.18 billion in 2010.

California RFID Bill One Step Away from Law
  Thursday September 7th, 2006
The RFID Law Blog has published an article on the latest development in the California legislation concerning RFID technology. Last Thursday, the California Senate approved the bill in question by a wide margin of 30 to seven. There is now one remaining step for it to become law: the governor must sign it.

RFID Patent Pool Selects Third-Party Administrator
  Wednesday September 6th, 2006
Yesterday the RFID Consortium announced the selection of Via Licensing to administer its patent pool of essential ultrahigh frequency RFID technology. The selection marks the first major, public development from the consortium since it formed more than a year ago.

The Potential for RFID in Pharmaceutical Packaging
  Tuesday September 5th, 2006
Research firm IDTechEx recently released an assessment of the potential market for RFID in the pharmaceutical industry. This article summarizes the key findings on compliance improvement, tamper recording, and the combination of RFID with sensors.

Xterprise Provides RFID for Plastic Pallet Pool
  Friday September 1st, 2006
Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS), a startup that plans to offer an RFID-tagged all-plastic pallet pool, has selected Xterprise as its RFID solution provider. Xterprise will work with iGPS' manufacturing partners to embed RFID tags in the pallets, and will help design business applications for the company's pallet tracking system.

Weyerhaeuser Snaps Up Printed RFID Startup
  Thursday August 31st, 2006
Weyerhaeuser, the $22.6 billion conglomerate known to most as a timber company, today announced that it has acquired OrganicID, a developer of printed RFID. Financial terms were not disclosed.

IDTechEx on RFID Adoption in China
  Wednesday August 30th, 2006
Research firm IDTechEx today released an assessment of RFID adoption in China. This article summarizes the key findings on standardization, impediments to adoption, the goverment's role, and the scale of Chinese deployments.

HF RFID Market Sees High Growth and 125m Order
  Tuesday August 29th, 2006
While UHF RFID technology will eventually see enormous volumes from the supply chain and retail environments, those volumes have yet to materialize. In the interim it appears that the oft-neglected high frequency (HF) RFID is an exciting source of growth and demand.

RFID Middleware Change is Certain, Direction is Not
  Monday August 28th, 2006
This is the final part of a three-part series that examines middleware and other RFID integration options and the issues surrounding them. This third installment questions whether RFID middleware has a place in a maturing RFID market and what role it might play.

RFID: Maturing at a Natural Pace in the Supply Chain
  Friday August 25th, 2006
AMR Research's Greg Aimi argues in this guest contribution that despite recent doubts about RFID in light of its slower-than-predicted uptake throughout the supply chain, the technology is in fact following a very predictable, natural lifecycle of adoption.

IBM to Host RFID Cattle Tracking Solution
  Thursday August 24th, 2006
TekVet LLC, a Utah-based developer of agricultural technology, has selected IBM to host and manage the data centers for its RFID-based cattle tracking and temperature monitoring system. The livestock tracking system allows cattle producers and investors to remotely monitor animal location via the Internet in real time.

Chinese RFID Standard Increasingly Unlikely
  Wednesday August 23rd, 2006
ABI Research last week announced findings from a newly released study on the Chinese RFID market. The findings indicate strong momentum for Gen2 is afoot that would be hard to curb if the Chinese government went forward with a separate, national standard.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for August
  Tuesday August 22nd, 2006
Baird has released its August RFID Monthly report. The 15-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

An Interview with RFID Trailblazer H. D. Smith
  Monday August 21st, 2006
In this guest contribution, Leslie Downey of RFID Revolution interviews Robert Kashmer, the VP of information technology at H. D. Smith, the fourth largest pharmaceutical wholesale company in the US and widely-recognized pioneer in RFID adoption. Kashmer has guided the company's RFID trials and implementations since 1995.

Philips Enters Gen2 RFID Chip Fray
  Friday August 18th, 2006
Philips Semiconductors has long been expected to enter the Gen2 silicon market, competing with the likes of Impinj, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, and others to sell the microchips that power Gen2 RFID tags. It appears that the company's time has come.

ERP Support Squeezes RFID Middleware
  Thursday August 17th, 2006
This is part two of a three-part series that examines middleware and other RFID integration options and the issues surrounding them. This second installment analyzes how forthcoming software standards from EPCglobal plus developments from mainstream IT, ERP and other application software providers may impact future RFID integration.

New Coalition Will Confront RFID Security Hype
  Wednesday August 16th, 2006
A handful of chip makers and smart card producers have come together and formed the Secure ID Coalition with the goal of promoting smart card technology while simultaneously ensuring consumer privacy and data security.

IPOs in RFID: If Not Alien, Then Who?
  Tuesday August 15th, 2006
The cancellation of Alien Technology's initial public offering has been greeted by the RFID industry with disappointment. While not altogether surprising given the company's challenging economic fundamentals, industry watchers remained hopeful, excited by the prospect of a publicly-traded RFID company. The question now is: If not Alien, then who?

Active RFID Provider RF Code Nails $30m Deal
  Monday August 14th, 2006
Real-time location systems provider RF Code of Mesa, Arizona, today announced an enormous $30 million contract win in the healthcare space that the company says validates its new solutions-oriented business model, also being announced today. RFID Update spoke with president and CEO Joe Dugan about the news.

Impinj Expands Gen2 RFID Chip Portfolio
  Friday August 11th, 2006
Gen2 chip supplier Impinj has expanded its portfolio of offerings with the addition of two new chip products. The fabless semiconductor firm will now complement its flagship Monza chip with the Monza/ID and Monaco/64 chips that feature, respectively, factory-programmed production identification and user-programmable memory.

4 Trends in the RFID Software and Services Market
  Thursday August 10th, 2006
ABI Research today announced that it has revised down its forecasts for the RFID software and services market in 2007 by 15%. This smaller figure does not indicate bearishness on the part of ABI. On the contrary, the firm believes four particular trends in RFID software and services are responsible, and that they represent positive signs of market maturation.

What Is RFID Middleware and Where Is It Needed?
  Wednesday August 9th, 2006
This is part one of a three-part series that examines middleware and other RFID integration options and the issues surrounding them. This first installment segments different types of specific software and hardware offerings that are commonly grouped together as "RFID middleware."

A Primer on Types of RFID Middleware
  Wednesday August 9th, 2006
This essential article defines three broadly-understood categories of RFID middleware and the vendors that participate in each category.

IBM Launches End-to-End RFID Solution for Pharma
  Tuesday August 8th, 2006
IBM today announced what it calls an end-to-end solution RFID track-and-trace solution for the pharmaceutical industry to help combat the growing problem of counterfeit drugs. The blended offering includes hardware, a middleware stack, use cases, and services.

New RFID Passport Scare -- Does it Matter?
  Monday August 7th, 2006
The technology press is awash in articles today proclaiming yet another RFID security vulnerabilty, this time with respect to electronic passports of the variety the US will begin issuing by the millions in October. The news appears, at first blush, to be damning. But as usual, upon even the slightest examination, it is revealed to be typical doomsday sensationalism.

Gen2 RFID Chips from STMicro Hit Market
  Friday August 4th, 2006
STMicroelectronics, the $9.5 billion semiconductor manufacturer, has very recently entered the market with Gen2 RFID chips that will compete against similar offerings from Impinj and, as of this week, Texas Instruments. RFID Update spoke with Francis Dell'ova, ST's RFID Business Unit Manager, about the new chips.

Prediction: 300m Gen2 RFID Tags Ship This Year
  Thursday August 3rd, 2006
Analysts and industry watchers have long considered the number of RFID tags sold to be a key metric of the overall industry's size. The question is, with the industry supposedly crawling out of the trough of disillusionment, how many tags are actually being manufactured now, half-way through 2006.

IBM Releases Free RFID Tools
  Wednesday August 2nd, 2006
IBM yesterday announced the release of three new resources targeted at developers and students that the company hopes will alleviate the shortage of skilled RFID labor, thereby accelerating the adoption of RFID technology. The resources are being offered free of charge on IBM's alphaworks site.

Is Location Tracking in Your WiFi's Future?
  Tuesday August 1st, 2006
ARC Advisory Group's Chantal Polsonetti discusses the burgeoning interest from manufacturers in WiFi-based real-time locationing systems, which offer rapid time to benefit of 12 to 18 months and can be overlaid on enterprises' existing wireless LANs.

Texas Instruments Announces Gen2 RFID Chips
  Monday July 31st, 2006
Texas Instruments today announced the release and general availability of its new Gen2 silicon, becoming one of only two companies to offer the integral chips which constitute the "brains" of Gen2-compliant RFID tags. The company says the chips offer increased performance and functionality over the competition.

Investment Firm Focuses on RFID
  Friday July 28th, 2006
An investment firm focused specifically on RFID technology is becoming increasingly active, intending to expand its holdings portfolio with investments in Europe and North America. Called RFID Invest AG, the Liechtenstein-based firm was formally established in June of last year and currently holds stakes in four companies.

RFID Provider Intelleflex Lands $15.5m
  Thursday July 27th, 2006
Intelleflex, the Silicon Valley-based provider of battery-assisted RFID platform solutions, today announced $15.5 million in a Series B round of equity funding. Led by Morgenthaler Ventures, the round was over-subscribed.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for July
  Wednesday July 26th, 2006
Baird has released its July RFID Monthly report. The 15-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

New RFID Chip Product Launch Imminent
  Tuesday July 25th, 2006
The official launch of a Gen2 chip product is expected very soon. While no one would go on record with respect to the development, a number of sources have confirmed that in the coming weeks at least one silicon manufacturer will be announcing the availability of Gen2 chips in production quantities.

Demand-Driven Supply Networks Give RFID Momentum
  Monday July 24th, 2006
AMR Research data collected from over 450 retailers and manufacturers suggests that DDSN leaders are turning to RFID to instrument and accelerate their sensor networks. Analyst Colin Masson discusses how RFID is gaining momentum as demand-driven supply chains become a reality.

Global RFID Industry Trends from IDTechEx
  Friday July 21st, 2006
IDTechEx has identified multiple industry trends based on the number of case studies that exist in its RFID Knowledgebase for the varying applications, vertical industries, and geographies where RFID is being applied. This article summarizes those trends.

Intermec and Symbol Settle RFID Lawsuits
  Thursday July 20th, 2006
After 15 months of legal wrangling, industry leaders Intermec and Symbol Technologies have announced an official agreement to lay down their arms -- that is, lawyers. While specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed, it is described broadly as having settled "all outstanding intellectual property disputes between the two companies."

Gen2 RFID Versus the New Hewlett-Packard Chip
  Wednesday July 19th, 2006
Hewlett Packard made headlines this week with its announcement of a tiny, wireless microchip capable of relatively high storage and data transfer rates. It seems like a Gen2 tag on steroids, and indeed some articles about the chip are calling it a competitor to RFID. Not likely.

Analyst RFID Viewpoint: 1984 All Over Again?
  Tuesday July 18th, 2006
Guest columnist Joe Barkai argues that ignorance regarding the actual capabilities of RFID and the potential risk to consumer privacy will lead to unfounded fears and resistance from consumers and privacy advocates, which, in turn, will slow the adoption and further development of effective and secure technology.

Semi-Passive RFID Deployed at Global 3PL
  Monday July 17th, 2006
Power Paper of Israel, together with value-added reseller NBG ID of France, have announced two large-scale RFID deployments at the French distribution centers of a leading global logistics company. The projects have utilized tens of thousands of battery-assisted passive UHF RFID tags from Power Paper's PowerID division.

Europe Launches Initiative to Drive RFID Adoption
  Friday July 14th, 2006
A European initiative to mature and expand the use of EPCglobal applications launched this week in Brussels. Called the Building Radio frequency IDentification solutions for the Global Environment, or "BRIDGE", project, it has European Commission support, 7.5 million euros in funding, and a three-year timeline.

SkyeTek Adds Encryption to Embedded RFID
  Thursday July 13th, 2006
SkyeTek, the Westminster, Colorado-based provider of embedded RFID readers, this week announced security enhancements to its product line that the company says represent a key development in the widening adoption of item-level RFID tagging.

ISO Incorporates Gen2 into RFID Standard
  Wednesday July 12th, 2006
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has amended its existing passive UHF RFID standard to include the EPCglobal Gen2 standard. The inclusion now means that Gen2-compliant RFID hardware will also be considered compliant by ISO standards.

RFID Industry Implications of the FDA Update
  Tuesday July 11th, 2006
The pharmaceutical industry eagerly anticipated an update to the FDA's 2004 Combating Counterfeit Drugs report. The update, released June 9th, clarifies the FDA's plans regarding the Prescription Drug Marketing Act and RFID adoption. ABI Research's Sara Shah discusses its implications for the future of RFID-based track and trace.

US Government Expands RFID File Tracking
  Monday July 10th, 2006
3M landed its second major government contract for RFID file-tracking last week from the U.S. Tax Court, which will deploy the company's RFID Tracking System to improve the tracking and retrieval process of its more than 100,000 paper case files.

Active RFID Provider Expands into Germany
  Friday July 7th, 2006
IDENTEC SOLUTIONS today announced the purchase of BAUMER IDENT GmbH, a German provider of automatic identification systems. Located in Weinheim, Germany, BAUMER IDENT manufactures industrial auto-ID systems, with a particular focus on the automobile sector. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Key Fob Secures RFID Data with Fingerprints
  Thursday July 6th, 2006
The $2.5 billion fabless semiconductor giant Broadcom has released a computer chip that integrates RFID capabilities with enhanced security capabilities. The first commercial product that leverages the technology will allow for applications where sensitive data is transmitted via RFID only once the user has "unlocked" it with a fingerprint.

Europe Seeks Public Opinion on RFID Policy
  Wednesday July 5th, 2006
The European Commission this week moved to the second phase of its year-long initiative to develop public policy with respect to RFID. On Monday, an online questionnaire was launched to gather input from the European public about how RFID technology can both drive European economic growth and improve the quality of life for Europeans without infringing on citizens' privacy.

Evolving Price Strategies for RFID Tags
  Friday June 30th, 2006
In this guest contribution, Frost & Sullivan analyst Priyanka Gouthaman explores the evolution of RFID tag pricing strategies seen thusfar in the market and predicts what to expect going forward.

Aberdeen on Scaling RFID from Pilot to Production
  Thursday June 29th, 2006
Research firm Aberdeen Group this week released the second in a series of reports on RFID adoption. Entitled The RFID Benchmark Series: Scaling RFID Implementations from Pilot to Production, the report is available free. In this guest contribution, report author John Fontanella summarizes the key findings and recommendations for action.

RFID Systems Integrator ASURYS Shutters
  Wednesday June 28th, 2006
ASURYS, the RFID division of paper and packaging giant International Paper, shuttered in recent weeks after being shopped around the industry for purchase, according to sources. The company employed about 25 people which International Paper will attempt to place in other positions at the company.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for June
  Tuesday June 27th, 2006
Baird has released its June RFID Monthly report. The twelve-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

World's Second Largest RFID Library to Open in China
  Monday June 26th, 2006
Item-level tagging specialist TAGSYS today announced that its technology will be deployed at the Shenzhen Library in China, where it will be the second largest RFID-enabled library automation system in the world and the largest in China.

RFID Tag Balances Privacy and Retailer Interests
  Friday June 23rd, 2006
Copenhagen-based RFIDsec this week announced a pro-privacy solution whereby retail RFID tags can be disabled upon check-out without being completely "killed", which is the traditional, irreversible way of disabling a tag. By instead switching a tag to "silent mode", it can still be used by the retailer in case the consumer returns the tagged product.

ROI in Biospecimen Tracking Thrives with RFID
  Thursday June 22nd, 2006
Health Industry Insights' Eric Newmark explains in this guest contribution how a cancer research facility in France is reaping substantial return on investment through its RFID tagging of high-value biospecimens. The technology could end up saving the facility $3 million on a tag spend of just $32,000.

RFID Funding Tops $175m Over Last 12 Months
  Wednesday June 21st, 2006
At the company's technology conference last week in New York, Bear Stearns released a report on the state of the RFID industry. Included in the report was a list of private financings to occur over the last year in the RFID industry. In total, more than $175 million was invested. This article displays the list.

Next Level of RFID Compliance: Data Synchronization
  Tuesday June 20th, 2006
On June 7th, RFID Update hosted a webinar entitled The Next Level of RFID Compliance: RFID Data Synchronization in which data synchronization was defined and explained, and the presenters' data synchronization offering was demonstrated live. This article recaps.

Active RFID Drills into Mining Industry
  Monday June 19th, 2006
Real-time locating systems (RTLS) provider AeroScout of San Mateo, California, last week announced a new active RFID solution targeted at the mining industry. Designed to improve the safety of miners, it was codeveloped with Mine Site Technologies, a specialized mining communication company in Australia.

EPCglobal Releases RFID Value Models for 3 Verticals
  Friday June 16th, 2006
Standards organization EPCglobal US has announced three new "value models" to help companies understand the financial impact of deploying EPC-based RFID solutions within their organizations. Each model addresses a particular vertical market: chemical, aerospace, and retail pharmacy.

Smaller, Cheaper, Longer-Lasting RTLS Tags Hit Market
  Thursday June 15th, 2006
Real-time locating systems (RTLS) provider Ekahau today released the third generation of its tag product, the T301-A Wi-Fi tag. The new tag sports a number of significant improvements over the second generation, including a longer battery life, smaller form factor, and cheaper price tag.

RFID to the Rescue: Boeing Uses RFID to Reduce Costs
  Wednesday June 14th, 2006
This guest article from AMR Research's Kevin Reale looks at how Boeing's supply chain has expanded in scope and geography for the manufacture of the upcoming 787 Dreamliner and how RFID is being deployed to manage the resulting complexities.

RFID Worker Management Lands at Helsinki Airport
  Tuesday June 13th, 2006
IBM, Nokia, and Finnair have teamed up to deploy an innovative RFID-based worker efficiency system at the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. Announced yesterday, the solution dramatically streamlines the administration and allocation of ground worker tasks.

What the FDA Announcement Means for RFID
  Monday June 12th, 2006
Friday's announcement by the FDA caused a stir throughout the RFID industry, which is asking what this development means in the near term for e-pedigree and RFID adoption in the pharmaceutical supply chain. The answer: not much.

FDA Announces Pharma RFID Recommendations
  Friday June 9th, 2006
The US Food and Drug Administration today released a highly anticipated report with recommendations for combating the issue of countfeit pharmaceuticals. This article contains the need-to-know points.

Microsoft Announces RFID Plans
  Thursday June 8th, 2006
At this week's U Connect Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Microsoft announced that next year's release of its BizTalk Server 2006 R2 software will include new functionality targeted specifically at the integration of RFID within an enterprise. The announcement is the most major one Microsoft has made with respect to RFID in almost a year.

RFID Vendors Unite Behind Item-Level UHF
  Wednesday June 7th, 2006
The ongoing debate about whether HF or UHF RFID is the superior choice for item-level tagging of pharmaceuticals will see another development tomorrow as a white paper is released that argues strongly for UHF. The document is sponsored by heavyweights ADT/Tyco Fire & Security, Alien, Impinj, Intel, Symbol, and Xterprise.

Boeing and FedEx Fly with Active RFID
  Tuesday June 6th, 2006
Aircraft manufacturing giant Boeing has announced that it is working with delivery and logistics leader FedEx to test the effects of regularly beaconing active RFID tags in a functioning aircraft. For a 120-day period ending September 15th, the companies will jointly monitor and evaluate an active tag deployment on one FedEx MD-10 Freighter.

Two Victories for the Anti-RFID Crowd
  Monday June 5th, 2006
There are two episodes recently which have aided the efforts of anti-RFID activists: the first a televised interview with the VeriChip chairman in which he advocates chipping US immigrants, the second a piece of legislation in the state of Wisconsin banning involuntary implants by employers of their employees.

RFID Industry Responds to Alien Vs. Intermec
  Friday June 2nd, 2006
Yesterday's announcement by Alien that it is suing Intermec caused a stir throughout the RFID market, with many surprised to see the issue of intellectual property -- widely believed to have been resolved -- back in the limelight. This article has highlights of analysis from across the industry.

IP in RFID Back at Issue as Alien Sues Intermec
  Thursday June 1st, 2006
Today Alien Technology filed suit against Intermec in the state of North Dakota. Alien asserts that its products do not infringe on certain RFID intellectual property of Intermec's, intellectual property for which Intermec has been attempting to collect royalties from vendors industry-wide.

Custom RFID Tag Manufacturer Gets $2 Million
  Wednesday May 31st, 2006
Last week RCD Technology announced series A funding in the amount of $2 million. The company is a manufacturer and designer of custom inlays. RFID Update spoke with CEO Jeff White about the funding and RCD Technology's strategy within the RFID market.

AT&T Introduces Managed RFID Service
  Tuesday May 30th, 2006
AT&T is the latest technology giant to enter the RFID industry. Through a partnership with Symbol, BEA, and Intel, the company last week announced a managed RFID service that it hopes will "accelerate mass adoption" of the technology.

Teradata Opens RFID Data Analytics Lab
  Friday May 26th, 2006
Data warehousing and analytics firm Teradata this week announced the new Retail Advanced Business Analytics & RFID Lab. The lab is targeted at assisting retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers leverage and analyze data captured from across their supply chains by RFID and other technology.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for May
  Thursday May 25th, 2006
Baird has released its May RFID Monthly report. The sixteen-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Analyst: Sense and Respond Goes Beyond RFID
  Wednesday May 24th, 2006
In this guest column, Manufacturing Insights' Bob Ferrari argues that while RFID will be the most significant disruptive technology for enabling the sense and respond supply chain, it is but one piece of the overall solution, and a piece whose current costs still present an ROI challenge.

Item-Level RFID Firm TAGSYS Lands $35m
  Tuesday May 23rd, 2006
Item-level tagging specialist TAGSYS today made two major company announcements: the first that it received $35 million in financing, the second that it will relocate its headquarters from France to Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States.

RFID Promotions Execution Initiative Launched
  Monday May 22nd, 2006
RFID-based promotions tracking got another boost last week as OATSystems, ADT, and Intel announced a "proof of ROI" program aimed at demonstrating its value to a handful of retailers. The companies will provide RFID hardware, software, and services to outfit ten stores of five retailers with promotions-tracking capabilities.

Report: Both HF and UHF RFID Will Exist at Item Level
  Friday May 19th, 2006
Cambridge-based research firm IDTechEx this week released a report on the debate between high frequency (HF) RFID and ultrahigh frequency (UHF) RFID for use at the item level.

ODIN Wins $7m RFID Contract from DoD
  Thursday May 18th, 2006
RFID solutions provider ODIN technologies has been awarded a contract by the US Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to outfit the US Department of Defense's worldwide network of distribution centers with passive RFID. The contract, which could amount to as much as $7 million, calls for 26 facilities to be RFID enabled by the end of 2007.

RFID Practices of Manufacturers and Retailers Diverge
  Wednesday May 17th, 2006
ARC Advisory Group's Chantal Polsonetti argues in this guest column that manufacturers should not necessarily emulate the RFID deployment practices of retailers but instead forge their own techniques that may include flexible RFID readers rather than fixed and moving beyond the use of printer/encoders.

RFID Update Publishes Top 10 Rankings
  Tuesday May 16th, 2006
RFID Update today released the 2006 RFID Marketing Strategies Report, a first-of-its-kind research report that analyzes how the RFID audience responds to certain marketing tactics and messages. The report also includes top-10 rankings of those vendors voted to be best at awareness building and thought leadership, as well as those most desired to be associated with in RFID.

AWID Resumes Shipment of RFID Readers
  Monday May 15th, 2006
RFID reader manufacturer AWID announced last week that it had resumed shipping certain products. The move amounts to a partial lifting of the sale freeze the company initiated when it discovered that some of its readers were not compliant with the rules of the FCC.

Key Findings from RFID Reader Benchmark
  Friday May 12th, 2006
ODIN technologies has released the latest in its RFID hardware benchmark series, this one covering Gen2 readers. The Gen 2 RFID Reader Benchmark, sponsored by Unisys, includes the test results and analysis of seven RFID readers currently in production. RFID Update spoke with ODIN's chief operating officer Bret Kinsella about the findings.

RFID Deployed for Colombian Logistics Firm
  Thursday May 11th, 2006
Savi Technology yesterday announced the deployment of an active RFID solution for Emprevi, a Colombian logistics and security firm. The deployment is aimed at providing enhanced visibility and security for cargo as it moves throughout points in Colombia.

Cardinal Health's RFID Adoption Expands
  Wednesday May 10th, 2006
Cardinal Health, the $75 billion medical distributor and supplier, yesterday announced that it is moving into the next phase of its end-to-end RFID pilot. It will now begin tagging pharmaceuticals at the item, case, and pallet levels.

New RFID Standard Groups at EPCglobal
  Tuesday May 9th, 2006
Standards body EPCglobal has announced the formation of two new working groups: the HF Air Interface Working Group and the UHF Air Interface Working Group. The former will focus on creating a Gen2 standard of HF, and the latter will work to extend the existing Gen2 capabilities to better support item-level tagging.

Pharma RFID Adoption - Retail All Over Again?
  Monday May 8th, 2006
AMR Research's Hussain Mooraj argues in this guest column that the pharmaceutical industry's RFID adoption hurdles resemble those of retail's. Specifically, pharma must be able to achieve real business value -- and not just mandate compliance -- from adoption.

Lockheed Martin to Buy Active RFID Leader Savi
  Friday May 5th, 2006
Savi Technology has agreed to be acquired by defense contractor Lockheed Martin. Savi is a Silicon Valley-based provider of active RFID solutions to the defense and transportation verticals. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

30% Out-of-stock Reductions from RFID
  Thursday May 4th, 2006
Attendees at this week's RFID Journal LIVE! were updated with the latest findings from an ongoing study by the University of Arkansas of RFID's effects in the retail supply chain. The findings indicate that RFID technology is resulting in a whopping 30% reduction in out-of-stocks for products selling between 0.1 and 15 units daily.

Key News from RFID Journal LIVE!
  Wednesday May 3rd, 2006
This week's RFID Journal LIVE! is seeing a flurry of announcements from the likes of ODIN, ThingMagic, Symbol, Sirit, TAGSYS, Savi, Impinj, Domino, and SmartCode. The most newsworthy of these announcements are summarized in this article.

Top Announcements from RFID Journal LIVE!
  Tuesday May 2nd, 2006
Yesterday one of the industry's leading events, RFID Journal LIVE!, opened its doors at the MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas. A number of RFID vendor companies have already made announcements, the top three of which are discussed in this article.

Wal-Mart "Next 300" RFID Event Wrap-Up
  Monday May 1st, 2006
In an effort to continue its phased requirement for RFID utilization by suppliers, Wal-Mart last week hosted the Wal-Mart Supplier On-Boarding Forum & EPCglobal US Tech Expo. The event offered the "next 300" Wal-Mart suppliers insight into what it means to be RFID compliant. This guest article from ODIN technologies' Michelle Reilly recaps.

Report: Healthcare RFID Worth $2.1B in 2016
  Friday April 28th, 2006
Research firm IDTechEx has released a report on RFID's application in the healthcare market and its growth prospects over the next decade. This article lists the key findings from RFID in Healthcare 2006-2016, which predicts the healthcare market's consumption of RFID will grow to $2.1 billion by 2016.

RFID Reader Maker Announces FCC Problems
  Thursday April 27th, 2006
Yesterday afternoon RFID reader manufacturer AWID issued a statement from its chairman and interim CEO Larry Kellam. In a nutshell, the statement indicates that some of the company's products are not compliant with the rules of the FCC, the US governmental agency which regulates the radio waves.

First RFID Item-Level Tagged Store Opens
  Wednesday April 26th, 2006
Yesterday Dutch book retailer Boekhandels Groep Nederland (BGN) opened what it calls the world's first item-level tagged store. Every book in the Almere, Netherlands-based SmartStore has a Rafsec Gen2 tag attached to it. Another item-level tagged BGN SmartStore is slated to open in October. Progress Software led the deployment.

OATSystems Gets $12.5m, New CEO
  Tuesday April 25th, 2006
Leading middleware provider OATSystems today announced the closing of $12.5 million in funding and the appointment of a new CEO.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for April
  Monday April 24th, 2006
Baird has released its April RFID Monthly report. The fourteen-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

2006: Another Building Year for EPC RFID
  Friday April 21st, 2006
Despite recent optimism, ARC Advisory Group's Chantal Polsonetti argues in this guest column that the 2006 forecast around EPC RFID is conservative due to the measured pace of retailer rollouts, the need to transition to Gen2 technology, and continued search for ROI among even the leading adopters.

HP and BEA Systems Partner Around RFID
  Thursday April 20th, 2006
Hewlett-Packard and infrastructure software provider BEA Systems this week formalized a partnership to provide RFID solutions to global enterprises. HP will contribute its consulting, integration, support, and manufacturing services to the relationship, and BEA its WebLogic software platform.

RFID at the Item -- For Some, Sooner Than Later
  Wednesday April 19th, 2006
Peter Abell, analyst with research firm Manufacturing Insights, discusses in this guest contribution the benefits of item-level tagging for high-value product categories, citing Hewlett-Packard's printer-tagging initiative as a prime example.

Wal-Mart to Buy 15k RFID Readers; Albertsons 5k
  Tuesday April 18th, 2006
The industry has been buzzing for the last few weeks about two large RFID reader buys, the first from Wal-Mart, the second from grocery chain Albertsons. Wal-Mart is expected to purchase 15,000 readers, split between Impinj and Alien. Albertsons is reportedly going to buy 5,000 readers, all from Symbol.

Wal-Mart RFID Initiative to "Continue Unabated"
  Monday April 17th, 2006
Late last week Wal-Mart issued a press release which provides the most recent public guidance on the company's RFID initiative. This article highlights the three key points.

Wrap-Up of RFID Smart Labels USA Show
  Thursday April 13th, 2006
Last week research firm IDTechEx held its annual US-based smart labels show, RFID Smart Labels USA 2006. At 500 attendees from over 30 countries, the event saw a 20% increase in attendance over last year. The company has published an article with event highlights, summarized in this article.

Alien IPO Filing "Imminent"
  Wednesday April 12th, 2006
Many industry watchers have speculated that 2006 will be the year Alien Technology goes public. That speculation has been recently fueled by rumors that Alien is preparing to file an S-1 form, the document companies present to the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission to formalize their IPO plans.

NCR Acquires IDVelocity
  Tuesday April 11th, 2006
Transaction processing giant NCR yesterday announced the acquisition of the assets of IDVelocity. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, IDVelocity makes software that collects, routes, and analyzes RFID data. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Strong RFID Optimism from ABI Research
  Monday April 10th, 2006
After what was by all accounts a disappointing year in 2005, the RFID market has seen meaningful progress already in 2006, and that progress is only expected to accelerate. Upon completion of a market overview report, ABI Research's Erik Michielsen spoke with RFID Update about his optimism for the rest of this year and beyond.

Report: 2 Million RTLS Tags Shipped in 2010
  Friday April 7th, 2006
Market research firm In-Stat this week released a report covering the WiFi segment of the overall realtime location systems (RTLS) market. The firm predicts shipments of WiFi tags will reach almost 2 million in 2010.

RFID Reader Company SAMSys Sells Assets
  Thursday April 6th, 2006
RFID reader manufacturer Sirit of Toronto this morning announced the acquisition of the assets of SAMSys, another RFID reader manufacturer based in Ontario, Canada. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

RFID Visionary No Longer CIO at Wal-Mart
  Wednesday April 5th, 2006
Current Wal-Mart chief information officer Linda Dillman has been named to a new post. Dillman is one of the most recognized personalities in RFID. It was, after all, during her tenure that Wal-Mart issued the RFID mandate to its top 100 suppliers, an event that many credit with single-handedly catalyzing the RFID industry as it exists today.

Four Hurdles to Wider NFC Adoption
  Tuesday April 4th, 2006
In a release about Near Field Communication, or NFC, ABI Research of Oyster Bay, New York, has cited what it considers four leading impediments to faster adoption. NFC is an up-and-coming contactless technology by which electronic devices -- paricularly cell phones -- communicate with each other over a short range.

New Chip Could Transform Active RFID Market
  Monday April 3rd, 2006
Last week G2 Microsystems announced the introduction of a new "system-on-chip" technology that it claims will bring down the cost and widen the application of real-time location system (RTLS) solutions. RFID Update spoke with a number of RTLS experts about the new chip and its potential to change the space.

Renewed Buzz around RFID
  Friday March 31st, 2006
Mike Witty, analyst with research firm Manufacturing Insights, notes in this guest contribution that despite predictions of stalled RFID adoption as recently as a few months ago, the first quarter of 2006 has seen great strides, and it appears that industry may be coming out of its funk.

EPCglobal Tracks Item-Level RFID
  Thursday March 30th, 2006
EPCglobal hosted an event last week at which RFID vendors demonstrated their item-level tagging technology solutions. Hosted at the MET Laboratories in San Jose, California, the item-level technology demonstration saw 56 demos from 23 vendors. RFID Update spoke with EPCglobal's Sue Hutchinson about the event.

RTLS Provider Ubisense Lands $3M Funding
  Wednesday March 29th, 2006
Ubisense, a maker of high-precision real-time location system (RTLS) solutions, yesterday announced $3 million in funding. The investment marks the first round of private equity for the Cambridge, England-based company. RFID Update spoke with CEO Richard Green about Ubisense and its position in the market.

Report: HF Wins First Round of RFID Frequency Battle
  Tuesday March 28th, 2006
ODIN technologies today will release a new benchmark that could be considered the end of round one in the ongoing debate between high frequency (HF) and ultrahigh frequency (UHF) RFID technology. The winner: HF. "By technical knockout," said Patrick Sweeney, ODIN's president and CEO.

Report: South Korea Becomes a Force in RFID
  Monday March 27th, 2006
ABI Research of Oyster Bay, New York, has released a new study regarding adoption and growth of RFID technology in South Korea. ABI's central prediction is that, after coming from behind, South Korea's RFID adoption is an increasingly fast-moving target.

RFID Goes to the Poconos
  Friday March 24th, 2006
This week saw an announcement from Precision Dynamics Corporation that its Smart Band solution has been implemented at the Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos, a popular tourist region in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania.

GlaxoSmithKline Tags HIV Drug
  Thursday March 23rd, 2006
Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline yesterday announced that it has begun an RFID pilot for the HIV drug Trizivir. The news represents the most significant pharma-tagging announcement since Pfizer announced in January that it had begun tracking and tracing Viagra.

Vue RFID Platform Chosen by Procter & Gamble
  Wednesday March 22nd, 2006
Procter & Gamble yesterday announced that it will use the TrueVUE RFID platform from item-level tagging solution provider Vue Technology in its RFID innovation center. RFID Update spoke with Tim von Kaenel, Vue's senior vice president of product management, about the announcement and what his company's technology brings to P&G.

RFID Drives into Auto Manufacturing
  Tuesday March 21st, 2006
Two of the leading research firms for the RFID market have released reports on the technology's application in the automotive sector, both of which predict the waning dominance of vehicle immobilizers as the technology is increasingly adopted in the manufacturing process.

The Industry Reacts to RFID Virus Research
  Monday March 20th, 2006
Last week's proclamation by a group of computer scientists that RFID tags represent a vehicle for the transmission of computer viruses and worms precipitated a frenzy of headlines from both within and without the RFID industry. This article summarizes the key takeaways of the whole episode.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for March
  Friday March 17th, 2006
Baird has released its March RFID Monthly report. The thirteen-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

IDTechEx on Where Profit Exists in RFID
  Thursday March 16th, 2006
Research firm IDTechEx this week released a provocative article about the profit potential for vendors of RFID technology. This article lists the article's key points, some of which IDTechEx acknowledges are "contentious" and will stir debate.

Study: RFID Vulnerable to Viruses and Worms
  Wednesday March 15th, 2006
Researchers affiliated at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam have released a paper entitled Is Your Cat Infected With a Computer Virus? asserting that RFID systems are vulnerable to viruses and worms.

US Government Issues 300 RFID Passports
  Tuesday March 14th, 2006
The US government has officially begun the introduction of e-passports, its new generation of passports that include embedded RFID tags. According to the US State Department, 299 diplomats have been issued the new passport since January 1st, when distribution began.

Texas Instruments Boosts Consumer RFID App
  Monday March 13th, 2006
Texas Instruments and Remote Play today announced the application of TI microcontrollers in an active RFID system targeted at consumers that the companies hope will bring asset tracking to the masses.

DHL Enters Next Phase of RFID Adoption
  Friday March 10th, 2006
This week at the annual technology conference CeBIT being held in Germany, IBM and DHL announced the beginning of an RFID pilot project at the logistics giant that marks a new stage in its adoption of the technology.

RFID World Sees Technology Taking Root
  Thursday March 9th, 2006
At this year's RFID World 2006, held last week in Dallas, Texas, there was ample evidence that RFID is taking root, including improved technology, expanded applications, sophisticated end-users, and higher show attendance. This article takes a closer look.

RFID Still Lags as Investment Opportunity
  Wednesday March 8th, 2006
Kevin Starke, senior analyst at Weeden, spoke at last year's RFID World for one of the pre-event workshops about investing in RFID. RFID Update caught up with him again at this year's RFID World last week in Dallas and had the opportunity to hear his thoughts on RFID investing in 2006 and how things have changed since last year.

SAMSys CEO on Company's Future
  Tuesday March 7th, 2006
Last week at RFID World in Dallas, there were rumors of internal turmoil at RFID manufacturer SAMSys circulating on the conference floor. RFID Update sought out Tom Dziersk, the 12-year-old company's recently-appointed President and CEO, to ask about those rumors and SAMSys' future.

Report: RTLS Market Worth $2.7b in 2016
  Monday March 6th, 2006
Research firm IDTechEx of Cambridge has released a report on the real-time location systems (RTLS) market and its growth prospects over the next decade. This article lists the key findings from Real Time Locating Systems 2006-2016, which predicts the RTLS market will grow to $2.71 billion by 2016.

Wrap-Up of RFID World News
  Friday March 3rd, 2006
This week's RFID World saw a flurry of announcements as the many exhibitors jostled to make an impact at what was, by all informal accounts, the biggest RFID show ever. This article highlights those announcements RFID Update deems most newsworthy.

RFID to Simplify Demand-Driven Future
  Thursday March 2nd, 2006
AMR Research's Greg Aimi argues that the roadmap to the eventual demand-driven enterprise will be made simpler by the use of RFID technology.

Compliance No Longer Industry Obsession
  Wednesday March 1st, 2006
RFID World just wrapped up here in Dallas, Texas, and there was one theme that was undeniable across the conference floor: the diminished importance of mandate compliance as the driver of RFID adoption.

Reporting from Dallas, Early Signs Look Good
  Tuesday February 28th, 2006
The annual RFID World officially began today in Dallas, Texas, from where RFID Update is reporting live. Rather than focusing on particular vendor announcements, of which they are many, this article includes some high-level observations about the show and how it compares to those of previous years.

EPCglobal to Compare Item-Level Solutions
  Monday February 27th, 2006
Standards organization EPCglobal will host an event at the end of March to evaluate various RFID technologies for their application in item-level tagging. The "technology demonstration" will contribute significantly to the base of industry knowledge about the most appropriate item-level tagging technologies.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for February
  Friday February 24th, 2006
Baird has released its February RFID Monthly report. The thirteen-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

ODIN Deploys for Roex Nutritional Supplements
  Thursday February 23rd, 2006
RFID solutions provider ODIN technologies today announced a deployment for Roex, a leading manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements. The deployment accomplishes two goals for Roex's supply chain: increased efficiencies and enhanced quality control.

Tagsys Releases Gen2 Tags for Item Level
  Wednesday February 22nd, 2006
Item-level RFID solutions provider Tagsys today announced a new approach to item-level tagging using UHF Gen2 technology. Dubbed "The-Package-Is-The-Tag", the approach represents an expansion into UHF technology from what had historically been a strong HF focus at the company.

Impinj Launches UHF Tech for Item-Level Tags
  Tuesday February 21st, 2006
Impinj today announced an extension to its GrandPrix line of Gen2 technology solutions that will allow UHF RFID technology to be used for item-level tagging applications. The Seattle, Washington-based company believes its new technology could prove game-changing for RFID adoption at the item level.

EPC Track-and-Trace for Hemophilia
  Friday February 17th, 2006
Domino Printing Sciences today announced the successful deployment of a complete EPC track-and-trace solution for the administration of hemophilia products.

RFID as a Cross-Platform Abstractor
  Thursday February 16th, 2006
This guest contribution from Manufacturing Insights' Joe Barkai considers the need to map RFID-generated data reads into an enterprise's business logic to achieve real, actionable information.

Walk Before You Run with RFID
  Wednesday February 15th, 2006
ARC Advisory Group's Chantal Polsonetti argues that technological progress and ISO standardization will bring increased benefits for manufacturers implementing RFID, but she stresses the need for careful planning with an eye toward long-term scalability.

DoD Doubles Active RFID Spend to $425M
  Tuesday February 14th, 2006
RFID solutions provider Savi Technology yesterday announced that its contract with the US Department of Defense has been doubled from $207.9 million to $424.5 million. The increased commitment is largely a result of the war in Iraq, according to what the Army said in a statement.

2006: The Year RFID Vanished, Part 4
  Monday February 13th, 2006
This is the fourth and final article in a series from Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, who predicts that this year will be the one RFID vanishes. This article considers pricing, transport, consolidation, niche applications, and the welcome end of hype.

RTLS Protects Mine and Tunnel Workers
  Friday February 10th, 2006
Ekahau, the real-time location system (RTLS) provider, this week announced that its solution has been deployed by a tunnel work site in León, Spain. RFID Update spoke with Tuomo Rutanen, Ekahau's vice president of business development, about the deployment.

Report: Active RFID Market $6.78B in 2016
  Thursday February 9th, 2006
Research firm IDTechEx has released a report on the active RFID market and its growth prospects over the next decade. The market will grow from $550 million in 2006 to $6.78 billion in 2016, according to Active RFID 2006-2016. This article lists the other key findings.

Recap of the RFID ROI Summit
  Wednesday February 8th, 2006
Joe McKinney attended last week's RFID ROI Summit in London, at which some of the most recognizable organizations in the world -- Ford, the UK Ministry of Defence, Wal-Mart, Rolls-Royce -- shared their experiences getting return-on-investment from RFID.

Omron RFID Announces One-Day Compliance
  Tuesday February 7th, 2006
Japanese sensor manufacturer Omron this week announced the release of a "One Day" Compliance Package that the company says will allow suppliers under mandate from Wal-Mart, the US Department of Defense, and others to comply by RFID requirements quickly and affordably.

ABI: Only 10 Drugs Tagged in 2006
  Monday February 6th, 2006
ABI Research today announced bearish prognostications for near-term pharma-tagging, estimating that the industry will only start tagging about ten drugs in 2006. This stands in stark contrast to predictions of just last year, when life science tag shipments were predicted to more than triple from 2005 to 2006.

2006: The Year RFID Vanished, Part 3
  Friday February 3rd, 2006
This is the third article in a four-part series from Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, who predicts that this year will be the one RFID vanishes. This article considers privacy, standards and frequencies, the transition from Gen1 to Gen2, and the rise of analytics.

Alien Worth $577 Million
  Thursday February 2nd, 2006
Alien Technology, the Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of RFID readers and inlays, enjoys a current valuation of more than a half-billion dollars. This sum is based on the value of a recent divestiture by Quan Ventures.

Cisco Invests in ThingMagic
  Wednesday February 1st, 2006
RFID reader manufacturer ThingMagic of Cambridge, Massachusetts, this morning announced private funding from networking giant Cisco Systems and Nicholas Negroponte, the Wiesner Professor of Media Technology at MIT.

Gillette RFID Mastermind Shares Secrets
  Tuesday January 31st, 2006
Forbes.com has posted an interview with Dick Cantwell, Gillette vice president and chairman of EPCglobal's board of governors. As the article notes, Cantwell "is in an unusually good position to judge where EPCglobal and RFID are going." This RFID Update article recaps the interview's highlights.

iAnywhere Announces New Software, First Customer
  Monday January 30th, 2006
Sybase subsidiary iAnywhere announced the release of RFID Anywhere Appliance Edition (AE), a version of its RFID Anywhere software that runs on edge devices like RFID readers. iAnywhere also announced reader manufacturer AWID as the first customer of the software.

Report: RFID Market Worth $2.7B This Year
  Friday January 27th, 2006
Research firm IDTechEx has released the 2006 version of its annual comprehensive report on the RFID market. The report makes strong predictions for most of the RFID market segments, with significant ramp-up occurring in the next few years. This article from RFID Update outlines the highlights.

Updates in Pharma, Retail, and Library Systems
  Thursday January 26th, 2006
This week has seen a handful of stories about RFID's steady and global march into the pharmaceutical, retail, and library management sectors. This article from RFID Update recaps the developments.

2006: The Year RFID Vanished, Part 2
  Wednesday January 25th, 2006
This is the second article in a four-part series from Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, who predicts that this year will be the one RFID vanishes. This article considers pharma, vertical applications, the RFID business case, and the demise of "mandate psychology".

Reduce the Cost of Tagging and Reading
  Tuesday January 24th, 2006
ARC Advisory Group's Chantal Polsonetti herein argues that end-users can achieve better value from RFID deployments in their warehouses and distribution centers by relying more on the automation offered by fixed RFID readers and less on the common (and costly) practice of manual tag-reading using portable readers.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for January
  Monday January 23rd, 2006
Baird has released its January RFID Monthly report. The nine-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Sensing Supply with RFID
  Friday January 20th, 2006
This guest contribution from Manufacturing Insights' Bob Ferrari considers the need for more actionable, real-time supply chain information and how RFID along with other sensor technologies can enable this possibility.

Rafsec and Raflatac Merge
  Thursday January 19th, 2006
One of the leading names in RFID tags and inlays, Finland's UPM Rafsec, today announced a merger with a maker of pressure sensitive labelstock called Raflatac, also of Finland.

2006: The Year RFID Vanished
  Wednesday January 18th, 2006
This article is the first of a four-part series from Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, who predicts that this year will be the one RFID vanishes.

IDC: Western European RFID Market Just Starting
  Tuesday January 17th, 2006
Research firm IDC has released a report about RFID adoption in Western Europe that indicates a market in only the earliest stages of adoption. This article recaps the key findings.

Three RFID Trends for 2006 from ABI
  Friday January 13th, 2006
ABI Research of Oyster Bay, New York, this week published what it considers three key trends that will occur this year in RFID. This article tells you what they are.

RFID World Show Acquired by CMP Media
  Thursday January 12th, 2006
CMP Media yesterday announced the $12.3 million acquisition of Shorecliff Communications, the media and events company that hosts RFID World, one of the two or three leading annual industry shows.

Aberdeen on the Tipping Point for RFID
  Wednesday January 11th, 2006
Aberdeen Group surveyed 250 industry executives and managers about how their companies view RFID as an enabling technology, both in its ability to deliver value today and in the future. This guest article from Aberdeen analyst John Fontanella looks at the responses.

Julie England on Why Texas Instruments Kept RFID
  Tuesday January 10th, 2006
RFID Update spoke with Julie England, general manager of TI's RFID business, about the significance of yesterday's Sensors & Controls sale announcement and TI's decision to keep RFID. This article recaps the discussion.

Pfizer Shipping RFID-tagged Viagra
  Monday January 9th, 2006
One of the pharmaceutical industry's most significant announcements with respect to RFID came Friday afternoon as drug giant Pfizer announced that is has begun shipping RFID-tagged bottles, cases, and pallets of Viagra.

Report: RFID Beyond Early Adoption Stage (Finally)
  Friday January 6th, 2006
Research firm Regan, Jacob & Sydney (RJS) today released a free report entitled Has RFID "Crossed the Chasm?", which addresses the question: has RFID finally matured beyond the stage of early-adopter pilots to more mainstream adoption? RJS's answer: yes. This article explains.

TI First with Gen2 Shipments to Wal-Mart
  Thursday January 5th, 2006
Texas Instruments yesterday announced that it has started using Gen2 tags on shipments of its calculators to Wal-Mart, marking the first production deployment of Gen2 tagged cases for the giant retailer's RFID initiative.

ODIN Releases Gen2 Tag Benchmark
  Wednesday January 4th, 2006
ODIN technologies today released the RFID Gen 2 Tag Benchmark, the industry's first comprehensive analysis and performance report on Gen2 tags. RFID Update spoke with Bret Kinsella, ODIN's vice president of operations and marketing, about the key findings.

What Happened at the Global RFID China Forum
  Tuesday January 3rd, 2006
This guest article from Mike Guillory is about the state of China's role in RFID based on his observations from the recent Global RFID China Forum in Beijing.

Analyst: Establish a Data Acquisition Platform
  Friday December 23rd, 2005
Bob Parker, analyst with research firm Manufacturing Insights, argues in this guest contribution that enterprises should adopt data acquisition platforms that go beyond just RFID to include all the technological resources at their disposal: bar codes, sensors, wireless networking, and web services, to name a few.

The RFID Market's Holiday Wish List
  Thursday December 22nd, 2005
In this guest article from AMR Research, analyst Dennis Gaughan shares a holiday wish list for RFID in 2006. He offers four key elements that would make next year a successful one for the technology.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for December
  Wednesday December 21st, 2005
Baird has released its December RFID Monthly report. The twelve-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Heavy Activity in Item-Level Tagging
  Tuesday December 20th, 2005
There have been a slew of announcements related to item-level RFID tagging in the last week. RFID Update tells you what you need to know in this article.

50% OOS Reduction from Item-Level Tagging
  Monday December 19th, 2005
AMR Research has released a report that suggests item-level RFID tagging can yield significant benefits today if managed correctly. When targeted only at certain consumer goods categories, item-level tagging can yield a whopping 50% improvement in stock availability. Read this article for more on the findings.

Impinj Lands $26.5M in 4th Round of Funding
  Friday December 16th, 2005
Chip maker Impinj of Seattle, Washington, today announced that it has secured a $26.5 million round of funding.

Leaders Focus on Retail Store for RFID Benefits
  Thursday December 15th, 2005
ARC Advisory Group's Chantal Polsonetti herein argues that manufacturers under mandate should follow the lead of their top-tier counterparts with respect to RFID benefits: focus less on warehousing and distribution and more at the end point of the supply chain, the retail store.

Aggressive HF Product Launch from Texas Instruments
  Wednesday December 14th, 2005
Texas Instruments today issued a major announcement around its product line of high frequency (HF) RFID offerings, the breadth of which suggests an aggressive, determined bid by the company to ensure a leadership position in the HF RFID market. This article recaps the many aspects of the annoucement.

Gartner: RFID Market $3 Billion in 2010
  Tuesday December 13th, 2005
Research firm Gartner today announced the release of its inaugural RFID market size, share, and forecast report. The key prediction is that the RFID market will grow from $504 million this year to $3 billion in 2010. RFID Update spoke with Jeff Woods, research vice president at Gartner, about the findings.

Malaysian RFID Market to Grow 20% Annually
  Monday December 12th, 2005
RFID Update got an early look at a Frost & Sullivan report about the Malaysian RFID market scheduled for release later this month. This article highlights key points from the study.

Walgreens Deal Spells Promotions-Tracking Boon
  Friday December 9th, 2005
Big news in the RFID promotion-tracking space came last week as Goliath Solutions announced a multi-year agreement with giant US pharmacy Walgreens to install its technology across the chain's 5,000+ locations. The deal marks one of the biggest developments to date in RFID-enabled promotion tracking. This article has a recap.

ABI: Chipsets Key to RFID Reader Cost Reductions
  Thursday December 8th, 2005
ABI Research yesterday announced the release of a report entitled The Market for RFID Readers. The analysis predicts that standard reader prices will fall dramatically in the next few years, but only after more volume materializes. RFID Update spoke with report author Sara Shah about her findings.

Savi Sees Acceptance Around the Globe
  Wednesday December 7th, 2005
Savi Technology has come out with a string of announcements over the last week which collectively bode well for the 16-year old company that counts ex-Secretary of U.S. Homeland Security Tom Ridge as one of its board members. This article recaps the developments.

Achieving ROI from Mandate-Driven Deployments
  Tuesday December 6th, 2005
There is a recent theme in RFID articles, presentations, white papers recommending mandate-driven RFID implementers look into the ROI equation in lieu of mere slap-and-ship. There is a notable lack, however, of realistic guidance as to how that might be accomplished in any given RFID rollout. This article fills that void.

Analyst: RFID Adoption Still Lacks Business Case
  Monday December 5th, 2005
Mike Witty, analyst with research firm Manufacturing Insights, argues in this guest contribution that despite the price improvements and standards developments of 2005, the leading impediment to accelerated RFID adoption still exists: lacking business case.

Report: RFID Healthcare Spending Boom in 2007
  Friday December 2nd, 2005
The National Alliance for Health Information Technology and giant information technology consulting firm BearingPoint have released the results of a survey they conducted of more than 300 healthcare professionals. The findings indicate a slow year in 2006, followed by a dramatic uptick in spending in 2007 and beyond. This article has more.

RFID Recommendations to Logistics Providers
  Thursday December 1st, 2005
This third article of a three-part series from Forrester Research about RFID's adoption in the transport and logistics industry offers recommendations to transport and logistics providers as they approach RFID.

Frost: RFID Pharma-Healthcare to Top $2B in 2011
  Wednesday November 30th, 2005
Frost & Sullivan today released a report on RFID's application in the pharmaceutical and healthcare verticals, predicting the market will top $2 billion by 2011. This article has more details.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for November
  Tuesday November 29th, 2005
Baird has released its November RFID Monthly report. The eighteen-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

UN Publishes "Internet of Things" Report
  Monday November 28th, 2005
The International Telecommunication Union, a body of the United Nations that coordinates global telecom networks and services, released a report entitled The Internet of Things at the World Summit on the Information Society held the week before last in Tunis. This article highlights the report's contents.

Major Release of Open Source RFID Platform
  Friday November 18th, 2005
A major milestone release of the open source RFID platform Singularity was announced last month by the project's overseer i-Konect. This article recaps the release's functionality as well as the overall progress of the Singularity project.

Hard RFID Questions for Logistics Providers
  Thursday November 17th, 2005
While logistics providers are still concerned about RFID issues like security, data encryption, and tag costs, their attention has shifted to problems specific to the 3PL industry. This guest article from Forrester Research looks at a few of the hard RFID questions that they are starting to tackle.

The Present and Future of RFID in Logistics
  Wednesday November 16th, 2005
At the RFID Opportunities for Transport and Logistics Providers event held last month in Las Vegas, some of the leading logistics providers described their current progress with RFID and provided an analysis of the long-term potential of the technology's role in their operations. This guest article from Forrester Research recaps what they said.

New Report: RFID in the Public Sector
  Tuesday November 15th, 2005
A new report on RFID in the public sector has been released. Commissioned by the IBM Center for the Business of Government, it is a comprehensive and up-to-date look at the technology, its many applications, and associated public sector issues. This article tells you what you need to know about the 100-page report.

Sun Announces RFID Pharma Solution
  Monday November 14th, 2005
Sun Microsystems today announced an RFID solution aimed at the pharmaceutical supply chain. Called the Sun RFID Industry Solution for Drug Authentication, the new offering is a combination of software, hardware, and services.

BearingPoint: Mixed Benefits from Baggage Tagging
  Friday November 11th, 2005
BearingPoint has developed an economic model to help determine the business case (or lack thereof) for RFID baggage tracking systems. While the company believes that such systems will become prevalent, the model suggests that in the near-term airlines and airports may want to hold off. This article has more details.

Asset Management Heats Up with Axcess Offering
  Thursday November 10th, 2005
Axcess International yesterday announced Asset Activator, a comprehensive physical asset management solution based on semi-active RFID technology. RFID Update spoke with Allan Griebenow, President and CEO of Axcess, about the new offering.

The European Supply Chain RFID Conundrum
  Wednesday November 9th, 2005
ARC Advisory Group analyst Chantal Polsonetti herein considers the supply chain RFID market in Europe. She argues that in the face of lacking retailer mandates and regulatory constraints, the European market still pales in comparison to its U.S. counterpart.

Zebra, Symbol, Intermec from Investor Perspective
  Tuesday November 8th, 2005
Weeden & Co. last week issued reports on Symbol, Zebra, and Intermec, and their respective values as possible stock investments. The reports are rich in financials and investor-speak, so this article is intended as an extraction of the information most interesting to RFID Update readers.

Tag Vendors Shift Focus Away from Price
  Monday November 7th, 2005
While cost is a leading differentiator among competitors in the RFID tag space, there are already announcements coming from some vendors determined to broaden the discussion beyond merely price. Two recent announcements covered in this article highlight the trend.

AMR Research on the Auto Industry and RFID
  Friday November 4th, 2005
New survey data from AMR Research sheds light on why the automotive industry isn't embracing RFID more enthusiastically to cut down on the wildly inefficient process of replacing nondisposable containers, a process that costs the industry an estimated $1.4 billion annually. This article elaborates.

ABI Research: Big NFC Progress by 2007
  Thursday November 3rd, 2005
ABI Research has released a report on near field communication (NFC), predicting that the next three years will see important maturation for both the technology itself and the NFC market. This article provides a recap.

The Importance of Tag vs. Inlay Pricing
  Wednesday November 2nd, 2005
Forbes yesterday reported in an article on RFID that tag prices are currently at 7.2 cents in quantities of 10 million. In fact, the 7.2 cent pricing is for inlays. This editorial from RFID Update editor Will Smith explores why this common mistake can have a detrimental effect on the industry.

Korea Displays Focused Interest in RFID
  Tuesday November 1st, 2005
This guest article from Mike Guillory considers Korea's ever increasing RFID leadership in the Asia/Pacific region, as evidenced by the recent RFID/USN Korea 2005 Conference in Seoul.

RFID Border Security Market $3B in 2009
  Monday October 31st, 2005
ABI Research has released a report projecting the market for RFID products and services within the secure identification and homeland security sectors will be worth $3B in 2009. This article discusses that prediction and the report's other findings.

RFID as an Innovation Catalyst
  Friday October 28th, 2005
Contributing analyst Joe Barkai argues in this article that RFID will one day become an innovation catalyst, disrupting existing business models and processes. For that to happen, however, issues like standardization, privacy, and security must first be worked through.

U.S. to Issue RFID Passports Next Year
  Thursday October 27th, 2005
The U.S. State Department this week officially announced that it is moving forward with the "electronic passport" initiative which will see all U.S. passports issued after October 2006 include embedded RFID tags.

Sun Announces RFID Asset Tracking Solution
  Wednesday October 26th, 2005
Sun Microsystems today announced the Sun RFID Industry Solution for Physical Asset Tracking to monitor the location of non-networked assets geographically distributed across an enterprise.

AMR: Boeing's RFID Push is a Catalyst
  Tuesday October 25th, 2005
AMR Research has released an analysis of Boeing's recent announcement that it would RFID tag certain parts of its 787 Dreamliner aircraft. This article recaps the key points.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for October
  Monday October 24th, 2005
Baird has released its October RFID Monthly report. The nineteen-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Gen2 - The True Status and Path Forward
  Friday October 21st, 2005
In this guest article, Mike Guillory discusses the progress of Gen2 technology through the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Reva Releases Reader Management Device
  Thursday October 20th, 2005
Reva Systems this week unveiled its first product, the Tag Acquisition Processor (TAP). Designed to assuage the persistent complexity and high cost of today's deployments, the TAP is a rack-mountable device that allows the management of RFID readers across a facility.

Look to Asset Management for ROI
  Wednesday October 19th, 2005
In this guest article from AMR Research, analyst Dennis Gaughan argues that, in the race to find ROI from cross-supply chain activity, companies deploying RFID may be ignoring the better, more immediate source of ROI: internal asset management.

Report: World Retail RFID Market $4B in 2011
  Tuesday October 18th, 2005
Research firm Frost & Sullivan today released a report that predicts the retail-specific market for RFID will grow from $400 million in 2004 to almost $4.2 billion in 2011.

Wal-Mart: RFID Reducing Out-of-stocks
  Monday October 17th, 2005
On Friday afternoon Wal-Mart released its first RFID-related announcement in months, and it was a good one. The retailer released the results of a University of Arkansas (UA) study which assessed the effect of its RFID deployment.

Overview of Legacy RTLS Vendors
  Friday October 14th, 2005
In this guest article from Yankee Group, analyst Marcus Torchia surveys the current vendor space of 802.11 based active RFID real-time location systems (RTLS).

Overview of 802.11 RTLS Vendors
  Thursday October 13th, 2005
In this guest article from Yankee Group, analyst Marcus Torchia surveys the current vendor space of 802.11 based active RFID real-time location systems (RTLS).

Report: No RFID Business Case for Manufacturers
  Wednesday October 12th, 2005
According to a report released last week by AMR Research, consumer products manufacturers are still finding it difficult or impossible to economically justify wide-scale RFID deployments.

BEA Systems Acquires ConnecTerra
  Tuesday October 11th, 2005
Enterprise infrastructure software giant BEA Systems today announced that it has acquired middleware provider ConnecTerra of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Financial terms were not disclosed.

RFID, Wireless Sensing Collide at WSS Conference
  Monday October 10th, 2005
In stark contrast to last year, this year's IDG Wireless Sensing Solutions was sprinkled with sessions that dealt specifically with RFID issues, a clear indication that RFID and wireless sensors are increasingly overlapping.

Report: RFID Not Economically Justified for Retailers
  Friday October 7th, 2005
AMR Research has released a report that comes at the topic of ROI from the perspective of the retailer. Its conclusions are sobering.

SmartCode Announces 7.5-cent Inlays
  Thursday October 6th, 2005
RFID manufacturer SmartCode today announced the availability of Gen2 inlays at a price of 7.5 cents per unit for quantities over one million. For quantities over ten million, the price goes down to 7.2 cents per inlay.

The RFID Reader Architecture Debate
  Wednesday October 5th, 2005
The question of whether to treat the EPC reader as simply another automation input device or as part of the IT infrastructure is a frequent topic of discussion. This article explores that debate.

Reduced RFID Prices Stimulating Demand
  Tuesday October 4th, 2005
Just because prices have come down does not mean that the floodgates of adoption will open. Or does it? RFID Update spoke with a number vendors to try and determine the price elasticity for RFID. That is, how closely tied to pricing is demand for the technology from end-users?

The Gen1 to Gen2 Transition
  Monday October 3rd, 2005
As one looks at the impact of RFID technology on the global market, it should be noted that there is a growing realization of a transition from Gen1 to Gen2 technology. This guest article explores that transition's significance.

Rafsec Announces Sub 10-cent Gen2 Inlays
  Friday September 30th, 2005
RFID inlay manufacturer UPM Rafsec yesterday announced the availability of Gen1 and Gen2 inlays at sub-10 cent pricing in quantities of 50,000 or more.

Alliances Underpin RFID Supply Chain
  Thursday September 29th, 2005
With 2005 and 2006 order books for EPC Gen 2 products filling up, vendors throughout the RFID supply chains are working together to ensure the reliability of high-volume supplies. This guest article from ABI Research's Erik Michielsen asserts that such collaboration is key to the greater industry's success.

AWID Announces $1000 Gen2 Reader
  Wednesday September 28th, 2005
RFID reader manufacturer AWID today announced the availability of a Gen2 reader, complete with four antennas, for $1,000. The low price represents a 70% drop when compared to prices of similar hardware available on the market.

Case Study in Fixed Asset Management
  Tuesday September 27th, 2005
Much has been written discussing the difficulties of implementing EPC passive RFID tags in the supply chain, so this article will attempt to present a viable new use for these tags in an old and seemingly forgotten application: fixed asset management.

APC Chooses ODIN for RFID Deployment
  Monday September 26th, 2005
ODIN technologies has been selected by American Power Conversion (APC) for the installation of its RFID deployment. APC will roll out RFID across six of its U.S.-based distribution centers and one of its Asian manufacturing facilities.

RSI Announces Sub 15-cent Gen2 Tags
  Friday September 23rd, 2005
RSI ID Technologies yesterday announced the availability of Gen2 labels at a price of just under 15 cents in quantities of one million or more. The labels are fully converted, tested, and ready to use.

Avery's 7.9-cent Inlay Excites Industry
  Thursday September 22nd, 2005
Avery Dennison's announcement of Gen2 inlays for 7.9 cents has excited the industry. Everyone that RFID Update has spoken with considers the offering to be a very significant and positive development for RFID.

Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for September
  Wednesday September 21st, 2005
Baird has released its September RFID Monthly report. The twenty-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Avery Dennison Announces 7.9-cent Gen2 Inlay
  Tuesday September 20th, 2005
Avery Dennison yesterday announced that its Gen2 inlay, the AD-220, is available for 7.9 cents in quantities of one million or more.

EPCglobal and the RFID Tipping Point
  Monday September 19th, 2005
"The tipping point" was often repeated at this year's EPCglobal conference. While growth in conference attendance from 2004, at about 1,400, was flat, and a number of speakers from end-user companies acknowledged their continuing preoccupation with "just trying to make things work", the overall consensus seemed to be that RFID was here to stay.

Startup Offers Outsourced Tag Production
  Friday September 16th, 2005
A new RFID startup was announced earlier this month. Called Confidex, the company is located in Nokia, Finland, and will specialize in providing solutions for tag design, engineering, and production.

Siemens and AT&T Jump Into RFID
  Thursday September 15th, 2005
Today we consider the announcements of two household technology names, Siemens and AT&T. What makes these two particularly interesting is that they represent the first highly-publicized RFID activity by both companies.

IBM and Cisco Serious About RFID
  Wednesday September 14th, 2005
Amid the flurry of announcements coming out of the EPCglobal conference, some of the biggest names in technology are asserting their commitment to the RFID market with new products and services. Today we look at the announcements of two such heavy-hitters, IBM and Cisco.

HP and Philips Partner to Spur Gen2 Adoption
  Tuesday September 13th, 2005
Technology giants Hewlett Packard and Philips Semiconductors today threw their combined weight behind spurring accelerated adoption of Gen2 technology.

Flexibility Key to RFID Vendor Survival
  Monday September 12th, 2005
In this guest article from AMR Research, analyst Dennis Gaughan argues that those RFID vendors who adopt flexible sales, technology, and partner strategies will be the ones that survive and thrive during the next stage of the market's development.

RFID Venture Purchased by VCs
  Friday September 9th, 2005
Six-year old Intelligent Systems, which was formerly a division of the New Ventures Group at packaging giant MeadWestvaco, has been acquired by two venture capital firms and renamed Vue Technology.

Analysis of Intermec-Symbol Settlement
  Thursday September 8th, 2005
Yesterday the RFID industry was abuzz with the announcement that archrivals Intermec and Symbol Technologies had settled their legal dispute related to RFID intellectual property. This article considers the repercussions.

RTLS Market To Exceed $1.6 Billion by 2010
  Wednesday September 7th, 2005
This is the second guest article from Yankee Group, with predicts that active RFID real-time location systems RTLS will have less than $20 million in revenue for 2005. However, rapid growth will happen in the next several years: global revenue will exceed $1.6 billion by 2010.

The Active RFID Market, Part 1
  Tuesday September 6th, 2005
In this guest article from Yankee Group, analyst Marcus Torchia defines active RFID real-time location systems (RTLS), explains the different kinds, and makes recommendations to enterprises in the market to purchase one.

Broadening Context for RFID Investment
  Friday September 2nd, 2005
In this guest column from Manufacturing Insights, analyst Bob Ferrari writes that the longer-term viability of RFID is best found as an enabling technology that can be deployed within broader supply chain business processes.

ThingMagic Gets $10 Million in VC
  Thursday September 1st, 2005
RFID reader manufacturer ThingMagic today officially announced that it has completed a Series A round of funding in the amount of $10 million.

Chinese RFID Market Doubling
  Wednesday August 31st, 2005
Beijing-based research firm Analysys International recently released an analysis of the Chinese market for RFID. This article highlights key findings from the report.

California RFID Legislation Shelved
  Tuesday August 30th, 2005
AIM Global yesterday reported that the California bill which had been rapidly making its way through the state's legislature has now been shelved.

Polarized Response to RFID Mandates
  Monday August 29th, 2005
Evidence of an increasingly polarized approach to RFID is apparent as some manufacturers pursue competitive advantage through strategic use of EPC data while others remain motivated solely by compliance.

Key RFID Findings from Frost & Sullivan
  Friday August 26th, 2005
Research firm Frost & Sullivan performed a study on the state of RFID adoption and related workforce issues in North America. In this article we highlight key findings.

Seeburger Releases Hosted Compliance Software
  Thursday August 25th, 2005
Business-to-business systems integration firm SEEBURGER this week released a new service targeted at companies seeking an affordable solution to slap-and-ship compliance.

Savi Wins $10M Contract from Australian Military
  Wednesday August 24th, 2005
Savi Technology has landed a US $10.1 million contract to supply Australia's military, the Australian Defence Force (ADF), with RFID technology to better the organization's supply chain operations.

Microsoft Going Postal with RFID
  Tuesday August 23rd, 2005
IDG News Service reports that Microsoft is in Taiwan marketing an RFID track-and-trace solution for postal services.

Manufacturing Insights: GEN 2 Not a Silver Bullet
  Monday August 22nd, 2005
Manufacturing Insights, the IDC-owned research firm focused on manufacturing business intelligence and analysis, this week released a report that looks at the current state of RFID mandate initiatives and makes recommendations for how end-users can best approach their deployments.

Texas Instruments RFID Business Doubling Annually
  Friday August 19th, 2005
Texas Instruments is seeing its RFID business grow handsomely, and it is making high-risk/high-return investments in new technology to ensure its leadership position.

ABI Research Analyst: RFID Market "Exciting"
  Thursday August 18th, 2005
ABI Research recently released a study that looks at the evolving market for RFID integration services. Its premise is that greater RFID adoption has moved beyond the first steps of pilots and compliance testing.

IDTechEx Sees Big Growth in Active RFID
  Wednesday August 17th, 2005
IDTechEx has released an article about the oft-overlooked but dynamic, high-growth active RFID market segment.

Investing in RFID is a "Tricky Proposition"
  Tuesday August 16th, 2005
Wired today ran an article on what the lay investor seeking to capitalize on RFID industry growth should consider.

Usability a Hurdle to Consumer RFID Adoption
  Monday August 15th, 2005
AMR Research analyst Dennis Gaughan herein considers a major hurdle to RFID adoption by the consumer. No, not privacy. Usability.

Security System to Balance Privacy and Supply Chain
  Friday August 12th, 2005
An authentication technique called "zero knowledge proofs" can purportedly balance the commercial benefits of RFID in the supply chain with the privacy concerns of consumers.

RFID and the Cold Chain, Part II
  Thursday August 11th, 2005
Last week RFID Update participated in a phone call discussion about the cold chain, which covered all aspects of the ways in which RFID is being used throughout the cold chain to improve old processes and expand into new ones.

RFID Industry Patent Consortium Announced
  Wednesday August 10th, 2005
Yesterday's announcement that an intellectual property consortium is being formed for the "consolidated licensing" of RFID-related patents marks a major development for the industry and one that could significantly impact adoption of RFID technology.

RFID and the Cold Chain, Part I
  Tuesday August 9th, 2005
Last week RFID Update participated in a phone call discussion about the cold chain, which covered all aspects of the ways in which RFID is being used throughout the cold chain to improve old processes and expand into new ones.

Chinese RFID Direction Unclear
  Monday August 8th, 2005
Business technology magazine Red Herring has an excellent article this week on the state of RFID in China.

ITC Investigates Symbol Based on Intermec Complaint
  Friday August 5th, 2005
The ITC has voted to investigate Intermec's complaint that Symbol imported mobile computing hardware from abroad that infringed on Intermec patent-protected intellectual property.

RFID Needs a New Justification Model
  Thursday August 4th, 2005
Manufacturing Insights' Bob Parker explains a new approach to the measurement of ROI with respect to RFID deployments.

RFID Application Space Sees VC-Funded Entrant
  Wednesday August 3rd, 2005
The RFID application space saw the entrance of a new player this week in the form of TrueDemand Software of Los Gatos, California.

What the Symbol Defection Means for RFID
  Tuesday August 2nd, 2005
Wall Street was abuzz yesterday with news that Symbol Technologies CEO William Nuti was quitting his job there to take the role of president and CEO at NCR. What, if anything, does this mean for the RFID industry?

3M and the Appeal of RFID File Tracking
  Monday August 1st, 2005
3M, maker of such household brands as Scotch tape and Post-it notes, last month announced that it had been awarded a five-year contract from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) for 3M RFID File Tracking Systems.

Singapore RFID Test Center Opens
  Friday July 29th, 2005
This week saw the opening of a new RFID test center in Singapore. The S$2.7-million center was developed by Singapore-based transportation and logistics company Neptune Orient Lines (NOL) in partnership with Sun Microsystems.

RFID Spells On-Demand
  Thursday July 28th, 2005
In this article, Dr. Robert Mayberry, Vice President, IBM Sensors and Actuator Solutions, discusses IBM's approach to RFID's capacity to automate the manufacturing process.

ThingMagic Upgrades Flagship Reader
  Wednesday July 27th, 2005
RFID reader manufacturer ThingMagic yesterday released an upgrade to MercuryOS, the software operating system that controls the features and performance of the company's line of Mercury4 readers.

AMR Research: Wide RFID Adoption Not Until 2008
  Tuesday July 26th, 2005
This is a recap of the recent AMR Research report's most important points related to the RFID vendor space and projections for RFID spending from end-user companies.

AMR Research: 2005 Another Transitional Year for RFID
  Monday July 25th, 2005
AMR Research of Boston, Massachusetts, last week published the findings of a recent survey of 500 companies about their RFID plans.

RFID Adoption Following Hype Cycle to a Tee
  Friday July 22nd, 2005
If we take a step back and look at the RFID adoption as just another high-technology sector, it follows Gartner's famed "Hype Cycle" to a tee.

Four Lessons of the Wal-Mart Mandate
  Thursday July 21st, 2005
Modern Materials Handling has an article this week on what has thus far been learned from the Wal-Mart mandate, considered the catalyzing event for the RFID industry as it exists today, almost two years after its initial announcement.

ABI Research: Impending RFID Software Market Shakeout
  Wednesday July 20th, 2005
ABI Research today released as part of its RFID Research Service a warning that the RFID software market will experience a shakeout in the next six to nine months.

Two Stories Highlight the RFID Debate
  Tuesday July 19th, 2005
Today's RFID news had two stories which together succinctly highlight the debate about using the technology to tag people.

What RFID Can Learn from IT Systems Management
  Monday July 18th, 2005
The RFID world has a lot to learn from what works and what doesn't in the world of systems management specifically in these three areas: monitoring, correlation and root cause analysis, and event management.

Katherine Albrecht: Religiously Motivated?
  Friday July 15th, 2005
Many people may not be aware of anti-RFID evangelist Katherine Albrecht's religious beliefs.

Lessons from the RFID Update Event
  Thursday July 14th, 2005
Last month, IDC and Manufacturing Insights hosted the second annual RFID Update Conference in Boston. The overriding message from the speakers was that there is no substitute for experience.

Click Commerce Launches RFID Consulting Practice
  Wednesday July 13th, 2005
Chicago's Click Commerce, whose company focus is on the exterprise, recently announced the formation of Strategy 18 to offer RFID strategic consulting.

RFID Benefits Not Well Understood in Europe
  Tuesday July 12th, 2005
If justifying an RFID expenditure persists as a damper to wider adoption stateside, it is only more so across the pond in Europe.

RFID Robots On The Horizon
  Monday July 11th, 2005
CNET ran an article last week on the developments in RFID-enabled robots, a field that is fast moving from science fiction to reality.

Why RFID Tag Counterfeiting is Unlikely
  Friday July 8th, 2005
A recent piece in AIM Global analyzes the feasibility of RFID tag counterfeiting, concluding that it would be so problematic for the would-be counterfeiter as to render the proposition unattractive.

Wrap-up of Smart Labels 2005
  Thursday July 7th, 2005
IDTechEx, host of the recent Smart Labels USA conference yesterday published a recap of the event. Highlighted in this article are the key take-aways and factoids from presentations and the trade show floor.

Taking a Bigger Picture Look at RFID
  Wednesday July 6th, 2005
Many RFID Update readers responded with an unshaken confidence in RFID's potential to yesterday's coverage of VDC's bearish article on the short-term RFID market.

VDC: Near-term RFID Opportunity Barely Profitable
  Tuesday July 5th, 2005
Venture Development Corporation authored an article whose sobering thesis was that the hype surrounding RFID had produced dramatic overestimations about the near-term market's growth potential.

ODIN and Unisys Launch 24x7 RFID Support
  Friday July 1st, 2005
RFID solutions provider ODIN technologies and giant systems integrator Unisys this week announced a partnership to provide 24x7 remote and onsite RFID support services, something the companies are hailing as an industry first.

Sun Makes Dumb RFID Readers Smarter
  Thursday June 30th, 2005
Sun Microsystems announced the expansion of its RFID portfolio yesterday with the introduction of RFID software for Java-enabled RFID readers and appliances.

DeVry University's RFID Course Launches in July
  Wednesday June 29th, 2005
Yesterday DeVry University held an Executive Briefing at its Arlington, Virginia, location to present details about its new initiative to offer RFID training and education.

GEN 2 Progress Apace with TI and Rafsec
  Tuesday June 28th, 2005
Announcements about GEN 2 developments came from two major RFID manufacturers this week: RFID tag manufacturer UPM Rafsec of Finland, and Texas Instruments of Dallas, Texas.

Intermec IP Program Earns Stripes with Zebra
  Monday June 27th, 2005
Last week saw a major development on the RFID intellectual property landscape as Zebra Technologies joined the Rapid Start Licensing Program of Intermec Technologies. Intermec's stock spiked on the news.

Lessons Learned from RFID Training, Part 2
  Friday June 24th, 2005
I concluded yesterday's article by noting that RFID technology is still very complex. This simple fact leads to the following key points for any corporation considering a deployment.

Lessons Learned from RFID Training, Part 1
  Thursday June 23rd, 2005
I just returned from a three-day RFID training course at the RFID Global Solutions Innovation Center in Arkansas, just a few miles away from Bentonville. This is the first of a two-part series about what I learned.

RF Code Lands $20 Million in Venture Funding
  Wednesday June 22nd, 2005
RFID hardware and software provider RF Code of Mesa, Arizona, yesterday announced $20 million in venture capital funding from QuestMark Partners and Intel Capital.

Understanding RFID Growth
  Tuesday June 21st, 2005
Because we do research in emerging markets and technologies, we frequently speak with analysts for venture capital and investment banks trying to quantify the trajectory of RFID. Our research shows RFID will have strong growth. But some expectations are unrealistic, like 400% CAGR.

FAA Approves Passive RFID for Grounded Aircraft
  Monday June 20th, 2005
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the use of passive RFID technology on and around grounded aircraft.

TI and Philips Collaborate on GEN 2 Testing
  Friday June 17th, 2005
Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands and Dallas-based Texas Instruments issued a joint press release yesterday announcing their efforts to test that GEN 2 products conform to the new specification.

RFID Education Gets Help From Corporations
  Thursday June 16th, 2005
There have been two announcements in the last week related to corporate involvement in RFID education.

Does the RFID Industry Know the Facts?
  Wednesday June 15th, 2005
According to research from Incucomm, there is a widely held but erroneous view that the DoD mandate will cause the consumption of more RFID tags than the Wal-Mart mandate. Nothing could be further from the truth.

IBM Announces 3 New RFID Offerings
  Tuesday June 14th, 2005
IBM today made three announcements relating to RFID: the launch of a Privacy Consulting Practice, the introduction of an RFID-enabled printer, and the release of software "starter kits."

Taking a Pragmatic Approach to RFID Deployments
  Monday June 13th, 2005
According to AMR Research's Dennis Gaughan, many companies are starting to develop a more pragmatic, targeted roadmap for how to implement RFID.

Gartner: Intermec's Program to Accelerate IP Issues
  Friday June 10th, 2005
Research firm Gartner this week released an assessment of the Rapid Start Licensing Program from Intermec Technologies, which began June 1st and will conclude the 31st of August.

ABI Research: Plug-and-Play RFID to Save the Day
  Thursday June 9th, 2005
ABI Research, a technology research firm based in Oyster Bay, New York, believes that the answer to recently reported RFID doldrums can be summed up in three words: plug-and-play.

New Microsoft Release Aims to Democratize RFID
  Wednesday June 8th, 2005
At Microsoft's Tech•Ed event yesterday in Orlando, Florida, the company announced a new RFID infrastructure aimed at making RFID deployments simpler and cheaper.

Low-Cost Chipless RFID Tags Progressing
  Tuesday June 7th, 2005
An interesting development in the realm of tag prices has been the possibility of non-silicon based RFID tags. "Organic", "polymer-based", or "chipless" RFID tags could bring tag prices down below one cent, at which point the possibilities of item-level RFID tagging shoot through the roof.

SAMSys CEO: Opposition to Royalties is Self-Serving
  Monday June 6th, 2005
The latest development in the industry's ongoing intellectual property saga occurred last week as publicly traded RFID hardware manufacturer SAMSys Technologies announced that it had joined Intermec Technologies' Rapid Start Licensing Program.

TI and VeriSign Collaborate to Curb Drug Counterfeiting
  Friday June 3rd, 2005
Texas Instruments and VeriSign this week jointly announced "Authenticated RFID", a model of RFID data encryption and security that the companies intend to aid the fight against counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

RFID Pharmaceutical Tracking Pilot Rolls Out
  Thursday June 2nd, 2005
This week saw the announcement of four companies rolling out what is considered the first commercial electronic pedigree program for pharmaceuticals.

CEO: "It is Symbol's goal to lead in the RFID industry"
  Wednesday June 1st, 2005
Lest anyone doubt Symbol Technologies' designs on the RFID space, a CNETAsia interview with the Holtsville, NY, company's CEO Bill Nuti will set the record straight.

Gov't Agencies Do Not Consider RFID Legal Issues
  Tuesday May 31st, 2005
The U.S. Government Accountability Office this month released a report on RFID which broadly and, at about 30 pages, concisely discusses most aspects of RFID and its associated applications and issues.

Report: Disappointing RFID Growth From Wal-Mart Mandate
  Friday May 27th, 2005
Research firm Marketstrat recently released a report that broadly assesses the "entire RFID ecosystem." Entitled RFID Equipment and Services – A Market Strategy Report, the report considers the state of the industry today and is full of predictions for the RFID market's growth over the next few years.

RFID Marketing Rolls Out in Seattle
  Thursday May 26th, 2005
A company called Awarea, using RFID technology from AXCESS International, is furthering the roll-out of its Omni system next week in Seattle's downtown.

Interview: OAT and Intel Team to Target Retailers
  Wednesday May 25th, 2005
RFID software provider OATSystems and chip manufacturing giant Intel today announced the Retail RFID Leadership Initiative, a collaboration aimed at helping retailers deploy RFID across their supply chains.

Report: Smart Cards Lead RFID Tag Consumption
  Tuesday May 24th, 2005
New conclusions from research firm IDTechEx suggest that the market for RFID may currently be very different than what is assumed by many in the industry: tagging of cases and pallets for supply chain visibility remains a surprisingly small contributor to the overall consumption of RFID tags.

Shopping Cart Tracking Study Highlights RFID Potential
  Monday May 23rd, 2005
New research from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania uses data collected from a grocery store where shopping carts were equipped with RFID tags and tracked throughout the store's aisles. Called "An Exploratory Look at Supermarket Shopping Paths," the paper offers enlightening conclusions about shopping patterns, some of which fly in the face of conventional wisdom.

California RFID Bill Wins Another Victory
  Friday May 20th, 2005
Yesterday marked an important victory for "SB 862," the California state bill that would render illegal the embedding of RFID tags in state-issued identification documents like driver's licenses and state employee cards. The California State Senate approved SB 862 in a decisive, bipartisan 29-7 vote.

VeriSign Makes $15 Million RFID Acquisition
  Thursday May 19th, 2005
Network infrastructure services giant VeriSign yesterday announced that it will buy San Francisco-based RFID consulting services firm R4 Global Solutions for $15 million in cash.

P&G Heats Up RFID Application Space
  Wednesday May 18th, 2005
Procter & Gamble together with Silicon Valley-based RFID application provider T3Ci yesterday announced a multi-year agreement to "collaboratively identify and build high value RFID applications designed to leverage the EPCglobal RFID standards."

Research: Euro RFID Market to Hit EUR5 Billion in 2007
  Tuesday May 17th, 2005
According to a press release from research firm Frost & Sullivan, the European market for RFID hardware, software, and services will exceed EUR5 billion in 2007.

Casino Supplier Doing Brisk RFID Business
  Monday May 16th, 2005
On Friday publicly-traded casino supplier Gaming Partners International Corporation announced in its Q1 financial results that it is doing a brisk business in RFID chips.

RFID Reader Companies Chosen by DoD
  Friday May 13th, 2005
The U.S. Department of Defense this week awarded "Blanket Purchase Agreement" contracts for RFID readers as part of its initiative to deploy the technology across its supply chain.

Response to Waning RFID Hype
  Thursday May 12th, 2005
Based on the many responses from RFID Update readers, most agree that the enthusiasm and hype around RFID has subsided somewhat. But, significantly, there is a feeling that perhaps that's for the best.

Doubt from Across the Industry
  Wednesday May 11th, 2005
Observations on the state of RFID have taken a mildly sober tone of late, with many wondering when the long-anticipated industry acceleration and prosperity is going to finally take hold.

CEO Interview: New Intermec Licensing Brings Closure
  Tuesday May 10th, 2005
RFID Update spoke with president and CEO Tom Miller today about Intermec's hopes and expectations for what is called the RFID Rapid Start Licensing Program.

Cisco's RFID Asset Tracker Raises Questions
  Monday May 9th, 2005
A new product from Cisco uses active RFID and wireless LAN technology to help provide device tracking that can be used across a number of industries and environments.

California RFID Bill Making Progress
  Friday May 6th, 2005
A California politician has introduced a bill that would make illegal the embedding of RFID tags in state-issued identification documents like driver's licenses and state employee cards.

Intermec Announces New Licensing Program
  Thursday May 5th, 2005
Intermec yesterday announced the RFID Rapid Start Licensing Program aimed at making the license of its patent portfolio temporarily simpler and more affordable.

GenuOne Withdraws from RFID Application Market
  Wednesday May 4th, 2005
GenuOne, the supply chain software solutions provider based in Boston, Massachusetts, is indefinitely shelving its RFID application software TraceGuard citing the market's immaturity.

Inside Auto-ID Labs
  Tuesday May 3rd, 2005
In the excitment surrounding the build-up and ratification of GEN 2, an important lasting vestige of the Auto-ID Center has slipped below the radar: Auto-ID Labs.

Symbol vs. Intermec, Round 4
  Monday May 2nd, 2005
Symbol has sued Intermec for patent infringement (again), this time relating to bar code intellectual property.

RFID Certification Initiative Ramping Up, Experts Wanted
  Friday April 29th, 2005
Last week the Cornerstone Meeting for the initiative to establish an RFID certification program took place at the Oakbrook Terrace, Illinios headquarters of information technology association CompTIA.

RFID Prevention of Wrong-Site Surgery Gains Momentum
  Thursday April 28th, 2005
RFID's adoption by the healthcare industry made progress this week with the announcement by AMTSystems of new pilot programs for its SurgiChip product.

RFID Employment Services on the Rise
  Wednesday April 27th, 2005
The RFID job search and placement field continues its gradual expansion with this week's announcement of the RFID Talent and Career Center.

U.S. Government Changes Direction on RFID Passports
  Tuesday April 26th, 2005
The U.S. government appears to have abruptly changed direction with regard to its initiative to RFID-tag the passports of American citizens.

Savi Networks Funded with $50M to Track Ocean Shipments
  Monday April 25th, 2005
RFID supply chain solution provider Savi Technology and the port operator Hutchinson Port Holdings last week announced a $50 million joint venture aimed at bringing track-and-trace to ocean shipping.

U.S. DoD Publishes RFID Regulations
  Friday April 22nd, 2005
The U.S. Department of Defense yesterday published the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement, which outlines the regulations for shipping the DoD RFID-tagged goods.

ABI Research: "Major Consolidation" of RFID Pure-Plays
  Thursday April 21st, 2005
A new report from ABI Research takes a close look at the relationships forming between young, smaller RFID pure-plays and larger, established enterprise and data capture technology companies.

AMR Research: RFID Adoption "Stuck In Neutral"
  Thursday April 21st, 2005
Based on observations of last week's big industry show RFID Journal Live!, AMR Research's Dennis Gaughan concludes that RFID adoption is "stuck in neutral."

Sun Releases 2.0 Upgrade to RFID Middleware
  Tuesday April 19th, 2005
Sun Microsystems announced yesterday the release of Sun Java System RFID Software 2.0, an upgrade to the company's 1.0 version released last July.

VeriSign Launches EPC Application Developers Contest
  Monday April 18th, 2005
VeriSign has launched the EPC Application Developers Contest to spur adoption and innovative uses of the EPCglobal Network.

Alien Passes 50 Million RFID Tag Milestone
  Friday April 15th, 2005
With all the excitement swirling around the introduction of GEN 2 products to the market, it has been easy to forget that we are still firmly rooted in a GEN 1 world. Take for example Alien Technology's announcement this week that it has shipped 50 million first generation Class 1 tags.

Sybase Releases End-to-End RFID Enterprise Solution
  Thursday April 14th, 2005
Leading database developer Sybase this week announced the release of what will be its flagship RFID offering, the loftily named RFID Enterprise.

Intel and Oracle Form Alliance Around RFID and Sensors
  Wednesday April 13th, 2005
Oracle and Intel announced yesterday that they will work together to develop systems that manage data generated by RFID and sensors at the enterprise edge.

Super RFID Gaining Momentum, But Still Years Off
  Tuesday April 12th, 2005
A British company called Instrumental is emerging as an early player in what many experts predict will be as transformative as RFID: sensor technology.

Gartner: Get Ready, GEN 2 Has Arrived
  Monday April 11th, 2005
It appears that the recent developments in GEN 2 product availability have everyone excited, even venerable research firm Gartner.

Tom Ridge Joins Savi Technology Board of Directors
  Friday April 8th, 2005
Tom Ridge, former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has joined the board of directors of Savi Technology, a leading RFID solutions provider based in Silicon Valley.

Open Source RFID Middleware Initiative Launched
  Thursday April 7th, 2005
i-Konect of Mason, Ohio, last week announced a new open source middleware initiative which the company hopes will transform the business of collecting, processing, and sharing RFID-generated data across the EPCglobal Network.

SAMSys to Debut GEN 2 Reader Next Week
  Wednesday April 6th, 2005
Canadian RFID solutions provider SAMSys officially announced yesterday the scheduled debut of its GEN 2-compliant RFID reader at next week's RFID Journal Live! conference in Chicago.

Impinj Announces GEN 2 Solution
  Tuesday April 5th, 2005
Seattle-based Impinj yesterday announced the introduction of the first official RFID product release that meets the GEN 2 specification.

Philips Ships GEN 2 Chips
  Monday April 4th, 2005
Dutch semiconductor giant Philips announced on Friday that it had begun shipping a trial version of its GEN 2 RFID chip.

RFID Passport Controversy Heats Up
  Friday April 1st, 2005
The debate surrounding RFID-tagged passports is growing more intense as the United States nears introduction of the new technology.

Report: RFID Source of European M&A Activity in 2005
  Thursday March 31st, 2005
RFID is named in a recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers as a source of considerable European merger and acquisition activity through 2005.

RFID Implantee Pleased With Results
  Thursday March 31st, 2005
Amal Graafstra, who had his doctor friend implant an RFID chip in his hand, has recently given an interview about the experience.

P&G Funds Indiana University RFID Program
  Thursday March 31st, 2005
Indiana University's Kelley School of Business in has been tapped to receive $150,000 from Proctor & Gamble's charitable arm to develop and offer coursework in RFID.

Impinj CEO: GEN 2 Tags Ready in Second Quarter
  Thursday March 31st, 2005
Impinj CEO Bill Colleran announced this week that his company would introduce GEN 2 tags and readers sometime in the second quarter.

Ritz Camera Improves Customer Experience with RFID
  Thursday March 31st, 2005
With the faster checking-out that contactless payment provides, Ritz offers a shopping experience that is more efficient, and therefore more enjoyable, for the customer.

RFID Implant Pictures Posted by Hobbyist
  Monday March 28th, 2005
A set of digital photos chronicling the insertion of an RFID tag into the user's left hand have been put online.

Forrester Research: BI Providers Watch RFID From Sidelines
  Monday March 28th, 2005
New research from Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Forrester Research reveals a surprising finding: business intelligence software providers are waiting on the sidelines of the RFID space.

ABI Research: Two Big Problems with Retail RFID Adoption
  Monday March 28th, 2005
Two disconcerting conclusions regarding retailer adoption of RFID were recently found by research firm ABI Research.

International Paper Debuts RFID Forklift
  Monday March 28th, 2005
The idea is that it will save companies thousands by preventing them from needing to install RFID readers at numerous portals and dock doors around the warehouse.

Intermec Counter-Counter-Sues Symbol
  Monday March 28th, 2005
The battle rages between archrivals Intermec and Symbol as Intermec sued Symbol last in apparent retaliation for Symbol's suit against Intermec two weeks earlier.

First Group of DOD RFID Contracts Awarded
  Thursday March 24th, 2005
Alien Technologies, Avery Dennison, Intermec, CDO, and Lowry have been awarded the first group of the DOD's five-group 2005 RFID contracts.

Consumer Product: HomeSeer RFID Starter Kit
  Thursday March 24th, 2005
You have read that RFID will one day blanket the consumer home, making lost remote controls a thing of the past? Well apparently that day is already here.

RFID Spending Dwarfed by VoIP and Security
  Thursday March 24th, 2005
A new survey by Siemens reveals that VoIP and network security investments are dominating those of RFID as the climate of corporate IT spending improves dramatically this year.

AMEX to Roll Out RFID Payment with Ritz Camera, Sheetz
  Thursday March 24th, 2005
American Express has signed a deal with photo chain Ritz Camera and east coast convenience store giant Sheetz to install its RFID-based ExpressPay product at all of their locations.

Sun Announces RFID Test Center in Korea
  Thursday March 24th, 2005
Situated in the major shipping port city of Busan, the new RFID test center will be managed in collaboration with the local Busan National University.

Intermec Wins First of Five Big RFID Government Contracts
  Monday March 21st, 2005
Intermec has won the first of five contracts to be awarded by the U.S. federal government throughout 2005 as part of the Automatic Information Technology (AIT) RFID initiative.

Reports of Homeland Security RFID Cards False
  Monday March 21st, 2005
Officials of the U.S. Department of Homeland have refuted widely-published reports of two weeks ago that the agency is preparing to roll out an RFID-equipped ID for its 40,000 employees.

Conference to Focus on RFID Tag Price
  Monday March 21st, 2005
"Low-Cost RFID IC Packaging and Assembly: Roadblock on the Highway to a 5-cent RFID Tag" workshop next week in Austin, Texas, will focus on RFID tag price.

Update on Wal-Mart's Mandate Progress
  Monday March 21st, 2005
IDTechEx has compiled stats on the progress of the Wal-Mart mandate into a report.

Zebra: 2004 Was Year of Testing, 2005 Will Be Year of Deployment
  Monday March 21st, 2005
Zebra's senior manager for RFID systems predicts that "2004 was primarily the year of pilot testing RFID technology. 2005 is the year of deployment."

Symbol vs. Intermec, "Clash of the Titans"
  Thursday March 17th, 2005
The upcoming legal battle between the old adversaries was characterized as nothing less by Imperial Capital's Vice President of Research, Kevin Starke.

Intermec's Fees are the Real Complaint
  Thursday March 17th, 2005
The problem is not so much that Intermec wants to charge royalties; it is how much Intermec wants to charge.

U.K. Pharma-Tagging Pilot a Success; Nationwide Roll-Out to Follow
  Thursday March 17th, 2005
A three-month pharmaceutical tagging pilot in the U.K. has completed with successful results, and the system will probably be expanded throughout the U.K. within the next 12 months.

New Consumer Product: RFID Tag "Zapper"
  Thursday March 17th, 2005
The TagZapper! is nothing more than a simple handheld device that will "fulfill consumer demand for a means to protect their privacy."

IDC: Corporate Networks Must Prepare for RFID Data Flood
  Thursday March 17th, 2005
Research firm IDC released a Cisco-commissioned report that emphasizes the upcoming assault on corporate networks from the flood of data created by RFID deployments.

RFID World Report: White-Hot RFID Attracts Vaporware
  Monday March 14th, 2005
Research firm Incucomm of Dallas, Texas, has released a 9-page recap of the RFID World conference held earlier this month.

SAP and Intel Collaborate to Standardize RFID Hardware Integration
  Monday March 14th, 2005
SAP and Intel announced an RFID collaboration at the annual CeBIT show last week in Hanover, Germany.

RFID "Police Robots" to Debut in Japan
  Monday March 14th, 2005
Japan will see the introduction of a new RFID-enabled crime-fighting technology next year in Osaka.

RFID Tag Benchmark Report Released; Avery Dennison Leads
  Monday March 14th, 2005
ODIN technologies recently released the "EPC Tag Benchmark," a report comparing and contrasting 14 different RFID tags currently on the market.

Symbol Sues Intermec
  Monday March 14th, 2005
The RFID intellectual property plot thickened late last week as Symbol sued archrival Intermec over the latter's use of certain wireless communications technologies.

Microsoft Middleware Slated for Early Next Year
  Thursday March 10th, 2005
Microsoft is targeting early 2006 for the release of its RFID Service Platform, a middleware solution it has had planned for over a year.

SAP and Intermec Partner to Woo SMBs
  Thursday March 10th, 2005
Enterprise computing giant SAP and RFID leader Intermec have joined forces to get smaller businesses interested in RFID.

Prediction: ISO More Important Than GEN 2
  Thursday March 10th, 2005
This piece argues that it is the upcoming ISO's RFID standard, not GEN 2, that will provide the base upon which widespread adoption can take hold and flourish.

RFID Misinformation Propagates
  Thursday March 10th, 2005
Until RFID purveyors and implementors start resonding by educating their consumers, the general public can't be blamed for their resistance to the technology's adoption.

3 RFID Pitfalls to Avoid
  Thursday March 10th, 2005
For those considering an RFID deployment, this article considers three "common mistakes" made by those who came before you.

Kimberly-Clark Ramps Up RFID Initiative
  Monday March 7th, 2005
Kimberly-Clark will continue its aggressive RFID initiatives with RFID-tagged shipments in Europe, the use of GEN 2 compliant products, and an expanded and renovated RFID research lab.

RFID Key to New Dept of Homeland Security Card
  Monday March 7th, 2005
In May, an RFID and biometric access card will start being issued to as many as 40,000 employees of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Despite RFID Baggage Tagging Benefits, Cost Remain Hurdle
  Monday March 7th, 2005
The New York Times published an article today highlighting the potential cost savings to airlines from reduced lost luggage through the RFID tagging of bags.

Survey: 80% of RFID Talent is Insufficient
  Monday March 7th, 2005
The shortage of labor supply confronting RFID technology is a persistent problem and one that will worsen before it gets better.

Alien CEO: 10 Cent Tags in 2007
  Monday March 7th, 2005
Alien CEO Stavro Prodromou said at last week's RFID World that he expects tag prices to fall to only 10 cents by 2007.

Harvard Medical CIO Loves Implanted RFID Chip
  Friday March 4th, 2005
In a recent Forbes.com Executive Toy Box section, Harvard Medical CIO John Halamka, the man who in January had the VeriChip implanted to test the controversial device's medical merits, apparently loves the device.

China Comes to RFID World to Discuss Standards
  Friday March 4th, 2005
A number of representatives from China were on hand at this week's RFID World conference in Dallas.

RFID Tagging of Japanese Students Continues
  Friday March 4th, 2005
Popular technology blog Engadget reports that a school in Japan where students go for special tutoring has deployed RFID to track its patrons comings and goings.

UK's Royal Mail to Improve with £2m RFID Spend
  Monday February 28th, 2005
The UK's postal service, Royal Mail, will be moving forward with a £2m RFID initiative to improve the flow of goods through its system.

AIM Global Drafts RFID Cow-Tracking Standard
  Monday February 28th, 2005
The automatic identification and mobility trade association AIM Global has drafted a standard for the RFID tagging of cattle.

Visa Launches RFID Contactless Payment Card
  Monday February 28th, 2005
After two years of development, Visa has finally launched its contactless payment credit card.

US Federal RFID Spending to Balloon 120% Through 2009
  Monday February 28th, 2005
Market intelligence specialist INPUT published a report this week predicting fantastic years ahead for U.S. government adoption of RFID.

Marks & Spencer RFID Expansion Tackles Privacy Issue
  Monday February 28th, 2005
U.K. retailer Marks & Spencer is expanding the current item-level RFID tagging trial taking place at nine of its stores to include 44 more locations.

Avery Dennison Commits $35M to RFID
  Thursday February 24th, 2005
Label making giant Avery Dennison is forging ahead with an aggressive $35 million commitment to RFID development in 2005 alone.

RFID Could Save Airlines $650M in Lost Bag Improvements
  Thursday February 24th, 2005
RFID tagging could reduce the error rate of mishandled luggage by more than two-thirds, yielding industry-wide savings of a staggering $650 million-plus.

Report: RFID to Drive Contactless Payments in 2005
  Thursday February 24th, 2005
A new report from ABI Research entitled RFID Contactless Payments predicts that 2005 will be a transition year in the area of contactless payments.

Nokia Sells Cell Phone RFID Kit
  Thursday February 24th, 2005
Almost a year after the introduction last March, Nokia has commercially released an RFID reader-equipped shell for its rugged 5140 model cell phone.

Raytheon RFID Pilot Spells Big Costs Savings
  Thursday February 24th, 2005
Raytheon, the enormous defense contractor based in Waltham, Massachusetts, has calculated that it can save almost $250,000 each year by deploying an RFID equipment tracking system.

RFID Supplier Pulls Out of Student-Tracking Program
  Thursday February 17th, 2005
The plan at a California elementary school that required students to wear RFID tagged badges has been shelved because the technology supplier has retracted its agreement to provide the system.

Tandy Brands Certain of ROI from RFID
  Thursday February 17th, 2005
Tandy Brands Accessories expects a long-term return on investment from its RFID deployment, even in the face of $150,000 annual costs.

Microsoft's RFID Initiative Broadening
  Thursday February 17th, 2005
Today, for the first time in months, Microsoft announces important updates on its RFID initiative.

Bandai Debuts RFID Doll in Japan
  Thursday February 17th, 2005
Popular technology blog Engadget has reported that an RFID-enabled doll called Naoru-kun is being sold in Japan by Japanese toy maker Bandai.

Maxell Introduces RFID Test Tube Tracking System
  Thursday February 17th, 2005
At the Automation 2005 show held in San Jose, California, electronics company Maxell showcased an RFID system to track test tubes in a laboratory.

Berkeley Spends $650,000 on Book Tracking
  Monday February 14th, 2005
Berkeley Public Library is implementing an RFID tracking system that will see all half-million of its books tagged before going live in June.

Uproar Over School's RFID Student Tracking
  Monday February 14th, 2005
RFID hit the U.S. mainstream last week when media outlets across the country reported on the controversy surrounding a California elementary school's student tagging initiative.

RFID May Play Role in U.S. National ID Cards
  Monday February 14th, 2005
The U.S. House of Representatives last week approved legislation that takes the country a step closer to national ID cards.

Siemens Outlines Aggressive RFID Plans
  Monday February 14th, 2005
Conglomerate Siemens is hoping to establish itself as a major contender in the RFID space this year.

RFID Center Opens in the UK
  Monday February 14th, 2005
The British Department of Trade and Industry is backing the construction of an RFID center to encourage the development of the technology across the country.

New Vegas Casino to Be Wired with RFID
  Thursday February 10th, 2005
By equipping casinos with RFID readers and RFID-tagged chips, the gambling industry will be able to vastly improve its scam detection and marketing capabilities.

EU Publishes RFID Privacy Statement; Asks for Public Feedback
  Thursday February 10th, 2005
The European Union published a "working document" on January 19th that addresses the use of consumer data generated from RFID.

Department of Defense Wants RFID Shipments
  Thursday February 10th, 2005
Attendees to a U.S. Department of Defense summit being held this week in Washington, D.C., got an update on the department's RFID initiative: the DOD is ready to accept RFID-tagged shipments.

"RFID Strategist" Named as a Top In-Demand Executive Job
  Thursday February 10th, 2005
Forbes magazine has just published a list of the eight "hottest executive jobs of 2005," and none other than RFID Strategist is named, with a starting annual salary of $250,000.

Survey: Europeans Concerned About RFID Tracking
  Thursday February 10th, 2005
A recent survey by consultancy Capgemini of 2,000 British, French, German, and Dutch revealed that European public concern regarding retail use of RFID is high.

Korea Aims for RFID in Mobile Phones by 2007
  Monday February 7th, 2005
Five revered South Korean technology companies last week founded the Mobile RFID Forum around an initiative to promote the incorporation of RFID in mobile phones.

SafeTzone Orders 150 RFID Readers from SAMSys
  Monday February 7th, 2005
SafeTzone Technologies, producer of the RFID locator systems installed at theme parks and ski resorts, has ordered 150 RFID reader units from SAMSys.

Metro Group Expands RFID Tagging to Cases and Cartons
  Monday February 7th, 2005
METRO Group will expand its current RFID program from tagging pallets to tagging cartons and cases, adding one more level of granularity to its aggressive supply chain visibility efforts.

RFID Used to Tag Cadavers at Scandal-Plagued University of California
  Monday February 7th, 2005
The University of California is considering using RFID to tag donated cadavers to cut down on the theft and resale of body parts on the black market.

Intermec Withdraws RAND Specification from EPCglobal
  Monday February 7th, 2005
Intermec has officially withdrawn its commitment to license on a reasonable and non-discriminatory (RAND) basis the RFID-related intellectual property for which it has patents.

Thailand Falling Behind Due to Lack of RFID Frequency
  Thursday February 3rd, 2005
Domestic Thai interests are urging the federal government to officially allocate frequency band to RFID, concerned that the country is falling behind in RFID development.

RFID Used in Advanced Cattle Tracking System
  Thursday February 3rd, 2005
The state of Kansas has received funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to implement a cattle-tracking system combining RFID, GPS, and cellular technology.

RFID First-Movers: To Share or Not to Share?
  Thursday February 3rd, 2005
At last week's RFID ROI Conference in London, RFID early adopters were strongly encouraged to publicly share what they have learned from their experiences.

P&G-Gillette Merger Could Lend Voice to Suppliers
  Thursday February 3rd, 2005
The combined P&G-Gillette could become a strong leader of CPG manufacturers struggling to exercise more control against the ever increasing tide of retailer mandates.

Intermec Publishes IP Clarification Document
  Thursday February 3rd, 2005
Intermec Technologies has published a statement entitled seeking to clear any confusion about the company's intellectual property with respect to the GEN 2 standard.

RFID Hackers Shock Popular Press
  Monday January 31st, 2005
A Johns Hopkins University research team has cracked the popular RFID-based security system used in car keys to fight automobile theft.

RFID Tracking at Juvenile Court to Save $30K Annually
  Monday January 31st, 2005
Georgia's DeKalb County Juvenile Court hopes to save $30,000 annually by installing RFID technology to tag, track, and better organize its 12,000-file storage system.

WhereNet Deploys RFID Asset Tracking for Army Depot
  Monday January 31st, 2005
The Tobyhanna army depot has chosen WhereNet's Real-Time Locating System to automate the tracking and inventorying of its radar systems.

VeriSign Plans RFID Security Enhancements
  Monday January 31st, 2005
VeriSign will probably announce enhancements to its RFID technology at the EPC Developer's Conference to be held in Chicago this April.

"Smart Box" RFID Shipping Tech Yields Significant Savings
  Monday January 31st, 2005
According to a recent report from A.T. Kearney, RFID placed on over-ocean shipping containers can afford significant cost savings when combined with a tracking network.

RFID and Sensors to Become "Super RFID" in the Future
  Thursday January 27th, 2005
More expectation came Tuesday that RFID and sensor technology will eventually fuse in function and purpose.

Juniper: Western European RFID Market to Pass $1B in 2007
  Thursday January 27th, 2005
According to a report from the UK's Juniper Research, the Western European RFID market is set to hit $1.1 billion by 2007, with the UK and Germany leading the charge.

China RFID Standard Will Not Happen in 2005
  Thursday January 27th, 2005
According to the executive director of the Article Numbering Centre of China, China will probably not finalize a national RFID standard in 2005.

Dept. of Homeland Security to Trial RFID at US Borders
  Thursday January 27th, 2005
In July, the U.S. will begin trialling an RFID-based card system at a handful of border crossings to more efficiently manage the flow of traffic coming into the country.

Tesco Boycott Launched by CASPIAN
  Thursday January 27th, 2005
A campaign to boycott UK retailer Tesco was officially launched during the Tuesday broadcast of a BBC piece on RFID technology.

Demand for RFID Integrators Outstrips Supply
  Monday January 24th, 2005
System integrator trade publication CRN ran a cover story this week highlighting the widening gap between demand for RFID system integrators and the supply.

Scottish Bar Joins Barcelona Club in RFID Tagging Customers
  Monday January 24th, 2005
Another bar has begun encouraging its patrons to accept VeriChip, the human-implantable RFID tag and lightning rod of the RFID privacy debate.

Harvard Medical School CIO Gets "Chipped"
  Monday January 24th, 2005
CIO of Harvard Medical School, John D. Halamka, had himself chipped in December to evaluate the human-tagging technology for himself.

Wal-Mart CIO: Strong Initial RFID Results
  Monday January 24th, 2005
Wal-Mart CIO Linda Dillman reported to last week's National Retail Federation convention with mostly positive results on the retailer's RFID initiative that went live earlier this month.

VeriChip Partnered with Intelligence Collection Company
  Monday January 24th, 2005
One indication of where human-chipping is headed is to look at the companies already associated with it. One example is Metro Risk Management Group.

The "Space Pen" Adds RFID Capabilities
  Thursday January 20th, 2005
Fisher Space Pen, maker of the similarly named writing implement, will introduce an RFID enabled pen at Paperworld in Frankfurt next week.

Gen 2 Improvements in a Nutshell
  Thursday January 20th, 2005
IndustryWeek.com here provides a quick but valuable run-down of the benefits GEN 2 provides over its predecessors.

Sun Unveils Raft of New RFID Solutions
  Thursday January 20th, 2005
Sun Microsystems, whose mantra "the network is the computer" fits notably well with an RFID-enabled Internet of Things, announced a slew of RFID developments on Monday.

Intermec and Metro Getting Read Rates of 99%
  Thursday January 20th, 2005
Intermec and Germany's retail giant METRO Group announce the completion of an RFID deployment at METRO's busiest distribution center, with read rates on the 50,000 pallets tracked so far at a whopping 99%.

10,000 RFID Tags in Airbus's Revolutionary New Jumbo Jet
  Thursday January 20th, 2005
Unbeknownst to many, RFID plays a large role in the A380, the world's largest commercial aircraft unveiled this week by France's Airbus.

Cheap Plastic RFID Chips Move a Step Closer to Reality
  Monday January 17th, 2005
German scientists have moved one step closer to the reality of plastic RFID tags which would be far cheaper to produce than even the most ambitious hopes for silicon-based tag prices.

Verisign Won't Generate Revenue from RFID Until 2007
  Monday January 17th, 2005
In this interview, the CEO of Verisign defends the potential of the so-called "Internet of Things" even while acknowledging his copmany won't generate revenue from it until 2007.

Hewlett-Packard Commits to 1M Tags; Opens Testing Lab
  Monday January 17th, 2005
Hewlett-Packard announces on Monday the February opening of its "Noisy Lab" RFID testing center.

Impinj and Texas Instruments Strike Deal
  Monday January 17th, 2005
Impinj and Texas Instruments announced a deal today whereby they will cooperate to provide EPCglobal Generation 2 compliant RFID products.

Texas Instruments Chosen for MasterCard's PayPass
  Monday January 17th, 2005
Texas Instruments announced today that it has been chosen by MasterCard to provide the high-security RFID chips needed for the credit card giant's PayPass initiative.

Report: RFID Tag Market to Explode
  Thursday January 13th, 2005
A bullish forecast for the RFID market from market research firm In-Stat predicted it increasing from $300 million in 2004 to almost $3 billion in 2009.

Metro CIO: RFID to Make Thousands of Jobs Superfluous
  Thursday January 13th, 2005
The CIO of German retailer Metro Group acknowledged in an interview that the deployment of RFID across Metro's enterprise "will render thousands of jobs superfluous."

Successful RFID System Deployed in Philadelphia Hospital
  Thursday January 13th, 2005
The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia has completed an initiative to RFID tag equipment and devices throughout the building.

New NASA Initiative Uses RFID to Manage Hazardous Chemicals
  Thursday January 13th, 2005
NASA has successfully completed testing of a system that combines RFID with sensor technology to better manage the storage of dangerous chemicals at Edwards Air Force Base.

RFID Passport Program Continues Apace
  Thursday January 13th, 2005
The U.S. Government Printing Office today awarded four companies roughly $100,000- contracts to develop RFID passport solutions.

Zebra Seen as Strong RFID Stock Choice
  Monday January 10th, 2005
An analysis that makes a strong case for Zebra Technologies as the investment vehicle of choice for riding the RFID wave.

Electronics Manufacturers Aggressive with RFID
  Monday January 10th, 2005
Consumer electronics companies are strong believers in the promise of RFID to wring savings out of the supply chain, and Accenture has the client roster to prove it.

ThingMagic Leverages Linux for Flexible, Upgradeable Reader
  Monday January 10th, 2005
With an embedded version of the Linux operating system at the core, RFID readers from ThingMagic can be produced and sold quite competitively.

ADT Closes Large Deal with UK Retailer Tesco
  Monday January 10th, 2005
Tesco, a British retailer at the forefront of RFID adoption, has put in an order for 20,000 RFID readers and tags from security solutions provider ADT.

Study Sees Exceptional Wal-Mart Mandate Compliance
  Monday January 10th, 2005
A new report from consulting firm Incucomm of Dallas, Texas, represents the most recent hard data on the progress of the Wal-Mart RFID mandate.

RFID Plans Underway at the Social Security Administration
  Thursday January 6th, 2005
USA TODAY yesterday ran an article profiling the Social Security Administration's cutting edge RFID plans.

Large Tech Consultancies May Take RFID Jobs From Smaller Shops
  Thursday January 6th, 2005
According to ABI Research of Oyster Bay, New York, 2005 will see two significant shifts in the way retailer suppliers are implementing RFID.

Intermec Expects First Licensing Deal in Q1
  Thursday January 6th, 2005
Intermec expects to sign its first licensing agreements before the second quarter of this year.

Advanced ID Reels in Big Fish Tagging Contract
  Thursday January 6th, 2005
Advanced ID Corporation has landed a contract valued at $135,000 to RFID tag fish in Canada's Atlantic waters.

Advocating a Hybrid Approach to RFID
  Thursday January 6th, 2005
The supply chain of the future will not depend on RFID alone but instead a combination of RFID (both passive and active), bar codes, GPS, and sensors.

3 Recommendations Before Buying Gen 2 Technology
  Monday January 3rd, 2005
Analyst John Fontanella of Boston-based research firm Yankee Group outlines three recommendations for buyers of RFID Generation 2 technology.

Symbol Pays for Matrics with Loan; Market Reaction Mixed
  Monday January 3rd, 2005
Symbol Technologies announced on Wednesday that instead of selling $287.5 million in stock to finance its September 2004 purchase of RFID tag maker Matrics, it would borrow the money.

Report: Half of RFID Deployments Don't Need Middleware
  Monday January 3rd, 2005
The latest RFID survey of 669 supply chain executives from Larstan Business Reports yielded some interesting findings.

Digital Angel Positions Itself for Livestock-Tagging Demand
  Monday January 3rd, 2005
News of another mad cow disease case coincided with an announcement by Digital Angel that it had shipped 265,000 RFID tags designed for livestock tracking to its Canadian distributors.

Don't Expect RFID Miracles in 2005
  Monday January 3rd, 2005
Will 2005 be "The Year of RFID"? Probably not, according to this article by InformationWeek.

NY Times: RFID Not Ready for Wal-Mart
  Thursday December 30th, 2004
The New York Times ran a story on RFID in its Monday Technology section, reporting that "the technology is not yet ready to meet the needs of either Wal-Mart or its suppliers."

Intel Sees RFID as Growth Opportunity
  Thursday December 30th, 2004
Microchip manufacturing giant Intel sees the growth in RFID-enabled consumer goods as a strong potential boon to its business.

5 Components of a Successful RFID Deployment
  Thursday December 30th, 2004
Yankee Group outlines five important lessons gleaned from the experiences of Wal-Mart suppliers that have worked throughout 2004 to meet the retailer's RFID mandate.

A Look at the RFID Labor Shortage
  Monday December 20th, 2004
There has been increasing industry concern about the shortage of professionals with RFID expertise and skills, a shortage expected to grow more acute as demand for RFID services increases throughout 2005.

AMR: $250m Spent by Suppliers on Wal-Mart RFID Mandate
  Monday December 20th, 2004
In 2004, most suppliers under tight schedules to meet retailer deadlines did not end up deploying RFID technology in a way that meaningfully transforms their supply chains.

Consumers More Aware of RFID Now Than in September
  Monday December 20th, 2004
New research from firms BIGresearch and Artafact indicates an increase in the public's knowledge about RFID but persistent concerns about privacy.

RFID Standard "GEN 2" Ratified
  Monday December 20th, 2004
After months of close work with 60 technology and end user companies from around the world, EPCglobal successfully met its goal of a pre-yearend GEN 2 ratification.

GEN 2 is Royalty-Free
  Monday December 20th, 2004
Thursday's announcement of the GEN 2 ratification made a point to include the phrase "royalty-free" as part of the new standard's description.

IBM Releases RFID Products
  Thursday December 16th, 2004
IBM's newly formed quarter-billion dollar Sensor and Actuator division is releasing three new RFID products.

Korea Designates RFID High-Tech Growth Engine
  Thursday December 16th, 2004
The South Korean government has set its sights on radio frequency identification as the driver of high tech growth.

Gen 2 Not a Cure-All
  Thursday December 16th, 2004
EPCglobal's second generation RFID standard will not be a cure-all to existing RFID shortcomings, according to one industry CEO closely involved in the GEN 2 development process.

Growing RFID Activity in Asia
  Thursday December 16th, 2004
IDTechEx's comprehensive RFID Knowledgebase indicates growing RFID activity in Asia, where suppliers and government are driving iniatives.

More RFID Investing Analysis from the Motley Fool
  Thursday December 16th, 2004
Another RFID investing column appeared in the Motley Fool today, suggesting an ever-increasing interest in the technology from investors.

Strategies on Investing in the RFID Revolution
  Monday December 13th, 2004
Popular investor site The Motley Fool took a look at RFID last week, noting that the already hot technology will become even more so in 2005.

Tamper-Proof RFID Tracker Unveiled
  Monday December 13th, 2004
Avery Dennison and RF Code have teamed to produce an RFID tamper-proof physical asset tracking device aimed at the logistics, manufacturing, and transportation verticals.

RFID Patents Purchased by Casino Supplier Giant
  Monday December 13th, 2004
RFID technology continued making inroads to the gaming industry last week with the announcement that gaming supply giant Shuffle Master had purchased two patents from Enpat.

Wal-Mart IT Wins "Team of the Year" Award for RFID Initiative
  Monday December 13th, 2004
Wal-Mart CIO Linda Dillman and her staff of 2,400 are awarded InformationWeek's business-technology team of the year for 2004, largely for their RFID-related efforts.

Starbucks Considers RFID for Delivery Solution
  Monday December 13th, 2004
Starbucks is considering using an RFID solution to enable stores to receive deliveries from its 40,000 suppliers after business hours.

IDC: RFID Services Industry Worth $2 Billion By 2008
  Thursday December 9th, 2004
Research firm IDC predicts 47% growth for the RFID services sector in 2004, with the market's value rising to $2 billion by 2008.

Fear of Job Loss Hurting RFID Adoption in UK Healthcare
  Thursday December 9th, 2004
A UK-based consultancy this week will release a report pointing to fear of job loss as an obstacle to RFID adoption in the UK's healthcare system.

EPCglobal GEN 2 Specification Passes Feasibility Test
  Thursday December 9th, 2004
Representatives from five companies presented working Generation 2-compliant RFID hardware prototypes to EPCglobal last week, proving the GEN 2 standard's viability.

IBM Increases Footprint in Asian RFID Market
  Thursday December 9th, 2004
IBM has invested more than $7 million opening two RFID projects in Singapore: a testing facility and an educational program at a local polytechnical institute.

ABI Research: Intellectual Property Concerns Slowing RFID Adoption
  Thursday December 9th, 2004
ABI Research of Oyster Bay, New York, lists RFID enabled supply chains in its recently published list of "What Isn't Going to Happen in 2005."

Still No Takers for $10K "5-Cent Challenge"
  Monday December 6th, 2004
There have been no takers for the RFID Journal Editor's offer to bet $10K that passive UHF RFID tags will be available for "5 cents in volumes of 1 million or more by the end of 2008."

Startup Close to Manufacturing 5-Cent RFID Tags
  Monday December 6th, 2004
Auckland, New Zealand-based startup Sandtracker has edged closer to the successful production of 5-cent RFID tags.

Gillette Ready for Wal-Mart Deadline
  Monday December 6th, 2004
Razor-making giant Gillette is ready for Wal-Mart's RFID compliance deadline of January 1, 2005.

The U.S. State Department Responds to ACLU Accusation
  Monday December 6th, 2004
A U.S. government official has responded to the ACLU's accusation last week that it had willingly sponsored a design for new RFID passports that is potentially abusive of personal privacy.

Intermec Demonstrates EPC GEN 2 Technology
  Monday December 6th, 2004
Leading RFID manufacturer Intermec last week demonstrated what it is calling the "industry's first working EPC UHF Generation 2 RFID reader."

Tag Production to Explode in 2005
  Thursday December 2nd, 2004
Often considered a representative metric for overall industry activity, RFID tag production looks ready to explode in 2005.

ACLU Speaks Out Against RFID Passports
  Thursday December 2nd, 2004
The American Civil Liberties Union has come out strongly against the U.S. government's initiative to embed RFID tags in passports.

RFID Certification to Help Labor Shortage
  Thursday December 2nd, 2004
The Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility and the Computing Technology Industry Association have announced a certification program initaitive for the RFID industry.

Catalyst/Babush Joint Testing Facility Opens Next Week
  Thursday December 2nd, 2004
Next week will see the grand opening of a Wisconsin-based RFID testing facility operated by Catalyst International and Babush Materials Handling Systems.

RFID Can Pay For Itself Along the Way
  Thursday December 2nd, 2004
Director of e-business strategy at American Power Conversion (APC) shares his RFID insights after over a year of working to deploy the technology.

RFID Will Change Retailer-Supplier Relationship
  Monday November 29th, 2004
RFID implementations are generally far from meeting the "act-on-fact" test in which they successfully enable the execution of an order at the precise moment of the order's receipt.

Government IT Execs Want RFID But Lack Guidance
  Monday November 29th, 2004
The results of a survey of government IT executives indicate that a lack of guidance could be the reason for the slow RFID adoption.

RFID Today Will Bring Sensor Networks Tomorrow
  Monday November 29th, 2004
Intel's associate director of research describes RFID as a crucial step in the realization of sensor network computing.

RFID Passport Security Concerns are Valid
  Monday November 29th, 2004
Security warnings about RFID-enabled passports are being validated by an executive involved in developing the prototype for the U.S. government.

Sirit Files 3 RFID Reader Patents
  Monday November 29th, 2004
Toronto-based SIRIT, a leading provider of RFID hardware, last week announced that it had filed three patents related to RFID readers.

OATSystems Sets Up Development Center in India
  Monday November 22nd, 2004
Middleware provider OATSystems has announced an agreement with Infosys, India's leading IT services firm, to outsource software development to India.

Another Groundbreaking FDA Approval of RFID Technology
  Monday November 22nd, 2004
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the marketing of another RFID-based technology for use in healthcare: the SurgiChip.

Will Alien Technology be the Cisco of RFID?
  Monday November 22nd, 2004
The Boston Globe today ran an interesting profile on California-based Alien Technology, which sees profit in five-cent tags and aims to be the Cisco of RFID.

Intermec RFID Reader to Use Award-Winning Fuel Cell
  Monday November 22nd, 2004
Next year Intermec will debut an RFID reader that uses revolutionary new fuel cell technology to run for up to 30 hours before requiring a power cartridge replacement.

Innovative Uses of RFID Tags
  Monday November 22nd, 2004
There is an informative debate going on at Slashdot regarding oft-neglected but successful and transformative uses of RFID technology.

Did IBM Miss the Boat By Selling the RFID Patents?
  Thursday November 18th, 2004
This interview addresses Big Blue's relationship with RFID, past and future.

ABI Research: 2005 Will be Year of the Integrator
  Thursday November 18th, 2004
With RFID middleware maturation and the participation of the industry giants, 2005 will be the Year of the Integrator for RFID.

Another Student RFID Tagging Project Raises Questions
  Thursday November 18th, 2004
The New York Times ran a story yesterday about an RFID-based student-tagging initiative that has taken hold in Spring, Texas.

3 Important Thoughts from an RFID Expert
  Thursday November 18th, 2004
Some great points are made here by Steve Halliday, the former vice president of technology for industry association AIM Global.

RFID Tag Shortage Taking Its Toll
  Thursday November 18th, 2004
According to the supply chain management expert at ARC Advisory Group, most companies have complained of an inability to get their hands on RFID tags.

DOD's RFID Compliance Deadline Pushed Back
  Monday November 15th, 2004
The U.S. Department of Defense is pushing back the deadline for compliance with its RFID mandate until February at the earliest.

Strong Demand for RFID in Canada
  Monday November 15th, 2004
Deloitte & Touche has released a research report which looks at RFID within Canada entitled "2004 Canadian Radio Frequency Identification Study."

Wal-Mart CIO: Companies Encouraged to Overdesign RFID Implementations
  Monday November 15th, 2004
Wal-Mart CIO Linda Dillman said today that many companies are "being encouraged to overdesign" their RFID projects.

Taiwan Behind in RFID Development
  Monday November 15th, 2004
A study commissioned by the Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan found the nation serious lacking in its embrace of RFID.

FDA Officially Announces RFID Pharma Tracking Program
  Monday November 15th, 2004
RFID made the front page of the New York Times today with the story about the FDA officially announcing its pharmaceutical-tagging initiative.

VeriChip Lands Big Distribution Deal
  Thursday November 11th, 2004
Giant healthcare products distributor Henry Schein will distribute VeriChip to its network of more than 100,000 U.S. medical practices.

Sapient CTO Explodes RFID Myth
  Thursday November 11th, 2004
Sapient CTO says that RFID merely as a "suped-up barcode" is one of the leading myths in IT today. Its potential, he asserts, is far vaster.

90% of People Find VeriChip "Creepy"
  Thursday November 11th, 2004
This article from MSN's Slate magazine makes a number of great points about the lightning rod of our industry, the VeriChip.

EPCglobal Launches in India
  Thursday November 11th, 2004
EPCglobal India launched this week in New Delhi at the country's first ever EPC-based RFID event.

A Look at Metro RFID Roll-Out
  Thursday November 11th, 2004
This article provides a closer look at German retailer Metro's official RFID roll-out, which began this month.

Cousins RFID and Sensor Technology Will Grow Closer
  Monday November 8th, 2004
It is important to note that IBM's new, $250 million Sensor and Actuation division is not an RFID pure-play: sensor technology is also a focus.

New Association Affirms India's Commitment to RFID
  Monday November 8th, 2004
After reports last week of a possible RFID hardware manufacturing plant being built in India, more RFID news comes this week with the formation of the RFID Association of India.

Good RFID Middleware Still Desperately Needed
  Monday November 8th, 2004
According to research firm Venture Development, the wave of new data produced by RFID implementations will overwhelm existing systems.

UK's RFID Theft Busting Program a Wild Success
  Monday November 8th, 2004
The UK's RFID-based anti-theft initiative has been hailed "immensely successful." Project case studies are available for download.

Digital Angel More Than Just the VeriChip
  Monday November 8th, 2004
Digital Angel announces a shipment of 200,000 RFID tags to Canada for use on cattle in the government-sponsored Canadian Set-Aside Program.

Nokia Finally Introduces NFC to the World
  Thursday November 4th, 2004
Big news from Nokia this week as it releases its Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled shell for the popular 3220 cell phone.

Intermec Licensing Program Suspended
  Thursday November 4th, 2004
Intermec has temporarily suspended the IP licensing program it announced earlier this year that caused a stir in the RFID industry.

Metro's RFID Deadline Hits, But Suppliers Are Behind
  Thursday November 4th, 2004
Only 20 of the 100 suppliers mandated by German retailer Metro to RFID tag shipments have met the November 2004 deadline for compliance.

Wal-Mart: All Suppliers May Launch RFID Right Now
  Thursday November 4th, 2004
Wal-Mart welcomes all its suppliers to begin implementing their RFID infrastructure as soon as they wish.

Singapore Expands RFID Spectrum to Match US and Europe
  Thursday November 4th, 2004
Singapore Tuesday announced that it has expanded the radio frequency bands on which RFID is legally permitted to broadcast within the country.

Wal-Mart's RFID Plans Continue Full Steam Ahead
  Monday November 1st, 2004
Wal-Mart will roll out RFID at a Plano, Texas Sam's Club, the company's bulk retailing chain.

VeriChip Misses the Point
  Monday November 1st, 2004
If the VeriChip technology doesn't enhance the provisioning of healthcare, is it really worth employing, given its potential for abuse?

Alien Scores Big Win
  Monday November 1st, 2004
Apparel-maker VF, whose brands include Nautica and The North Face, has signed a three-year deal with leading RFID manufacturer Alien Technology.

RFID Tags from India?
  Monday November 1st, 2004
The Indian business technology press is abuzz today over the prospect of the country's first RFID chip manufacturing plant.

As Jan 1 Looms, Slap-and-ship Very Common
  Monday November 1st, 2004
New research from ARC Advisory Group has been published which looks at trends in the RFID implementation practices of 24 companies.

HP Combines RFID with Sensor Networks
  Thursday October 28th, 2004
Hewlett Packard is looking beyond the standard track-and-trace application of RFID technology into more sophisticated uses that combine RFID with sensor networks and video capturing.

An RFID Primer Authored by Intel Researcher
  Thursday October 28th, 2004
For those interested in gaining a more technical understanding of how RFID actually works, a strong 5-page introduction is offered here.

Gartner: RFID Adoption to be Gradual but Transformative
  Thursday October 28th, 2004
According to research firm Gartner, RFID's adoption will be evolutionary but its effects revolutionary.

Alien Technology Considering Dayton, Ohio
  Thursday October 28th, 2004
The Dayton Business Journal reports that RFID tag-maker Alien Technology is considering the area as a location for an "applied research facility."

ThingMagic and Zebra Announce Deal
  Thursday October 28th, 2004
Zebra Technologies and ThingMagic this week announced the licensing of ThingMagic's RFID reader for use in Zebra printers and encoders.

RFID Tag Availability Now Cited As Major Concern
  Monday October 25th, 2004
ABI Research's RFID Quarterly Service released this week indicates that tag availability has been added to the list of concerns confronting RFID adopters.

Cashless RFID Payments in Tokyo Taxis
  Monday October 25th, 2004
A Tokyo taxi cab company will begin offering RFID-based cashless fare payment as part of a trial conducted by credit card giant JCB International.

Nokia Displays RFID Cell Phone
  Monday October 25th, 2004
Nokia had its RFID-enabled cell phone model on display at this week's CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment conference in San Francisco.

RFID Knowledgebase Passes 1000 Case Study Mark
  Monday October 25th, 2004
The RFID Knowledgebase from IDTechEx now includes over one thousand case studies in RFID implementation, with over 1,250 companies covered.

China Wants More Involvement in RFID Standards Process
  Monday October 25th, 2004
The high-ranking vice director of the Policy Study Office has encouraged Chinese businesses to involve themselves more in the RFID standards-making process.

Life-saving Benefits to RFID Implants
  Thursday October 21st, 2004
Listing the potential medical applications of human-implantable RFID chips, it becomes clear how helpful and life-saving the benefits can be.

RFID: Focus on the Long-Term
  Thursday October 21st, 2004
RFID represents such potential to optimize business processes that many would assert it is a fundamental business revolution.

RFID for the Lay Investor
  Thursday October 21st, 2004
Thanks to the last week's approval by the FDA of VeriChip technology, it's fair to say that RFID has attracted the attention of mainstream investors.

New RFID Cashless Payment Card
  Thursday October 21st, 2004
Using RFID to allow wireless payments, the MYbi Card hangs from a key chain or cell phone and carries amounts of as little as $3.50.

Pharmaceuticals and RFID
  Thursday October 21st, 2004
Last month's announcement by the pharmaceutical industry that it had successfully completed its trial to test RFID tagging highlights the particulars of drug production and distribution.

The Vatican Library Rolls Out RFID
  Monday October 18th, 2004
The Vatican Library is pursuing a plan to RFID tag 2 million pieces of its 40-million piece collection.

Wi-Fi Meets RFID to Take on Theft Prevention
  Monday October 18th, 2004
A new system that combines RFID and Wi-Fi is purportedly a better solution to the problem of theft prevention than the EPC network.

One-Year ROI on this RFID Project
  Monday October 18th, 2004
Snack maker Jack Link expects to achieve a return on its RFID investment in less than one year, a huge feat in this atmosphere of short term ROI-lessness.

IBM Discusses RFID Travails
  Monday October 18th, 2004
IBM highlighted some of the interference factors that have surfaced as it helps out on RFID pilots for seven Wal-Mart Top 100 suppliers.

RFID Industry Must Educate Public
  Monday October 18th, 2004
The need to educate consumers and the general public about RFID was highlighted at London's Enterprise Wireless Technology show last week.

RFID Tag Shortage Analysis
  Thursday October 14th, 2004
Some high-volume Wal-Mart suppliers may welcome the RFID tag shortage as an excuse to ask for more time in meeting the retailers compliance deadline.

VeriChip RFID Technology Gets FDA Approval; Stock Surges
  Thursday October 14th, 2004
Subdermal human RFID-tagging VeriChip won FDA approval yesterday, marking a moment of vindication for the heretofore controversial product.

EPCglobal Posts Presentations from RFID Conference
  Thursday October 14th, 2004
Many of the presentations made by RFID industry experts at the recent EPCglobal US Conference have been made available for download.

RFID to Aid in Standards Compliance
  Thursday October 14th, 2004
According to Capgemini's CTO, the flood of data produced by RFID implementations will be useful in in meeting the rigors of compliance.

RFID, Motorola and M-Commerce
  Thursday October 14th, 2004
Motorola will be partnering with MasterCard to roll out an RFID-based contactless payment system using the nascent PayPass technology.

The Motley Fool Looks at RFID
  Monday October 11th, 2004
Popular investment site The Motely Fool highlighted RFID today, taking a particular focus on well-known RFID labelling company Printronix.

PeopleSoft Announces the "RFID Processor"
  Monday October 11th, 2004
PeopleSoft today announced the "RFID Processor" module as part of its EnterpriseOne 8.11 line of products.

Report Calls RFID "Relatively Easy to Implement" in Field Test
  Monday October 11th, 2004
A recent report gives high marks to the results of a field test ChevronTexaco conducted using RFID to track materials between warehouses and ocean-based oil platforms.

An RFID Tag Shortage Begins
  Monday October 11th, 2004
With RFID mandate compliance deadlines just three months away in January, a demand for RFID tags has hit that the industry can't satisfy.

RFID Under-hyped?
  Monday October 11th, 2004
In light of last week's report that only 43% of British executives know what RFID is, is the technology not yet receiving enough attention?

Against Passport RFID Tagging
  Thursday October 7th, 2004
International Herald Tribune technologist Bruce Schneier comes out strongly against a U.S. initiative to RFID tag passports of its citizens.

Is RFID Tagging Library Books Really a Threat?
  Thursday October 7th, 2004
What never seems to get mentioned is that RFID technology leaves room for securing library book tag information with encryption.

State of the GEN 2 RFID Standard
  Thursday October 7th, 2004
The highly-anticipated "GEN 2" RFID standard, which many see as the key to accelerated RFID adoption, has reached the last step before final ratification.

RFID of the Future
  Thursday October 7th, 2004
For many futurists out there, there are far more compelling uses of pervasive RFID than merely "decreased shrinkage."

Virginia Considers RFID for its Driver's Licenses
  Thursday October 7th, 2004
The state of Virginia is considering adding RFID chips to its driver's licenses, a technique proponents argue will enhance security and cut down on identity theft.

British Execs Largely Unaware of RFID
  Thursday October 7th, 2004
A new study by Unisys indicates that almost half of high-level executives in the U.K. still don't know what RFID is.

Group Efforts Helping Companies Achieve RFID Success
  Thursday October 7th, 2004
Some comapnies trying to work through the hurdles of RFID have taken to working together to sort through the problems collaboratively.

Tesco's RFID Rollout Gets Underway
  Monday October 4th, 2004
UK grocery chain Tesco has started its highly publicized initiative to RFID-enable its supply chain.

New Zealand's First RFID-Enabled Library Opens
  Monday October 4th, 2004
New Zealand will see its first RFID-enabled library open tomorrow in Manukau City.

Panasonic Combines RFID with SD Memory Cards
  Monday October 4th, 2004
Panasonic on Friday announced the introduction of an SD memory card line that incorporates RFID technology.

RFID Middleware to be Released by UCLA
  Monday October 4th, 2004
UCLA will release next week at its RFID conference middleware produced by 25 researchers and students.

Oracle: Chinese RFID Standards Won't Hike RFID Costs
  Monday October 4th, 2004
Oracle's VP of internet technology believes the Chinese government's decision with regards to RFID standards will not likely affect the price of RFID technology.

Campbell Soup's Experience with RFID
  Monday October 4th, 2004
Through its process of working with RFID, Campbell Soup has decided on the "slap and ship" method of affixing RFID tags to its products.

BBC Gets RFID Chipped in Barcelona
  Friday October 1st, 2004
In this article a BBC journalist humorously recounts his experience getting personally RFID-chipped at a trendy Barcelona club.

HP Partners to Address Supply Chain RFID Market
  Friday October 1st, 2004
Hewlett-Packard announces partnerships with OATSystems, an RFID middleware provider, and BearingPoint, an IT consulting firm.

IBM Allocates $250 Million to RFID
  Friday October 1st, 2004
On Monday, Big Blue announced an enormous quarter-billion dollar, five-year investment in RFID and related sensor technology.

New RFID Lab at the University of Wisconsin
  Monday September 27th, 2004
The University of Wisconsin's Madison campus will give a preview of its new RFID laboratory this week at its annual e-business conference.

Big Clothes Brand to Employ Item-Level RFID Tagging
  Monday September 27th, 2004
Checkpoint Systems has apparently landed a large contract with a well-known clothes retailer to RFID tag individual articles of clothing.

NCR Has Solution to "Dead On Arrival" RFID Tags
  Monday September 27th, 2004
NCR says it has developed a solution to one of the major factors contributing to the industry's unimpressive 80% RFID tag read rate.

RFID Plans at Shipper UPS
  Monday September 27th, 2004
UPS plans to RFID into its supply chain operations, and the shipping giant already has a number of pilots underway.

RFID Industry Descends on Baltimore
  Monday September 27th, 2004
The annual EPCglobal US Conference is being held in Baltimore this week from Tuesday to Thursday.

The Wal-Mart supremacy
  Thursday September 23rd, 2004
Wal-Mart's RFID mandate highlights the giant's far-reaching and unquestionable power across the retailing sector.

The Question of Securing RFID Data
  Thursday September 23rd, 2004
The August release of RFDump brought security questions surrounding RFID sharply into focus.

First Handheld Bluetooth RFID Reader
  Thursday September 23rd, 2004
What is being proclaimed as the world's first Bluetooth RFID reader has been released. Compact and pen-shaped, it is handled like a writing implement.

Cashless RFID-based Purchases Using Your Cell Phone
  Thursday September 23rd, 2004
ViVOtech and Philips have partnered to make cashless purchases using RFID-enabled cell phones a reality.

RFID Survey Results
  Thursday September 23rd, 2004
Results from a survey conducted at last week's Frontline Conference indicate very strong interest in RFID, with 80% of respondents planning an RFID project.

Hewlett-Packard's RFID activity in Korea
  Thursday September 23rd, 2004
HP has been helping Korean manufacturers meet Wal-Mart's mandate. It will also release an RFID starter kit and open a research center in Seoul next month.

Avery Dennison plans RFID charge
  Thursday September 23rd, 2004
The leadership at Avery Dennison sees RFID as the giant label maker's "largest long-term health opportunity."

UK's Military to Invest in RFID
  Monday September 20th, 2004
The UK's Ministry of Defense has decided to more fully RFID-enable the military's supply chain.

RFID Named as Integrator Favorite
  Monday September 20th, 2004
Radio frequency identification is one of the five most important emerging technologies, as chosen by government systems integrators.

RFID Regulation the Right Choice?
  Monday September 20th, 2004
As RFID increasingly grabs the attention of the press, investors, and privacy activists, government officials are starting to get involved.

Half-trillion RFID tags predicted by 2010
  Monday September 20th, 2004
Cofounder of the Auto-ID Center predicted last week that the number of annually consumed RFID tags will reach 500 billion by the year 2010.

Sara Lee's Experience Meeting RFID Mandate
  Monday September 20th, 2004
A Sara Lee IT expert shares his experience working to implement RFID by the January deadline imposed by Wal-Mart's mandate.

The Right Approach to an RFID Implementation
  Monday September 20th, 2004
Computerworld advises approaching your RFID implementation with a more flexible, open-minded approach than you would a traditional IT project.

RFID Caught in Trade Politics?
  Thursday September 16th, 2004
Some believe that the pharmaceutical industry's RFID initiative might be motivated by a desire to hamper the importation of drugs from Canada.

Corporations Need to Act Responsibly with RFID
  Thursday September 16th, 2004
This privacy lawyer notes that the nature of RFID technology may raise new privacy questions regarding how consumer data is collected, used, and secured.

IBM Makes RFID Available to Mid-size Companies
  Thursday September 16th, 2004
IBM announces new RFID offering targeting mid-size companies of less than 1,000 employees.

Another Theme Park Employs RFID Wristband System
  Thursday September 16th, 2004
Fort Lauderdale's new theme park Wannado City has rolled out a wristband tracking system using RFID.

Microsoft Releases RFID Privacy Whitepaper
  Thursday September 16th, 2004
Microsoft has published a white paper that outlines some of the risks arising from RFID use and offers recommendations to alleviate them.

Boeing Will Release RFID Specs in 2005
  Thursday September 16th, 2004
Boeing announced that in the first half of 2005 it will release specifications for suppliers to follow when RFID tagging shipments.

Intermec's Licensing Program Details
  Monday September 13th, 2004
Intermec will require a $750,000 prepayment on the 5% unit sales royalty for RFID chips incorporating its intellectual property.

RFID: It's no supply chain saviour - not yet anyway
  Monday September 13th, 2004
Almost everyone agrees that RFID will change the face of business. The point of disagreement is: when?

RFID Journal Bets $10,000 on 5-cent Tags by 2008
  Monday September 13th, 2004
Mark Roberti, founder and editor of RFID Journal, offered to make a $10,000 wager that 5-cent passive RFID tags will be available by 2008.

There's more to RFID than supply chain enhancement
  Monday September 13th, 2004
There are plenty of creative and economically compelling applications for which RFID is being used other than supply chain enhancement.

Beyond RFID Mandates
  Monday September 13th, 2004
The benefits a company might realize from RFID will largely depend on the time and planning put into developing its RFID implementation.

Department of Defense increases RFID spending
  Monday September 13th, 2004
Savi Technology's RFID contract with the U.S. Department of Defense will be increased from $90 million to $207 million.

RFID to Spark Supply Chain Sector Growth
  Monday September 13th, 2004
Coming as no surprise to those already involved, the "supply chain event management" (SCEM) space will benefit significantly from RFID.

Wal-Mart's CIO Discusses RFID
  Monday September 13th, 2004
An interview with Wal-Mart's CIO Linda Dillman offers insights from the woman many regard as the RFID retail movement's guiding force.

Intermec to Donate 5 of its RFID Patents
  Thursday September 9th, 2004
Intermec will make five of its patents available royalty-free to the RFID industry.

The State of RFID Mandates
  Thursday September 9th, 2004
Despite the constant headlines announcing yet another retailer's RFID mandate, there do remain companies that are not jumping on the bandwagon.

Negative Reader Response to CNET's RFID Article
  Thursday September 9th, 2004
The responses CNET News.com received after it recently ran a story about RFID and human chip implanting were negative almost across the board.

Microsoft Bets on Pervasive RFID
  Thursday September 9th, 2004
Beyond just producing middleware, Microsoft wants to participate in RFID's role in the consumer's "smart" home.

Obstacles Still Confronting RFID
  Thursday September 9th, 2004
This article considers what have come to be accepted as some of the biggest obstacles to successful widespread RFID adoption.

Malaysian chip may lead the way
  Tuesday September 7th, 2004
The Malaysian government has actively been involved in development and promotion of the world's smallest RFID chip.

Malaysian Players Gear Up for MM Chip
  Tuesday September 7th, 2004
Malaysian companies are hoping that the MM Chip will provide the country an opportunity to compete in the international RFID arena.

A Look at Symbol Technologies
  Tuesday September 7th, 2004
After its splashy $230 million purchase of Matrics in June, Symbol has become one of the most closely watched companies in RFID.

IBM, Microsoft and Oracle Tailor Middleware to RFID
  Tuesday September 7th, 2004
Arguably the world's three most important software companies are all making progress with their RFID plans.

Forrester's RFID Middleware Report
  Tuesday September 7th, 2004
Forrester Research's recent RFID middleware report looked both at solutions aimed at near-term compliance with mandates and longer term solutions.

Metro to Follow RFID Test with Full Rollout
  Tuesday September 7th, 2004
Some important results are in from the high-profile Future Store Initiative by Germany's Metro Group.

Hong Kong Government Urged to Invest in RFID
  Tuesday September 7th, 2004
Hong Kong must catch up with the rest of the world in its RFID development, which currently lags behind many other countries.

Oracle's New App Suite Tackles RFID
  Tuesday September 7th, 2004
On Monday at Oracle Open World in London, Oracle announced details of the new RFID features included in its major upgrade to E-Business Suite.

Inching Toward the RFID Revolution
  Thursday September 2nd, 2004
Business Week offers a recap of the familiar themes that repeatedly surface in the RFID industry news.

RFID Middleware Battleground Emerges
  Thursday September 2nd, 2004
Forrester Research recently released a report that assesses the burgeoning niche market for RFID middleware.

Philips Sells NFC Chip to Samsung
  Thursday September 2nd, 2004
Philips has sold a near field communication (NFC) chip to South Korea's Samsung, officially marking the world's first NFC sale.

Tibco and RFID
  Thursday September 2nd, 2004
The chief security and technology officer of Silicon Valley-based integration software company Tibco spoke this week regarding RFID and its applications.

RFID, Bar Codes, and Browser Cookies
  Thursday September 2nd, 2004
Both bar codes and web browser cookies had their detractors who insisted upon the potential evils of the technologies. Is RFID a case of history repeating itself?

Best Buy Announces RFID Plans
  Thursday September 2nd, 2004
Electronics retailer Best Buy will roll out a comprehensive RFID-based supply chain strategy over the next few years.

Major Players Unite to Offer RFID Starter Package
  Thursday September 2nd, 2004
Siemens, SAP, and Intel have joined forces to offer an integrated starter solution to companies looking to move forward with RFID.

RFID to Play Large Role in Fight Against Shoplifting
  Thursday September 2nd, 2004
RFID promises enormous improvements in theft prevention that will curtail the $10 billion the retail industry loses every year to shoplifting.

RFID System Fundamentals
  Monday August 30th, 2004
UCLA engineering professor Rajit Gadh provides an overview of an RFID system's core components.

China and RFID
  Monday August 30th, 2004
China's role as the world's manufacturer, among other factors, ensures the country will have a huge impact on the greater RFID market.

Human RFID Chipping: Privacy Versus Progress
  Monday August 30th, 2004
Subdermal RFID chip implanting raises both the hackles of privacy advocates and the prospect of a safer, more efficient future.

Analyst: Pharma Industry to Embrace RFID
  Monday August 30th, 2004
RFID will play a huge roll in the pharmaceutical industry, predicted Meta Group last week in a research report.

5-Cent RFID Tag Unlikely in 4 Years
  Monday August 30th, 2004
The ARC Advisory Group asserts that passive RFID tag prices will not have dropped to 5 cents by 2008.

Australian RFID Vendor Chosen for Stadium of the Future
  Monday August 30th, 2004
The Washington Redskins U.S. football team will use Australia-based Quest to implement a comprehensive RFID system at its stadium.

Verticalization is the RFID Strategy for Consulting Firms
  Monday August 30th, 2004
Consulting firms will tend to focus their RFID efforts in vertical industries whose business processes they already know well.

Entrepreneur.com's Great Expectations for RFID
  Thursday August 26th, 2004
Entrepreneur.com magazine cites RFID as one of the defining business technologies of 2005.

European RFID Market to Grow to EUR 2.5 billion by 2008
  Thursday August 26th, 2004
Research firm predicts the European RFID market will grow from EUR 400 million this year to 2.5 billion by 2008.

RFID Through the Eyes of a Car Dealer
  Thursday August 26th, 2004
An Australian car dealer tells of his experience pricing an RFID implementation for his lots and why he ultimately decided against it.

RFID To Flourish In Pharmaceutical Industry
  Thursday August 26th, 2004
Meta Group asserts that the pharmaceutical industry's use of RFID will outstrip retail's within 18 months.

Companies Big and Small to Produce RFID Middleware
  Thursday August 26th, 2004
SAP, Oracle, and IBM are among the established, formidable giants that have recently entered the RFID middleware fray.

Merger Creates RFID-heavy Mailorder Pharmacy
  Thursday August 26th, 2004
A new mail-order prescription company named NEXT GENeSYS was formed this week through a four-way merger. The company plans to use RFID heavily in its delivery infrastucture.

Big Consulting Firms Dive into RFID
  Thursday August 26th, 2004
The big consultancies are aggressively committing themselves to RFID, actively building expertise and adding consultants.

Sun, Sybase, IBM Tackle RFID
  Monday August 23rd, 2004
Adding to RFID's momentum, three of the most familiar names in technology are moving forward with RFID initiatives.

RFID Helps Fight the War on Terror
  Monday August 23rd, 2004
RFID plays an important role in homeland security at U.S. ports as incoming shipments are increasing tagged.

RFID Book Coming in the Next Month
  Monday August 23rd, 2004
RFID reference book to be released at the end of August whose four authors all worked with Wal-Mart suppliers to help them meet the RFID mandate.

More Retailers Mull RFID Mandates
  Monday August 23rd, 2004
It is expected that all top 25 retailers will ultimately release RFID mandates.

Behind the RFID Standards Brawl - Part 2
  Monday August 23rd, 2004
Despite uncertainty regarding IP and standards, companies should move forward with RFID technology to capitalize on its long-term benefits.

Disposable RFID for Tracking Paper
  Monday August 23rd, 2004
Swedish company Cypak has received $4 million in funding to develop its disposable RFID tag technology.

RFID Meets a New Ad Tracking System
  Thursday August 19th, 2004
Combining RFID with a new revolutionary commercial tracking system could redefine advertising for U.S. marketers.

Animal Tracking System to Use RFID
  Thursday August 19th, 2004
South Dakota's projected cattle identification system will use RFID to track the birth, history, and movement of all tagged animals.

Sybase Launches RFID Program
  Thursday August 19th, 2004
Sybase announced its RFID middleware initiative and Early Adopter Program this week at the company's user conference.

RFID Payment System at McDonald's
  Thursday August 19th, 2004
McDonald's and Verifone partner to offer fast food customers RFID-based "swipe payment" using their MasterCards.

Controversy Flares Over RFID Patent Fees
  Thursday August 19th, 2004
Will Intermec's recent lawsuits stunt the RFID industry's development? Or would the company licensing fees simply be absorbed by RFID's unstoppable growth?

RFID Document Security by NEC
  Thursday August 19th, 2004
NEC introduces an RFID-based document management system in Japan.

DOD Releases Final RFID Policy
  Monday August 16th, 2004
The U.S. Department of Defense's RFID finalized policy details have been released. Information is available at dodrfid.org.

Sybase looks ahead to RFID
  Monday August 16th, 2004
Database company Sybase will announce details of its RFID initiative at the TechWave conference taking place this week in Orlando.

Product Recalls Spur Move Toward RFID
  Monday August 16th, 2004
It's not just the supply chain that will benefit from RFID - product recalling will also be revolutionized.

American Library Assocation Considers RFID
  Monday August 16th, 2004
RFID was one of the major topics covered at this year's annual American Library Association conference.

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